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The points of similarities between ISFJ and INFJ

– Both these personality types are introverts. So, they are quiet, reserved, shy, and private people. – These people have a small number of friends.

– ISFJs and INFJs are diligent and hard working. Both love to pay attention to the subtle details. – Both these types are caring, generous, and helpful.

– They are guided by values and never choose wrong things in life. – Both are committed and devoted towards their duties.

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ISFJ vs. INFJ – The key differences

ISFJs are sensing types. They are practical-minded and hold a realistic life approach. Vs. INFJs are intuitive types. They are future focused and look into future possibilities rather than only talking about present issues.

ISFJs think about short term goals. Vs. They set out to form big goals that meet their big aspirations in life.

ISFJs are precise in their work. Vs. INFJs prefer to go through the broad details and draw inferences about future possibilities.

ISFJ vs. INFJ key difference lies in their preference to take in information from their immediate surroundings. ISFJs use sensory impressions to learn while INFJs use intuition preference to make sense of the world. They also share many commonalities as well. Both these types are introverts with strong feeling components. They are deeply caring and avoid conflicts with others.