ISFJs are practical-minded and hold a realistic life approach. INFJs are future-focused rather than only talking about present issues.

ISFJs stick to time-tested methodologies of doing things. INFJs love to explore and experiment with new ideas.

ISFJs are comfortable with old routines. INFJs will feel monotonous if things function in the same ways for a long time.

ISFJs can plan and organize things better than an INFJ. INFJs are also organized but they will do it in innovative ways.

ISFJs are more active and prefer realism more than imagination. INFJs are less active and prefer to lie down and enjoy the comforts of life.

ISFJs can understand the innate feelings of others more than an INFJ. INFJs are more touch based with their innate feelings.

ISFJs will externalize their anxiousness by becoming more critical and abusive of others. On a contrary, INFJs will become riskier and tend to show aggression more than ISFJ.