INFP Stress Triggers and How Do They Cope with Stress

Strict deadlines INFPs are an innovative bunch yet they struggle to maintain their pace of work and finish tasks on time. They are naturally laid-back but do not like strict rules and rigid deadlines.

Small talk and gossiping INFP are deeply thoughtful. They love interesting conversations where they can play with ideas and imaginations.

Mundane tasks and routine life INFPs do not like routine tasks that are the same every day. They yearn to have a lot of change and innovation in their daily life as well.

How Do They Cope with Stress

Journaling INFPs can resort to journal writing as well to rejuvenate their spirits in newer ways.

Outdoor sports or exercise INFPs can also recharge their batteries by going out of their comfort zones and engage with outdoor sports such as biking, hikes and trekking, or bicycling etc.

Meditation Mediation is a great way to unwind and rejuvenate the lost inner strength. INFPs are intuitive introverts. So, they will benefit from meditation.

INFPs are naturally emotional, they may shut down completely during adverse life situations. But, if they learn the coping skills well, they will be able to develop an inner balance that remains unaffected by daily stress triggers.