Significance of INFP Cognitive Functions

These individuals are sensitive to the needs of others but they are less expressive themselves. This quality is bestowed upon them by an introverted feeling that makes them stay quiet with their own feelings.

INFPs are reserved, less talkative, and prefer to live in an inner world of deep thought. These individuals prefer to retreat deep inside themselves to feel energized.


Being an intuitive person, INFPs can read between lines quite easily. It means they have the ability to use their hunch to analyze people and situations.


Feeling (F)

INFPs are more emotional in their dealing with people and situations. Under the influence of introverted feeling, these individuals are less expressive and prefer to keep their feelings only to themselves.

Perceiving (P)

INFPs are easygoing, friendly, and flexible people. They are less judgmental and more understanding about the needs and wishes of others.

Description of Cognitive Functions

Dominant function: Introverted feeling (Fi)

Introverted feelers decide things based on their moral code. They are fiercely value driven and cannot do things beyond right and wrong.

Auxiliary function: Extroverted Intuition (Ne)

The intuition function relies on gut feeling and INFPs use their hunch to decide whether the present situation has any chance of giving them an opportunity for future growth or not.

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