INTJ Career Choices to Reckon

INTJ careers opportunities include jobs that allow them for critical and rational thinking. INTJs are keen to work in complex systems where they will get a chance to analyze, explore, and experiment with diverse things.

Career Options for INTJs

INTJs have some unique skills and characteristics. For this reason, they may be a very good fit for certain particular jobs.

Law enforcement official

An INTJ would be a perfect fit working as a police officer. INTJ individuals have strong commitment and willpower.


They can assess any scenario and quickly make some interesting observations that any other person would tend to overlook.

Data analyst

INTJs would enjoy working as a data analyst. This is because they have good analytical skills.

Computer programmer

This is also another field where INTJs can build successful careers. Computer science, as a subject itself, can be very appealing to an INTJ.

Game developer

Utilizing a combination of their rational and creative skills, an INTJ can achieve professional success as a game developer.

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