INTP Careers

1. Web Developer

INTP personality type people carry inherent talent while handling any technology. It goes back to their love for tackling and overcoming complex systems.

2. Architect

The professional holds meetings with their clients. They help them determine the goals and objectives they would require to live up to their expectations.

3. Mechanical Engineer

This profession requires analysis of problems. Then, they can identify how thermal and mechanical devices might help resolve an issue.

4. Economist

A person with an INTP personality type can do well if they work as an economist. Economists study the manufacturing and distribution of goods, resources, and services.

5. Psychologist

A psychologist does all these through observation, interpretation, and recording of how individuals relate to each other and their environments.

6. Lawyer

A person with an INTP personality type can excel in their career as a lawyer. The professional offers advice.

7. Photographer

When an INTP personality type individual works as a photographer, no one can stop him from becoming successful in this career.

8. Auditor

Another preferable career option for an individual with an INTP personality is to work as an auditor. The responsibilities will require him to display skills in line with their personality traits.

INTP Careers refer to those job opportunities that allow these individuals to take full advantage of their passion for ideas, creativity, and innovation. The job profiles must give them the privilege to think freely in an unconventional manner. Fulfillment of these conditions would surely help them attain productivity.