- INTP people possess thinking traits in their personality. - INFP people possess feeling traits in their personality.

- The dominant function of Introverted Thinking tends to drive an INTPs life. - The dominant function of Introverted Feeling drives an INFP’s life.

- INTPs are quite flexible while expressing or accepting their viewpoints of the world. - INFPs bother about honesty above anything else.

- INTPs are interested in non-fiction movies and stories and do not bother about relationships or feelings. - INFP have worlds filled with fantasies, dreams, and lots of colors.

- When in love, INTPs adopt an analytical and measured approach to their partners. - When INFPs are in a relationship, they tend to be loyal, empathetic, and dedicated toward their partners.

- INTPs, while being in workplaces, incline toward doing what they need to do to fulfil their responsibilities. - INFPs do not mind throwing themselves into the work of their choice.

INTP expresses their thoughts based on logic, while INFP does so through their feelings and emotions. These reasons make these personalities who they are and accordingly impact their lifestyles.