Enneagram Type 6s are reliable, hard-working, and trustworthy individuals. They are excellent when it comes to resolving problems in life. These people focus on building cooperation among people within society. Hence, they play a crucial role in bringing everyone together in their personal and professional lives. Enneagram 6 workplace habits talk of how people with this personality type behave when they play their roles as colleagues, subordinates, and managers.

Sixes are always known for being loyal toward all those people to whom they make some commitment. It makes them perfect candidates for any workplace which looks forward to employees contributing positively toward the growth of their organization.

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Enneagram 6 Workplace Habits

Enneagram 6 workplace habits talk of how professionals with this personality type carry out their responsibilities as colleagues, subordinates, and managers. It mentions how they love teamwork, creating a personal bond with co-workers, and getting accolades from bosses.

Enneagram 6 personality types are responsible people who show dedication toward whatever work they do in their life. They can be Phobic or Counter-Phobic. It is of paramount importance to these individuals to feel safe. They focus on putting in their hard work while carrying out various responsibilities in life. Hence, this tendency rubs off on their professional life as well. These people will never divert themselves from their professional duties in any situation. Sixes will encourage their colleagues to express their concerns so that they can offer concrete solutions.

When an organization looks for a trustworthy and dedicated employee, there cannot be anyone better than the Enneagram number 6 individual. They want job security which Six looks to attain by showing loyalty toward the organization. These people build strong professional relationships, which allow them to gain the trust of their subordinates, colleagues, and managers. It is necessary for enneagram 6s to feel that they can truly trust their co-workers. The reason behind it is they have the habit of thinking about worst-case scenarios. Then, they will manage to support them while undertaking various responsibilities.

Employees with enneagram six personality types enjoy working in those professional setups, which are structured and give value to preparation. These organizations must provide sufficient opportunities to act with caution. Sixes should get their chance to analyze possible adverse outcomes. They flourish in those workplaces where seniors treat their concerns with seriousness. It gives them great joy to undertake their professional responsibilities, where there is the benefit of constant support and hierarchy.

As a colleague, an enneagram six person manages to put their best effort into an organization if it meets certain requirements. It must give them the privilege to work in a team and collaborate with others to fulfill professional goals. They will always enjoy working under a competent boss. One who will often appreciate their efforts. When they get the chance to lead, an enneagram six will like to see their subordinates do what they promise.

Let us now discuss in detail the behavior patterns of enneagram 6s handle different positions in the workplace –

Enneagram 6 as a colleague

When Enneagram 6 works as a colleague, they will show their loyalty and commitment toward the company by undertaking all sorts of responsibilities in the desired manner. If this individual is part of a team, they will take all their team members along with them and form a cohesive unit for delivering their work to perfection. These people will not hesitate to challenge others if they try to go against their principles and beliefs.

Enneagram 6s will feel energetic at work when they experience safety and receive support from everyone around them. They want their co-workers to be optimistic and must carry an idealistic mindset. Once that happens, Sixes can become those colleagues who are always practical in dealing with their problems. They also become supportive of others. These individuals will make their colleagues look forward to a positive direction. Hence, they help them achieve their organizational goals.

People with this personality typing would be at their best when their peers would take time out from their busy schedules to connect with them. Sixes will always enjoy knowing their colleagues from close quarters. It will help them understand their mentality and the approach they take while dealing with the challenges of a work environment.

They will prefer dealing with those individuals in a team having logical minds. An Enneagram Six employee would hate to interact with those co-workers in their office who are emotionally overwhelming. Sixes will try to stay away from them as much as possible, thereby hampering their work. They would genuinely appreciate having those people as team players or colleagues who are logical. Enneagram 6s would love to predict their next move. It helps them plan things out accordingly.

Enneagram 6 as a subordinate

When an Enneagram 6 individual works as a subordinate in an organization, they feel energetic when their colleagues and boss offer their constant support, hence making them experience a sense of security. They will always want their boss to trust their capabilities and appreciate whatever suggestion he gives as part of this contribution toward the job.

These subordinates would hate working in those environments where they experience instability. They cannot put their best foot forward in carrying out their responsibilities if they have to think about whether their position at a workplace is secure. While working as a subordinate, an enneagram six would enjoy working in an organization where the atmosphere has consistency. Seniors must have clarity of thought. Hence, they can give solid advice regarding the approach that an enneagram six subordinate must adopt for fulfilling organizational goals.

If they experience these positive vibes inside a workplace, it will reflect on the performance of an enneagram six employee. They will stay motivated to keep improving their performance consistently. It would help them remain in contention for getting promoted and can undertake even more critical responsibilities.

These individuals possess excellent communication skills. Due to this reason, Sixes can eloquently express their needs. It can let seniors know about the kind of growth they expect from the organization. They will hate coming across scenarios where their boss keeps criticizing their suggestions. Enneagram 6 subordinates would always expect to receive respect and admiration. If they do not get these, it will not take long for these individuals to feel threatened.

Enneagram 6 as a manager

It is always a great honor for any employee to work as a manager in an organization. Unfortunately, it is not the scenario with an Enneagram 6. They usually do not like being in a managerial position and undertake concerned responsibilities. Despite being reluctant, they have the requisite willpower and courage to meet the demands of a leadership position.

They love having subordinates who take an active part in carrying out any task. As Sixes enjoy teamwork, these managers would enjoy seeing all their employees working together to meet organizational objectives as per expectations. Enneagram 6 can excel as a manager due to the ability to undertake thorough research and make plans accordingly.

When some plans of these managers do not work, they are always ready with their backup plans. Once an enneagram 6 works as a manager in an office, they have the power of anticipation where things might go wrong. They use their intellectual curiosity to foresee problems. It enables them to resolve those and start looking toward the future.

Enneagram Type 6 managers always wish for a sense of safety. It would make them feel secure. It applies not only to them but also to the whole team. Their natural urge is to take care of the team’s needs and support them under all circumstances. When Sixes work as managers, they will appreciate it if team members reach out to them to resolve queries. They will also look forward to their employees’ adopting ways for building better teams.

Enneagram 6 Communication Style in the Workplace

Enneagram Type 6 professionals are caring and helpful by nature. They are ready to help colleagues if they get stuck somewhere while carrying out their responsibilities. Hence, their communication style involves care, compassion, and engagement. This individual carries a lot of wit within themselves and often shows warmth. Sixes are proficient in considering and assessing various options. These people tend to communicate with their colleagues thoughtfully.

There is sufficient clarity in how an enneagram 6 expresses its thoughts while communicating with colleagues. Hence, the teammates have no problem understanding what people with this personality type mean. Thus., they can carry out their responsibilities with ease and comfort. Sixes feel obliged to figure everything out themselves while they work in organizations. They do so because of their ability to interact with authoritative persons. It enables them to understand their organizational needs.

There are occasions when an Enneagram 6 personality type individual can suffer from anxiety and start doubting their abilities. It makes things difficult for them to instill confidence in others in the workplace, especially when this person is in a powerful position and responsible for making important decisions. It also hampers their communication style.

Enneagram 6s feel at ease when they can ask several questions while communicating with their seniors, colleagues, or subordinates across organizations. They never leave anything to chance. Hence, Sixes always intend to clarify their doubts. It enables them to understand others’ perspectives better. Another unique quality people can observe while communicating with these individuals is their obsession with facts and data. 

How Does an Enneagram 6 Manage Business Meetings

When a person with an Enneagram 6 personality type is part of a professional setup, they are an asset to that organization. It is because they will do everything possible to protect the organization’s demands and concentrate on meeting all those responsibilities, which would help them do that.

It is common for organizations to hold different kinds of meetings from time to time. Some review meetings take place regularly, while others happen after every quarter. These meetings enable them to take stock of the big picture, discuss their plans and review the employees’ performance.

If Enneagram 6 is part of any such meeting in their organization, the first noticeable thing is that they will remain present at the meeting right on time. It will inspire others to follow suit and hence begin a culture of punctuality among every employee of the organization.

Apart from this, Enneagram Sixes will always offer their support when senior members of the organization raise their intention to execute their expansion plans. Sixes will encourage their team members to put even more effort toward meeting the demands of the growing organization. They will back them to play an active role in the growth process.

Conflict Resolution of Enneagram 6 in Workplaces

Enneagram Type 6s are those individuals who belong to the Reactive Group. This group becomes active when they must resolve conflict. It is also known as the Intensity or Emotional Realness Group. These people possess strong emotions whenever they face problems while assessing co-workers or situations. They start looking for support and freedom.

Sixes suffer from the fear of abandonment in case they must undertake any professional responsibility alone. It happens because they always wish to carry out their duties with others in teams while working across organizations. At the same time, an enneagram six will not like to depend a lot on others.

Enneagram 6s avoid conflicts with others by showcasing their reliability and level of commitment. They engage in some work or use their sense of humor as a defensive mechanism.


Enneagram Type 6 professionals focus on staying committed to all their responsibilities. They give a lot of priority to being safe and secure in their professional life. They must work in teams, colleagues take time out to get to know them personally, and bosses appreciate their suggestions.

No matter if an enneagram type 6 professional works as a colleague, subordinate, or manager, they make sure to put stress on teamwork, receiving appreciation, and encouraging others. These three aspects play crucial roles in the smooth operations of an organization.