INFP personality traits reflect their soft and kind-hearted nature. They are complicated, reserved and therefore hard to be understood clearly from the outset. People with this personality type are flexible and never stick to terms and conditions.

They are free souls with a creative bent of mind. Having intuitive traits, INFPs are deeply thoughtful and rests on their values and ethical judgments. Armed with gentleness and generosity, INFPs are known as the crybabies. Others consider them too emotional at times.

In reality, INFPs internalize their feelings. They prefer alone time to relax and overcome their finer emotional issues without any urge to show to the world that they are suffering deep inside.

They are less expressive emotionally, still attuned to the feelings of others. Their deep-seated values guide their life’s path in the best possible direction.

INFP Personality Traits

If you are an INFP, you must have noticed that you are guarded and prefer to open up when you’re sure of the other person’s intentions. This means that you are not the one to socialize freely with just anyone. 

Being an INFP, you are reserved, polite, soft spoken, and unusually gentle to all others around you. Sometimes, this nature of yours seems to be aloof and indifferent behavior to others, unless they know you well.

INFPs are the creative idealists who are guided by their own set of values. They have a great sense of right and wrong. To the mediator, possibilities are all around, and they are born to explore these possibilities to live a fulfilled life.

INFPs enjoy exploring their creative ideas. They think out of the box and bring out novel problem solving strategies. As they hold an individualistic approach to life, they believe that each person has his own path to follow. They are non-judgmental and prefer to embrace varied opinions and viewpoints.

INFPs are energized by time-alone that allows them to thrive in ideas and imaginations. While making decisions, they use their hunch feelings to know the truth behind the scene. These individuals focus on ideas and not on factual information. 

For an INFP, the present time is the foundation for future possibilities. Thus, they see present issues as a stepping stone to future progress.

Traditions are less appealing to them because they prefer to accept change and take life easy. People with these personality types are unconventional and have no intention to follow the crowd. They are fiercely autonomous and perform best while working alone.

They feel irritated and annoyed if forced to follow a certain path because they prefer to move with the follow of time. INFPs hold a strong conviction that there are always better ways to do things. They are the dreamers with a search for purpose and idealism in life.

30 Traits that makes them a rare introvert

Typically creative and innovative, INFPs seek purpose and want to know ‘self’ from the core. They are deeply interested to know their true purpose in life. They are passionate about the things they believe in. As they are private people, others may not know them easily. 

Their social life appears mundane and uninteresting. People see them as boring nerds and crying babies in social spheres. But only few of them know the depths of INFPs knowledge and creative talents.

If you are an INFP or have met someone with INFP qualities, this master list of traits is for you.

1. Non-conformist

INFPs are the non-conformists. They are not the ones to follow the crowd. Being immensely creative, they will always have better plans of doing things. They are idealists who trust intuition and stick to their ideals.

In case of a disagreement with someone, they will prefer to walk alone rather than following the other person’s ideals. These individuals do not follow what the majority says or does in a situation.

2. Moral values are dear to them

INFPs possess deep-seated values that are exclusive. They will follow them dearly. INFPs uphold truth and loyalty above anything else in their personal and professional life.

Nothing can make them move away from the honest path that they always follow. If they do something wrong, it makes them go through several guilt trips every now and then unless they do something to overcome the guilt.

3. Overwhelming emotions

INFPs have introverted feeling (Fi) as a dominant cognitive function. Thus, they are highly emotional and sensitive types. In times of stress, they will internalize their negative feelings and may feel overburdened deep within. 

Their overwhelming feelings are due to their inability to express emotions outwardly. They cannot show that they’re suffering deep inside unless they cry it out loud when things become difficult to tolerate any further. INFPs will resonate with all the various shades of human emotions much more easily than others.

4. Befriend people with less popularity

INFPs can make friends with like-minded people who are private and reserved, sensitive and gentle; just like them. Their circle of close friends is caring, compassionate, easygoing, and open-minded.

On the flip side, they cannot mingle with too outgoing personalities like the showy, inauthentic, and bully types.

5. Smart and sharp

INFPs are intellectually sharp and smart. They understand ideas and perspectives clearly. They are attuned with the concept of human subjectivity and prefer to stay open to varied ideas and opinions.

People with this personality type are the visionaries of the future. By seeing present patterns they will create future possibilities and do the needful to get things done. 

6. Multi-talented person

INFPs are versatile and have their hands tried out in various tasks. People with this personality type are capable of doing many things, but they have not mastered any one of them. You can say that INFPs are jack of all trades, but master of none. 

They are multi-talented and prefer to do random things. One day, they will be deeply working on a storyline that came out of nowhere in their heads. The next day, you may find them seeking knowledge on video editing, or taking up a paint brush and creating a beautiful creation instantly.

They are ever changing and prefer to take things easy in life.

7. Social bullying from others irritates them a lot

INFPs hate social bullying. They hate manipulative people who try to take advantage of them in their social circle. These individuals live by honesty and integrity. For them, there is no place for inauthenticity. They also hate people who take advantage of others to meet vested interests. 

8. INFPs need motivation to work in desired ways

INFPs are flexible and fickle-minded. Their ever changing mood can sway their intrinsic motivation too soon.

They need push from others to work hard towards their goal; otherwise they tend to leave things halfway and may not finish tasks as desired. Once the initial fire dies out, INFPs may struggle to stay focused and put their ideas into action. 

9. INFPs are perfectionists but easily lose interest

People with INFP personalities prefer to do things perfectly. They are the idealists who will always have a perfect future goal to work with. But they may struggle when it comes to implementing those goals into reality. 

They will feel demotivated and visualize the task as cumbersome and time taking. In such a situation, they will surely lose interest and fail to work through their dreams. The unmet expectations will be felt heavily on heart and INFPs will not have any motivation to work perfectly towards the goal.

10. Old souls

INFPs are old souls. They deeply believe that they are in this world for a definite purpose. They are self-reflecting and are aware of their personal strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, they have the ability to understand a situation better than others because their gut feeling never tells the untruth. 

INFPs are mature and analyze everything deeply. They can see through the depths of the situation, just because they are experienced souls born in this world to search for truth and honesty.

11. Bossy attitude of others can turn you around

INFPs hate micromanaging because they prefer to work alone and contribute individually to a project. If others act bossy with them and try to overpower them emotionally, they will feel pressurized and may not function as desired.

They prefer flexible working environments that are harmonious and sensible. They hate the bossy attitude of people they work with and may not adjust with them at all.

12. INFPs are creative

People with INFP personality traits are creative and can easily express themselves through various art forms.

They are self-expressive and can communicate their subtle emotions through varied art forms. They become renowned artists, able musicians and dancers and always earn praise for their creative endeavors.

13. Reflects upon something quite often

Being an intuitive personality type, INFPs love to reflect upon everything they see, hear, or experience in their daily life. 

They are quick to analyze situations and people in depth. INFPs can also understand change in people’s mood and behavior much more easily than others. 

People with this personality type will think many times over issues that are not going right in their life. Similarly, if someone calls them many times in a day, they will surely hunt for some hidden intentions. Hey will extract meaning from everything that they experience in life.

14. Individual contributor

Being an introvert, INFPs prefer to work alone. Therefore, they are more of an individual contributor when it comes to delegating office work. They like to collaborate only with like-minded people; otherwise it’s not a choice for them. 

INFPs are best when they handle things on their own. As they do not like to share much about their private life to others, they prefer to stay alone and resolve issues individually. Their sense of autonomy makes them behave in such ways.

15. Lazy fellows

INFPs are daydreamers. They will create innumerable ideas to work with but may not make it to reality. They’re lazy and lose out on valuable time because of their lack of focus and procrastination tendencies. They are messy and lack systematic work power. Therefore, their tasks remain unfinished quite often.

Though they are ambitious and want to see themselves succeeding, they fail in their endeavors due to laziness. 

Most of their dreams do not turn into reality because of their need for instant gratification. They lack patience and long term intrinsic motivation to work upon something for a long time.

16. INFPs hate injustice and unfair practices

INFPs do not want to leave others behind. They will always raise their voice against unfair practices prevalent in the society. They prefer to treat everyone in similar ways. INFPs will always have a non-discriminatory attitude in life.

17. Too much socialization is tiring for an INFP

Being an introvert, INFPs do not like too much socialization. It makes them feel tired and exhausted.

Though they prefer to observe and analyze human behavior, they do not like too much interaction and networking with others. These individuals are the serious lot who are never into casual conversations and small talk.

18. Self-doubt

INFPs are always double-minded. They are not aware of their abilities and thus suffer from self-esteem issues. People with INFP personalities are insecure, feel vulnerable in situations that are challenging and test their efficiency. 

Even in situations where success is due to their hard work, they may feel it was just luck by chance. These individuals will always find it hard to decide on the spot because of their self-doubting tendencies.

19. INFPs can read emotions of others

INFPs are good mind readers. They can read faces and delve deep inside people’s hearts. These individuals will analyze words, and pick up gestures of others easily. 

They are quick to notice changes in people’s mood and behavior. Therefore, they will easily understand the intentions of others and can decide whether to trust someone or stay away from that person.

20. INFPs do not like to be pushed to the brink

If you try to push an INFP to the brink, you will have to face their annoyance and ugly anger outbursts. INFPs are patient and reserved but they cannot tolerate too much of anything. If they become impatient, their anger can take an ugly turn in no time.

21. Loves to connect the dots

Being an intuitive personality, INFPs will always make new patterns and possibilities out of what they know. They are good at connecting the dots and analyzing facts on the basis of what they already know. In this way, INFPs are good at seeing future possibilities of events in a better way.

22. Simplicity attracts you

INFPs love simple things in life. They are adaptable, flexible, and grounded. A person with this personality type is attracted towards simple and authentic living where there is no place for showy things. 

23. Monologues a lot

INFPs will ponder and think about so many things in their daily life. They will speak to themselves about things that are purposeful and make sense in their life. Through self-talk, they will affirm their deepest values and high held opinions that matters the most in life. 

24. Small connections

INFPs have a small social network because they are private people who are not keen on too many social activities. They are choosy with their friends and remain cautious about who enters their social network. 

INFPs will have a small number of close friends who share similar mindset as they and who will always be their close confidant in trying times.

25. Filtering of words

Being an INFP, you are not the one to agonize with anyone with harsh truths. You know how to filter your words and send messages across to people. INFPs are good at using words that hint the real incident but in a roundabout way, so that the instant reaction of the receiver is not that bad. 

26. Relationships are dear to you

For an INFP, relationships hold a very special place in their hearts.  They are serious about their intimate bonding and can go to any length to support their loved ones. People with INFP personalities are very cautious about honesty and integrity in relationships. 

Therefore, they always hold genuine feelings for their partners and friends and expect the same from them. They will not participate in sexual relationship with a person if they hold no real feelings for them.

27. INFPs never follow the trend

Having an individualistic mindset, INFPs prefer to go by the trend that they think is best suitable for them. They will never buy the trend setting car even if their close pals buy it, or go to a vacation destination that is very popular.

They do not like to follow the crowd. Maybe, they will buy stuff much later when the initial enthusiasm dies out naturally.

28. INFPs will forgive others but will not forget their wrongdoings

INFPs are sensitive and feel bad if others criticize them, or do something inauthentic. They will not harbor resentments for a long time rather prefer to forgive the person. Clinging to annoyance and harsh feelings are hard for them. 

They will forgive them but will learn the lesson from the incident. They will never forget what had happened and will remain very cautious the next time.

29. Plans are canceled at the last moment

INFPs will initiate plans for get together, parties, long drives, etc. but they can cancel their plans at the last minute.

These individuals are whimsical and may not feel the urge to go somewhere or do a party at the last hour. They lose out on motivation and feel less interested to continue with their pre-planned actions.

30. Routine jobs are irksome

For an INFP, routine jobs are painful because they cannot thrive in environments that are the same every day. IT makes them feel monotonous and they lose out motivation to continue with their work. 

People with INFP personalities cannot do desk jobs that are mundane and not creative. They will feel the pain of being in an inflexible setup that is destroying their creative talents.

To Sum Up

INFPs are highly sensitive people. They feel overwhelmed by this showy world and feel safe in the rested place deep inside themselves. 

Being an introvert, they prefer to live alone and derive their mental energy from self-talk and imagining varied things inside their heads. They are creative, and prefer to build sand castles on air.

These individuals are flexible, often changing to accommodate the needs of others. They are adept at understanding the subtle feelings of all others around them, and this makes them deeply compassionate and caring.

INFPs love to live in an ideal world that is far from reality.