INTP Myers Briggs

The Curious and  Logical Architects


INTPs feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed among a large group of people or gatherings. They will prefer to stay away from those situations.

An INTP personality type person possesses intuitive characteristics. It helps them exercise their wide-scale imagination as they look for new ideas and possibilities.



Introverted thinking is the dominant function of an INTP. These individuals always stay away from emotions and focus on doing what is right.


INTPs are perceivers of the world of extroverts, but they happen to judge their private and subdued world of introverts.

What Causes Delight Among INTPs?

– INTPs love spending time alone. – They enjoy talking about various inventions, possibilities, and ideas. – These people like solving puzzles and riddles to nurture their brains.

– INTPs hate all those ideas and suggestions that do not carry any logic. – They do not like people who believe in illogical statements or arguments. – An INTP hates when someone forces them to deal with numerous details.

What INTPs Hate?

INTPs are individuals who carry introverted personalities. They have the natural tendency to spend time alone and stay away from the crowd or a gathering.