INFP Personality Traits

INFP personality traits reflect their soft and kind-hearted nature. They are complicated, reserved and therefore hard to be understood clearly from the outset.

1. Non-conformist

INFPs are the non-conformists. They are not the ones to follow the crowd. They are idealists who trust intuition and stick to their ideals.

2. Overwhelming emotions

They are highly emotional and sensitive types. In times of stress, they will internalize their negative feelings and may feel overburdened deep within.

3. Smart and sharp

INFPs are intellectually sharp and smart. They understand ideas and perspectives clearly.

4. Multi-talented person

INFPs are versatile and have their hands tried out in various tasks. They are multi-talented and prefer to do random things.

5. Old souls

INFPs are old souls. They deeply believe that they are in this world for a definite purpose.

6. INFPs are creative

People with INFP personality traits are creative and can easily express themselves through various art forms.

7. Lazy fellows

INFPs are daydreamers. They will create innumerable ideas to work with but may not make it to reality.

INFPs are highly sensitive people. They feel overwhelmed by this showy world and feel safe in the rested place deep inside themselves. INFPs love to live in an ideal world that is far from reality.