Omega Female Personality Traits

She’s extremely introvert

The omega woman is popular for being introverted. If you take her to an outing full of hardly recognizable faces, she’ll feel so lost.

Her inner circle is really tight

She also has a handful of close friends in her life. These are usually 2-3 other women she met throughout her life.

She’s the beauty with brains

Omega females are no less intelligent than an alpha woman. She might be shy but her professional performance is top-notch.

She’s sometimes messy

The omega woman is busy making her life worthwhile. She loves pursuing her interests, overachieving in her work, having deep conversations, and so on.

She’s still a kid from the heart

She’ll invite you for pillow fights, jogging in the neighborhood park, stargazing late at night, and talking loudly.

Deep conversations are her thing

This witty and clever woman loves debates about real-world issues. She never shies away from stating the obvious and important questions.

She understands herself the best

Omega women are highly self-aware and can understand themselves, their emotions, interest, and disinterests pretty well.

She’s extremely romantic

For an omega woman, classic literature and fantasy romances have elevated the definition of romance to a different level.

The omega female is placed at the bottom of Vox Day’s socio-sexual hierarchy. Often, she’s considered the weakest and least attractive female because of that position. But these assumptions aren’t fair at all.