Key Takeaways

  • Individuals with DiSC i personality style are influential, sociable, joyous and people-oriented.
  • The small “i” in DiSC was the result of a printing error, which was copyrighted and is now a distinguishable trademark.
  • i personality styles are best suited for professions such as Artist, Public Relations Manager, Marketing Manager, and Sales Executive.
  • The two variations of this type include iD and iS personality styles.

A DiSC i personality is an enthusiastic and sociable type. Individuals with this profile are talkative, optimistic, and spread joy and positivity.

They love being the center of attention and can strike a conversation with a stranger with ease. Overall, they are persuasive.

On the flip side, they are rather impulsive and can get too emotional. They also tend to focus a lot on getting others’ acceptance and approval.

If this profile piques your interest, keep reading to know everything there is to understand about this personality!

DiSC i Personality Infographic

DiSC i Personality  DiSC Profile i Personality - The Enthusiast
DiSC i Personality – DiSC Profile i Personality – The Enthusiast

DiSC i Personality

DiSC i personalities are sociable, people-oriented, and enthusiastic. They have a positive approach to most matters. However, they lack assertiveness and cannot say “no.”

A DiSC i personality is one of the four dimensions of the DiSC model proposed by Dr. WIlliam Marston. People with this personality profile are unafraid to be in the spotlight.

They are also enthusiastic, magnetic, sociable, persuasive, and emotional.

Moreover, they have a positive mindset and trust others easily. They are people-oriented and love working in groups.

They also exude confidence, specifically in social settings. These individuals are also open and emotionally expressive.  

On the flip side, despite being socially confident, they fear rejection. Their need to form relationships makes them hold on to people’s approval and appreciation. 

They are afraid to offend people, so they avoid conflict and confrontation. Similarly, they lack assertiveness, which leads to over-promising.

Consequently, they end up committing to too many projects. This is counterproductive as it affects their performance.

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What Is the i in DiSC Personality Test?

The i in DiSC personality test stands for ‘Influence.’ Individuals with this personality focus on building and modifying their environment by persuading others. 

This personality profile is driven by social recognition, team activities, and personal connections.

They are action-oriented and place a considerable amount of importance on collaboration and teamwork. They are enthusiastic, warm, trusting, and charismatic.

The traits mentioned above allow them to attract and influence those around them. With that said, they fear a loss of influence. They are also afraid of disapproval, rejection, and isolation.

Further, they have high regard for freedom of expression. They also value mentoring and supporting people around them.

Adding to that, they strive toward building democratic relationships. Sometimes, this personality overuses optimism and encouragement. 

During conflicts, the DiSC i personality is vocal about their feelings. On the other hand, however, they are likely to gossip. 

Overall, this personality can improve by being more rational and objective. They must also learn to follow through on tasks. 

Why Is the “i” Small in DiSC?

DISC theory was postulated by Dr. William Moulton Marston in his book, Emotions of Normal People in 1928. While he created the theory, he did not formulate any DiSC assessments

DiSC was published by various sources over a long period of time. A small company, Perfomax, was one of its publishers. 

While they attempted to launch their product, the DISC Personal Profile System, the printer had made a typo.

The “i” in DISC had not been capitalized. Performax did not have the budget to get this error fixed, so they copyrighted DiSC to market their instrument. 

Nowadays, this lowercase i in DiSC is a distinguishable feature. It helps people identify Everything DiSC and DiSC Classic from other assessments based on the same model. 

Although it is impossible to trademark the DISC model, the assessments could be. The lowercase i makes DiSC a registered trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 

DiSC i Personality Traits

Having gotten a snapshot of this DiSC profile, you must be curious to know more.

So, outlined below are a few traits that typically characterize this enthusiastic and influential DiSC personality

1. A DiSC i personality is people-oriented

Individuals with i DiSC profiles are gregarious, talkative, and unafraid of being in the limelight. They love pursuing new friendships and work toward building a large network. Their influential traits make them very persuasive. 

They know how to keep up the team spirit and can motivate, energize, and spread positivity in groups.

So, they are excellent at taking care of people relations. They prioritize relationships and personal connections.

On the flip side, their talkative nature disallows them from being great listeners. While conversing with people, they end up doing all the talking and do not pause to listen to what the other has to say. 

2. They are confident 

People with high i personality traits are extremely confident while surrounded by people. They find it easy to establish relationships.

Their self-confidence allows them to communicate informally, casually, and in a relaxed manner. 

They are also enthusiastic while engaging in topics that interest them. They love discussing ideas over which they have mastery.

This self-assurance makes them great leaders as it helps gain the trust of others.

The conviction with which they present themselves, coupled with their persuasiveness, helps them get things done.

3. Individuals with high C traits are impulsive 

Among the DiSC personality types, people with this profile are enthusiastic and love adventures.

Therefore, they tend to be rather spontaneous and can engage in activities or make decisions impulsively. This trait makes them rather careless and unreliable. 

Although they tend to make decisions on the go, they are decisive. Their people-oriented nature makes them base their decisions on the popularity of different opinions.

Often, these decisions are not rooted in pragmatism. 

On the other hand, this trait allows them to think on their feet. It is particularly useful when an unforeseen obstacle arises and they can quickly improvise. 

4. They get easily distracted

Their energetic personality makes it challenging for them to work on tasks that require concentration.

While working with data, they find it difficult to make elaborate analyses. They get distracted easily and cannot be attentive for long.

Moreover, they have a tendency to bounce between ideas at the same time. By doing this, they end up underperforming. They are also likely to over-promise so as not to gain disapproval from others. 

5. They fear rejection

An i-style personality is focused on maintaining personal relationships. Sometimes, they tend to go overboard with trying to gain their approval. They are motivated by praise and appreciation. 

Therefore, they are afraid to offend or upset people. One of the biggest fears a DiSC i personality has is getting rejected.

This tendency causes them to avoid confrontation. Although they are confident in social settings, they find it challenging to assert themselves. 

DiSC Analysis i Personality

Here is a comprehensive account of the various facets that capture the essence of an i personality at the workplace. 

You will obtain a deep understanding of their goals, challenges, contributions,  sources of stress, and motivations.

Additionally, you will gain insights into their fears, communication style, ideal work environment, and leadership style

1. Goals

The primary goal of this DiSC style revolves around achievement. They would like to do so with poise. They also desire climbing the professional and social ladder.

In other words, they wish to achieve higher status by means of authority and reputation.

So, it is no surprise that this profile strives toward attaining people’s approval. They wish to be popular, to make their name known. 

Another goal of this DiSC personality is to pursue friendships. Their enthusiastic nature drives them to exude excitement, positivity, and genuine joy. Therefore, apart from pursuing happiness, they also wish to spread it.  

Moreover, they are always on the lookout for new opportunities for the group. They make it a personal mission to keep changing things.

They believe a dynamic environment is key to avoiding stagnation. It also helps keep the energy levels up in a team.

2. Challenges

One of the major challenges an i-style face is regarding meticulousness. Their over joyous personality finds it difficult to follow any form of structure. They also have issues with putting in the work to research facts.

Similarly, they also get distracted easily. They cannot stay focused for extended periods. Also, they struggle to follow through with tasks to their completion.

As regards working with people, they hit roadblocks when they miss the deadlines on a crucial project. They also run the chance of interpersonal issues due to their impulsivity.

They do not think through their decisions and fail to recognize how these affect the group.

Another problem stems from their overuse of humor. They try to lighten any heated situation. However, in the process, they inadvertently trivialize the issue.

This deflects the attention from an important and serious matter causing unhappiness among people.  

3. Contributions

The most significant contribution an i DiSC personality makes to a team is through their creative solutions to problems.

They are excellent motivators and know exactly how to encourage people around them to take action. 

Their enthusiastic nature keeps the atmosphere around them optimistic, cheerful, and positive. 

Adding to that, their sense of humor is widely appreciated. They go the extra mile to keep the mood light. Along those lines, they maintain peace by acting as mediators during conflicts. 

4. Sources of Stress

The major source of stress for this DiSC type is regarded details. They dislike solving problems that require a thorough analysis.

Also, they feel restless if they have to spend a lot of time finding out the root cause of the issues. 

Similarly, they do not enjoy inspecting and maintaining high standards for the outcome. Their impatient nature makes it frustrating for them to take their time to think through a problem before concluding.

Moreover, they are people-oriented individuals. So, they experience sadness when their supervisor requires them to work independently.

It gets worse if they need to work alone and bring back the results to their team.

On top of that, they dislike structure. Therefore, they do not like creating and following through on procedures, rules, and guidelines. They also hate requesting their subordinates to follow them. 

5. Motivations

Individuals with high i personality traits are incentivized by interactions with large groups of people. They love participating in enthusiastic debates, discussions, and brainstorming sessions. 

They feel motivated when they have to motivate others. They enjoy encouraging others and sharing anecdotal experiences as well. When they explain things, they do so in an emotionally expressive way.

Speaking of emotions, they take great pleasure in trying to think about things from another person’s standpoint. They love deliberating how the other party thinks and feels. 

Further, they rejoice in going on exhilarating adventures and looking for new opportunities.

People with i-style personalities typically leave their schedules unstructured. They are ready for spontaneous meetings and enjoy having them. 

Along those lines, they love juggling various ideas at the same time. Their spontaneity also extends to decision-making. They prefer figuring things out as they go rather than deliberately planning it. 

Finally, they find it incentivizing when their supervisor is open-minded and encourage them to share their ideas.

Similarly, they love working with people who put in the effort to get to know them. They also enjoy it when their subordinates are creative and uplift one another.

6. Fears

A DiSC i personality values acceptance, attention, and approval the most. So, the biggest fear of a DiSC i type is being rejected.

This fear drives them to go out of their way to be liked. Sometimes, they push themselves to seem fun, gregarious, and affable. 

7. Communication Style

An i profile’s communication style is rooted in inspiring people. They are incredible at selling their ideas and visions.

Owing to their talkative nature, they know exactly how to get people on board for achieving their dreams and aspirations.

A DiSC i personality tends to think about the big picture. Sometimes, they fail to consider the smaller steps needed to get there. This tendency can block them from paving a smooth way to success. 

They struggle with direct communication and cannot assert themselves when necessary. Nonetheless, they are excellent at offering positive yet constructive feedback.

They encourage their team to perform better by using verbal affirmations.

Their enthusiastic tone of communication immediately uplifts those around them. They are also excellent motivators and can instill a sense of hope even when times are rough and unpredictable.

With that said, they focus too much on the silver lining that they refuse to look at the grey clouds. In simpler terms, they fixate on the positives and avoid discussing the more unpleasant aspects.

8. Ideal Work Environment

A DiSC i personality thrives in work environments that foster creativity and flexibility. They do not enjoy working in places that seem rigid and controlled.

They also like workspaces that foster positivity and enthusiasm.

Moreover, they are averse to conflict. Therefore, an argument-free, welcoming atmosphere where people get along with each other is an ideal work environment. 

Additionally, individuals with this personality style love working in groups, and so avoid doing things alone. That is why they enjoy engaging in group activities in professional and social settings. 

Further, they dislike responsibilities that involve having an orientation to detail. They love free-flowing ideas, so they need a place that provides a forum to express their creativity.

9. Leadership Style

As leaders, they motivate and energize their teams. They work toward building enthusiasm for every task in hand.

They also love novel ideas and tend to get carried away with them. Therefore, they are pioneering and affirming as mentors.

Their sense of authority lies in their charismatic nature. They are able to motivate people rather effortlessly.

An i-style personality focuses on building a nurturing and joyous atmosphere. They are ‘People Leadders,’ who love establishing a solid network.

At the same time, they can also be quite erratic while leading a group. Specifically, they do not see the need for structure, consistency, or caution.

Such practices may not work for every member of the team.

DiSC Profile i Personality

Following is a summary of a DiSC i personality’s strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities.

Gaining insights into these areas will help you make optimal use of your skill sets while being able to work on your shortcomings.  


The biggest strength of this personality type is their spontaneity and ability to influence people.

They are excellent communicators, who are participative and can inspire people to action. They are also accepting of others.

Additionally, they are intuitive, approachable, agreeable, and can motivate people in their team effortlessly.

Their tendency to be expressive allows them to freely talk about their ideas. They also work well with others and do not hold back on voicing their opinions. 

Moreover, they handle and respond well to changes and crises. They have an outstanding ability to see things in a positive light. Their optimistic nature is rather contagious and fosters a sense of hope amongst others. 

Along those lines, they are great at leading brainstorming sessions. These traits offer them leadership opportunities.

On top of that, their influential traits enable them to be great spokespeople. They are persuasive, enthusiastic, and know-how to convince people to back their ideas.

Also, their sense of humor comes in handy in such situations.   


First, this personality style is adept at dealing with details. Despite being creative problem-solvers, they lose concentration easily. They also tend to overlook information that is key to the project. 

Similarly, they get distracted by too many novel ideas. They would try to work on all of them at once. This behavior leads to a failure of performing to the benchmark on each project.

Moreover, they are also not good at listening actively. The problem lies with the fact that they try to give an impression of waiting to speak.

In the process, they fail to genuinely hear out the other person. Sometimes, they overuse gestures and facial expressions.

Further, they are likely to become overly optimistic about people or situations. They trust their intuition a lot even when planning is more crucial.

In the event to gain people’s approval or save themselves from embarrassment, they avoid decisions.

Their people-oriented nature drives them to spend more time networking than on finishing their tasks. They find it challenging to restrict the time they spend socializing. 

They have trouble establishing and following steady, predictable routines. As leaders, they might not provide sufficient structure for those who need an organized method to work optimally. 

Growth Areas

The first area of concern is regarding their impulsive decision-making. They must understand how to research and deliberate thought before taking action is beneficial. 

Indeed, they excel at persuading, motivating, and problem-solving. However, they are sometimes slow to execute their plans.

They can learn to break their major goal into subgoals. Drawing small steps to achieve the same and keeping a list can also help. 

Further, this personality style has a fast-thinking process. They must practice slowing down, so others can benefit. They also need to work on exercising control over their actions, feelings, and speech. 

Similarly, they must improve their listening skills. These individuals tend to speak more than they lend an ear. Therefore, other people end up feeling unheard. 

This DiSC personality profile takes on too much because of their inability to say no. They end up promising things that are unrealistic to fulfill.

They must work on their assertiveness so that they can concentrate and accomplish the tasks at hand. 

DiSC i Personality Type Careers

Individuals with DiSC i behavior styles work well in roles that encourage spontaneity. They are creative and have outstanding social skills.

Keeping these points in mind, here is a list of careers in which they are likely to thrive.

  1. Artist
  2. Copywriter
  3. Creative Director
  4. Fashion Designer
  5. Graphic Designer
  6. Marketing Manager 
  7. Musician
  8. Product Development Manager
  9. Public Relations Director
  10. Public Relations Manager
  11. Radio or Television Presenter
  12. Realtor 
  13. Sales Executive
  14. Training Manager
  15. Travel Agent

DiSC i Personality Test

It is important to understand which DiSC profile you are from a managerial as well as a personal perspective.

As an individual, knowing your personality will help you work on your weaknesses and make optimal use of your strengths. 

When you are leading a group, understanding your teammates’ profiles is widely beneficial. It will allow you to adapt your communication and leadership styles accordingly. 

This will improve the performance of your team members. Consequently, it will enable personal and organizational growth.

These articles provide great and detailed insights into each profile. A surefire way to know which personality profile you belong to, you must take a DiSC test. 

Everything DiSC is an original behavioral assessment based on the DiSC model. DiSC and Everything DiSC are registered trademarks of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. This DiSC assessment provides a test-based learning experience.  

If you wish to discover your inner self, you can start by taking our personality tests.

Working with DiSC i Personality

Working with a DiSC i personality can come with its difficulties. To make it easier for you, it will be beneficial to understand certain sets of ‘Dos and Don’ts.’

These rules can serve as guidelines when you work with or manage people with type i personalities

1. Dos

While working with an i-style, the first thing you must keep in mind is that they love informal meetings.

Take a casual approach and simply ask them to meet for a chat. As much as possible, ensure these meetings are held in person.

Second, do not structure your meetings. They dislike fixed agendas. So, while engaging with them in formal scenarios, make it light by using colorful presentations.

Having visual illustrations as it captivates their attention and they can retain important information easily.

i-style personalities prefer personal communication. So, whenever possible, call them or arrange a face-to-face meeting.

However, when you need to email them, maintain a personal touch. Keep it casual by including emoticons and restrict the content to a paragraph or two. 

While communicating with a DiSC i personality, ensure to include them. Provide them an opportunity to voice out their opinions and ideas. 

Also, assist them in building ways to execute their plans. Motivate them to follow through on their tasks. Do so by offering them details in written formats.

2. Don’ts 

While conversing with this DiSC profile, do not do all the talking. Moreover, refrain from telling them what to do.

Although individuals with this style prefer working in groups, They have a creative mind and are capable of making things work independently. 

DiSC i Personality Variations

Everyone is a mix of the four DiSC behavioral styles. However, a lot of people are likely to primarily possess one or two styles. 

An i-style personality merging into the borders of another style displays characteristics related to that profile as well. i-styles most commonly show traits associated with D and S profiles

1. The iD Style

The iD style is a blend of traits of influence and dominance. This profile is highly energetic, adventurous, and has a magnetic presence. They persuade others using their daring and passionate characteristics.

Moreover, they are poised, open-minded, ambitious, and know-how to promote themselves. They can also be impatient.

Their goals involve gaining popularity, experiencing something exhilarating, and achieving prestige.

They fear stagnation and a loss of attention or approval. Sometimes, they tend to be overly impulsive and forthright.

As leaders, this DiSC profile strives toward going beyond what is required. They are also keen on finding new opportunities.

They are excellent at inspiring their team to take action. On the flip side, they can come across as pushy, frightening, and hollow.  

All in all, an iD personality profile can become better by focusing on details. They must also learn to be patient and listen to others more actively.

2. The iS Style

The iS DiSC profile is a mix of influence and steadiness. They are warm, welcoming, sociable, and friendly. Through their agreeable and empathetic nature, they influence those around them.

Moreover, these individuals are natural collaborators. However, they are averse to conflict and find deadlines rather stress-inducing. 

Their primary goal is to pursue, establish, and maintain friendships. Therefore, they fear being disliked and coming across as pressuring others. 

Individuals with this DiSC personality are likely to be overly patient. They also find it challenging to be assertive or direct when necessary. 

Their leadership characteristics include being supportive, respectful, and optimistic. They are indirect and steer away from conflict.

Overall, these individuals can improve effectiveness by recognizing others’ shortcomings and confronting issues head-on.

Concluding Thoughts from ThePleasantPersonality

A DiSC i personality is self-confident, sociable, expressive, and enthusiastic. While working with people, they prefer going down a casual route. Their optimistic nature spreads joy and positivity wherever they go.

On the flip side, they struggle with assertiveness. They also try to please people too much for the fear of losing their acceptance and approval.

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