Recognizing the numerous INFP stress triggers and how they cope with stress will help to know the subtle behavior changes that occur in this personality type in tough times. It also talks about how they cope with overwhelming feelings that come with stress.

Stress is a direct result of activities that drains human energy mentally as well as physically. INFPs are no different. There could be innumerable factors that can overwhelm and overpower them emotionally.

INFPs can feel stifled if asked to follow unnecessary rules. They cannot tolerate critical evaluations that are meant to test their self-worth. Moreover, negative comments can also make them feel low and become hopeless too soon.

Being a sensitive type, they are not great with handling stress. They may break down too soon or get into a groove away from others. As introverts, they have their own coping style that allows them to rejuvenate their energies and move on with daily life easily.

Let’s learn more about the various causal elements of stress and their individual coping style in this article.

10 Factors that can cause stress in INFP personalities

INFPs can easily feel stressed out if they are put in situations that are critical and expect them to stay organized. These individuals prefer an easygoing lifestyle that is slow-paced and allows them to nurture their skills thoroughly. 

These individuals cannot handle too much anxiety and feel confined from within. If too many rules are put on them, they may feel stuck and their ability to fulfill their dreams into reality will surely get hampered. 

INFPs are not good at managing time. They may have many big dreams but most of them remain half-way because of their struggle to manage time efficiently. In such situations, they may suffer from nervousness and become extremely self-critical. 

It is obvious that when they start judging their abilities, they fail to recognize their worth and as such their vision of achieving big things in life may not happen. People with INFP personalities may feel stressed out if others try to shut down their ideas and force them to do mundane tasks. INFPs will also feel nervous if they are rushed into a project that they know nothing of.

These individuals cannot express their needs clearly and may struggle to put across their point of view explicitly to others. Sometimes negativity and open disrespect of their ideas can also put a lot of mental pressure on INFPs.

When mediators are seriously stressed out, they may shut down completely, even trying to hide their mental agonies from their loved ones. This occurs because INFPs never want to bother others with their anxious feelings. Being a sensitive type, they will avoid talking about their issues unless it is too much on them.

People with INFP personalities never have enough time to do what they have planned for the day. Their lack of time management skills makes them make last hour changes that were unexpected. In such situations, they experience a lot of anxiousness and may not handle the situation properly. 

Some of the vital stress triggers that can cause stress in INFPs are discussed below:

1. Strict deadlines

INFPs are an innovative bunch yet they struggle to maintain their pace of work and finish tasks on time. They are naturally laid-back but do not like strict rules and rigid deadlines. These individuals dream big but cannot fulfill their life goals as expected. 

If strict rules are put onto them, they may turn into an anxious freak and may not perform at all. These individuals want to feel inspired all the time, otherwise they may start doubting their abilities and feel more pressure deep within. The rigid deadlines can add more pressure because they prefer to work slowly and in easygoing ways. 

2. Working on structured and organized setups

The INFPs will soon realize the air in the room gets heavier on them if they’re put in highly structured work setups. Too much pre-planned working conditions make them feel stuck as they know they will not be given a chance to showcase their creativity.

These individuals are creative and innovative and as such feel stressed out in situations that demand order and discipline. They will fail immensely in such jobs that are rigid and never allow innovation to thrive in any form.

When they are made to work on projects where every small thing is pre-planned and decided beforehand, INFPs may feel stuck in one place. 

A feeling of being caged may appear where they know that no changes can be done. These people will not show any interest to pursue the task anymore and their creativity will also suffer immensely. 

3. Disregard of their individuality

If anyone disregards their individuality and sense of autonomy and does not allow them to do things in their own comfortable ways, INFPs may get really mad about it.  As far as their autonomy is concerned, they hate interference. 

They do not like people who intrude into their private life and wish to know every small detail of their daily whereabouts. These individuals prefer to manage things in their own ways and hate to lose their identity, no matter what happens in their life.

4. Values getting undermined

As we already know, INFPs are value-oriented individuals. They will never compromise on things that they believe as true and authentic. Their high-held values guide their life’s path in desirable ways. INFPs may feel stressed out if their values are undermined or disregarded by others in some way. 

If they see their values are not appreciated as they should be, they may become annoyed and angry with those who try to defy what they hold dear to their identity.

INFPs are very strict as far as their ethical bindings are concerned. They will never tolerate if others humiliate their beliefs and ethical judgments. If it happens anyway, they may stop all sorts of connection with the concerned person.

5.  Facing confrontations

An INFP personality type is the ultimate peace-maker. He/she will try to maintain peace and harmony at all costs. 

They will try to ignore issues or avoid conflicts that can rob their inner peace. People with this personality type can feel a major stress if forced in a conflicting situation. 

Being an introvert, these quiet fellows do not know the art of handling others harshly. Moreover, they are the mediators, so they will always try to find a workplace solution that works well for both parties. Facing conflicts can wear them out mentally and they wish to avoid it fully.

6. Mundane tasks and routine life

INFPs do not like routine tasks that are the same every day. They yearn to have a lot of change and innovation in their daily life as well. More to this, they will easily get into the rut of boredom and become inefficient if put in a 9 to 5 job role.

These individuals’ prefer new things in life. Thus a highly routine lifestyle is a big ‘no’ for them. It makes them feel anxious and nervous in no time.

7.  Violation of personal space and privacy

Being an introvert, it’s no surprise that INFPs are reserved and prefer privacy and quietness. They have a very small group of friends who respect their need for personal space and solitude fully. But there are others who may try to get inside their space and know much more about this creative bunch. 

INFPs do not like people who forcefully intervene into their comfort zones and try to know about their private life. These unnecessary intrusions can cause a lot of stress in them. 

8. Small talk and gossiping

INFP are deeply thoughtful. They love interesting conversations where they can play with ideas and imaginations. As they are insightful, they hate to gossip and talk about mundane things in the conversations.

INFPs will feel caged if their ideas are not appreciated by others engaged with them in the conversation process. They are okay with casual conversation with friends and family but only occasionally. 

INFPs will not feel great if others engage in a backbiting spree with them. It will make them feel the stress deep within quickly.

9. Focus on concrete details

INFPs are intuitive minds and they prefer to think about the future possibilities. They may ignore facts and concrete data completely and rely on abstract ideas and imaginations. 

Therefore, if they are forced to think and work with details and factual information, they may feel stifled as it kills their creativity.

As they are innovative, they hate to focus on the nitty gritty of the present situation, rather try to think about how the future can be shaped in a better way than what it seems to be now.

10. Inauthenticity

As already mentioned, INFPs are value-oriented. They love to be with people, who are truthful, honest, and genuine.

They may feel stressed out if required to lead with people with malicious intentions because they know that they cannot handle them as expected. Inauthenticity, lying, cheating of any form is not liked by an INFP. It can make them feel the mental pressure in no time.

10 Ways to cope with stress in INFP personalities

In the face of stress, INFPs need time to unwind and examine their feelings internally. They should try having more alone time so that they can analyze the various stress triggers explicitly. Negative life experiences, criticism, and strict rules can cause immense stress in INFPs. 

They may either become too isolated from the disturbing situation or try to externalize a certain small amount of their negativity outwardly through annoyance, anger, or bad mood.

There are a number of coping strategies that INFPs can use to act in healthier ways in adverse situations. The most potent ones are discussed below.

1. Alone time can recharge them sooner

INFPs may feel stressed out quite easily if they are into too much of energy draining activities such as talking too much, or meeting more people than they are usually used to. 

In such a case, the best way to unwind and bust stress is by having a lot of alone time. INFPs are introverts and it’s obvious that their heart longs for ‘me-time’ much more than any other 16 personality types. They can use this alone time to analyze the stress triggers in a better way, so that the next time they are in a similar situation, they can deal with it efficiently without feeling overwhelmed. 

2. Outdoor sports or exercise

INFPs can also recharge their batteries by going out of their comfort zones and engage with outdoor sports such as biking, hikes and trekking, or bicycling etc.

Sometimes, physical exercise such as running, jogging can also be useful for them. These activities can help INFPs forget the stress triggers and empower themselves with more courage to face all odds in life.

3. Reading a book

INFPs are deeply thoughtful and prefer reading books. Being a reserved person, reading is a good habit that they have developed very early in life.

Thus, when they feel the heat of the moment, they can try opening a book and going through it with all their mind and heart into it. This can bust stress by reducing their level of anxiety to a considerable extent. 

4. Learn to say ‘no’ to responsibilities that makes you feel stifled and tied

INFPs are gentle and sensitive. They struggle with creating healthy emotional boundaries and may fall prey to the bad intentions of others. People can put added responsibilities on them because they struggle to say ‘no’ to the things they do not like.

To reduce stress and lower anxiety levels, INFPs should practice saying ‘no’ to things that do not matter much in their personal and professional life. They should learn to behave assertively so that people think twice before putting additional responsibilities on them.

5. Talk to a confidant

INFPs can also think about sharing their negative upheavals with a person dear to them. It could be anyone from a close friend, a colleague, or a family member. 

They should learn to become more expressive and share their deepest agonies with someone they fully trust and rely upon. 

In doing so, they will feel better and can control the situation in a better way. Sharing pain with a close confidant can lessen the mental agony to a great extent.

6. Journaling

At times, writing the innermost thoughts and feelings in a piece of paper can do wonders. It is a cathartic process that helps to take away the emotional load off you. So, INFPs can resort to journal writing as well to rejuvenate their spirits in newer ways. 

They can express their deepest feelings and all those agonies and hurts that have overpowered them in daily lives. 

In doing so, they will be able to gather a better insight into the various life issues, and the way they need to be overcome rationally without feeling pressured. Once a person knows how to cope with adversities, he/she is also well equipped to deal with stress triggers easily.

7. Music

A soothing music can no doubt bust stress quickly. The person feels refreshed and energized to face many other challenges in life. Therefore, INFPs are like any other human. They can listen to soothing music, as per their preferences and overcome stress significantly. 

8. Spend quality time with friends and family

Another great way to bust stress is by spending time with friends and family members. INFPs have a very small circle of friends. In times of stress, they can call their friends or meet them to feel refreshed from within. 

Sharing the deepest agonies with others can actually lower the pain. Thus, they can use it quite often to feel in control of their emotional surge. 

At times, the support of understanding family members can also contribute to developing the inner strength of an INFP to combat stress triggers successfully.

9. Meditation

Being able to get inside a groove can help INFPs manage their emotions in a healthy way. Mediation is a great way to unwind and rejuvenate the lost inner strength. INFPs are intuitive introverts. So, they will benefit from meditation. 

They can focus on finding poise and serenity deep inside them. INFPs can also gather fresh perspectives through the meditation process and learn to imbibe balance in their daily lives, so that stress triggers cannot rob their inner peace.

10. Engage in artwork

As INFPs are creative, they can also engage in doing various art forms so as to feel good about themselves. Creating an art piece can improve their self-esteem. 

They will start feeling better about their worth. This will allow for better control over the stressful situations that were creating issues in their daily lives. 

They will find balance in everything they are thinking or doing presently. As they nurture their intuitive and feeling skills while creating the art piece, they will be in a position to maintain an inner balance that remains unaffected by stress.

To Sum Up

From the discussion, it becomes evident that managing feelings is the fundamental way to bust stress in our daily lives. INFPs can have many stress triggers but their efficiency to cope with such triggers will actually judge their success stories. 

As INFPs are naturally emotional, they may shut down completely during adverse life situations. But, if they learn the coping skills well, they will be able to develop an inner balance that remains unaffected by daily stress triggers.

They will become much stronger and resilient to fight the trying times successfully.