INTJ Myers Briggs Type

INTJ Myers Briggs is typically logical and conceptual. They are independent thinkers who prefer to work alone and spend as much as possible in their creative world.

INTJ Type Description


INTJs are shy by nature. They like to keep a low profile. They generally prefer to keep to themselves and avoid the company of other people.


They generally base all of their ideas and decisions on strong evidence that they can see.


People with the INTJ personality have a strong rational mind. They are strong-minded and determined


INTJs are often very well-organized. They have proper plans ready at all times. They prefer to have a fixed schedule when starting a task.

The Personality Profile of an INTJ

If you have an INTJ type of personality, you are probably shy and introverted. You do not like to go out much.

What Delights INTJs?

– They prefer to engage in deep, meaningful conversations.  – They love to spend time alone and love to engage in solitary activities. – They always love to discover new things.

What Do INTJs Hate?

– They avoid small talks. It makes them uncomfortable. – They do not prefer meaningless friendships. – INTJs do not like to spend time in crowded places.

INTJ Myers Briggs is reserved and private. They have a rich inner world that is creative and always thinks out of its way. They are nerdy, intelligent, smart, and highly ambitious. INTJs are emotionally inexpressive and may not connect with the finer emotional undertones of themselves and others.