ISFJ vs. INFJ key difference lies in their preference to take in information from their immediate surroundings. ISFJs use sensory impressions to learn while INFJs use intuition preference to make sense of the world.

They also share many commonalities as well. Both these types are introverts with strong feeling components. They are deeply caring and avoid conflicts with others. 

ISFJs and INFJs are organized personalities. They prefer things to be well-planned and in a perfect order; otherwise they feel the discomfort deep inside. 

Let us study more about the various differences and common points between these two Myers Briggs Personality types.


According to Myers Briggs Personality types, there are 16 different types of humans present in this world. Each of these types has certain preferences that make them distinct and exclusive.

ISFJs are sensing personalities. They are detail-oriented and prefer to stay focused in the present. But it doesn’t mean that they cannot use their weal intuition if the need arises. It’s just that ISFJs prefer to think about the present time. They enjoy being in the moment.

On the contrary, INFJs are intuitive types. They prefer to take in environmental information by looking at the bigger picture. INFJs can analyze future possibilities of a situation and work accordingly.

ISFJs love to work with facts and details while INFJs rely more on abstract ideas. They can see through ambiguities better than an ISFJ. INFJs rely on hunches and gut feeling to make sense of their surroundings. 

ISFJs rely on past experiences. They rely on their judgments that had worked well previously. ISFJs are traditional believers while INFJs prefer to do things that interest them in the real world. 

INFJs have introverted intuition (Ni) as a dominant cognitive function while ISFJs have introverted sensing (Si) as a dominant one. 

Apart from all these differences, ISFJs and INFJs also share many common personality traits. They are feeling-judging types. This means that they are ruled by their hearts. Though they are less expressive emotionally, they could get the emotional vibes of others quite easily.

Moreover, both these types are shy and reticent. They talk less and prefer to live in an inner world of bliss. They prefer to spend time alone and derive their mental energy by being involved with themselves.

Both these types are thoughtful and have a rich inner world that is full of ideas and imaginations. To know more about the similarities between ISFJs and INFJs, you need to continue further reading our next section.

The points of similarities between ISFJ and INFJ

ISFJ and INFJ personality portraits look similar and thus they are mistyped too often. If you are confused about your type, you should closely analyze the points of similarities and differences both.

  • Both these personality types are introverts. So, they are quiet, reserved, shy, and private people.
  • ISFJs and INFJs are diligent and hard working. Both love to pay attention to the subtle details.
  • They are guided by values and never choose wrong things in life.
  • These people have a small number of friends.
  • Both are serious types, preferring to spend time alone.
  • ISFJs and INFJs have sensitive, gentle personalities. They will hardly initiate a fight in their trial to prove themselves right.
  • Both these types are caring, generous, and helpful.
  • Both set high work standards. They tend to act like perfectionists most of the time.
  • ISFJs and INFJs love predictable outcomes. They are well organized and prefer to remain prepared in trying times.
  • Both are committed and devoted towards their duties.
  • ISFJs and INFJs are loyal and try to serve others as much as possible.
  • They prefer routine and schedules to be followed fully.
  • Both have organized homes that are well decorated and appealing.
  • Being an introvert, they hate public spotlight, rather prefer to stay behind the scenes.
  • Both of them share the same auxiliary function. Extraverted feeling (Fe) that makes them help others outwardly. Both these types have a sense about how others might be feeling in a situation.
  • Their decision making is inward. It means they gather as much information as possible from their surroundings (either through sensing-intuition functions) and make a logical decision out of it.
  • Both prefer moments of solitude to recharge and rejuvenate.
  • ISFJs and INFJs strive to get jobs done in the right manner without any delays. They hate procrastination and unnecessary delay of their work.

ISFJ vs. INFJ – The key differences

The major points of differences between an ISFJ and INFJ are enumerated below:

ISFJs are sensing types. They are practical-minded and hold a realistic life approach. They prefer to live in the present moment only.INFJs are intuitive types. They are future focused and look into future possibilities rather than only talking about present issues.
ISFJs stick to time tested methodologies of doing things. They never experiment with new things until it has passed the test of time.Being an intuitive personality. INFJs love to explore and experiment with new ideas. They love to solve problems creatively, using varied tools and methodologies.
ISFJs do not like to have too many varieties in life. They are comfortable with old routines.INFJs love to have variety. They will feel monotonous if things function in the same ways for a long time.
ISFJs can plan and organize things better than an INFJ. They are meticulous, orderly, and neat.INFJs are also organized but they will do it in innovative ways. The usual organization tactics do not work for them. They prefer to plan more about future possibilities
ISFJs are happy to be in the moment. They love to explore things now and here, rather than seeking out things that will happen in futureINFJs are future focused. They use their power of ideas and imaginations to carve a beautiful future.
ISFJs think about short term goals.They set out to form big goals that meet their big aspirations in life.
ISFJs are precise in their work.INFJs prefer to go through the broad details and draw inferences about future possibilities.
They are traditional and more conservative than an INFJ.INFJs also set out to meet traditions yet they are more flexible and open-minded than an ISFJ. They love to stay open to others’ ideas and opinions.
ISFJs are more active and prefer realism more than imagination. They love to deal with facts and tangible ideas that have real life significance. INFJs are less active and prefer to lie down and enjoy the comforts of life. They love playing with imaginations that may not have any realistic relevance.
ISFJs can understand the innate feelings of others more than an INFJ.INFJs are more touch based with their innate feelings.
ISFJs will use physical connection in their intimate relationships for the sake of expressing and exchanging love.An INFJ will use physical intimacy with a partner for strong emotional bonding.
ISFJs can hide their true feelings from the outside world. They will unwind in a private space of their own.INFJs are more expressive as far as expression of emotion is concerned. You can say that they wear their hearts on their sleeves so that others can notice them.

To Sum Up

In conclusion, we can infer that both these personality types seem to be very likely on the surface, but in reality they are not the same types. In the face of stress and trying times, ISFJs will externalize their anxiousness by becoming more critical and abusive of others. They tend to show their annoyance and disappointment outwardly.

Contrary to this, we have INFJs who will become more risky and tend to show aggression more than an ISFJ. They will indulge in high risk behavior that seems to be an adventure to impress their senses.