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Omega Female Personality Traits

The omega female is placed at the bottom of Vox Day’s socio-hierarchy. Often, she’s considered the weakest and least attractive female because of that position. But these assumptions aren’t fair at all.

So, let’s know the truth here…

1. She’s extremely introvert

The omega woman is popular for being introverted. If you take her to an outing full of hardly recognizable faces, she’ll feel so lost. She doesn’t feel comfortable around people she’s not close to. For her, it’s extremely hard to spend time or connect with people she hardly knows.

She’d choose a day out all by herself any time but busy social situations don’t work for her. She has many hobbies and interests, so she’s pretty occupied and doesn’t need to socialize to feel included.

She doesn’t feel lonely or left out if her best friend or her lover is more popular than her. If they can’t make time for her, she has plenty of things to keep herself busy and happy. She might watch movies, play video games, read books, or invest in other solo activities.

In her professional, social, or academic groups, she’s known to be reserved and shy.

2. Her inner circle is really tight

Just because the omega female prefers to be on her own, it doesn’t imply she’s a loner. She also has a handful of close friends in her life. These are usually 2-3 other women she met throughout her life.

You might assume that her friends’ group isn’t that bustling. Or, that she won’t always have them by her side whenever she needs them. But, for now, she’s content with this circle. She finds extreme comfort in her intimate inner circle that she doesn’t feel the need to seek more friends.

The omega female supports her friends in every possible way and her friends never fail to return the favor. They always look out for her and share practical advice to help her sort out any issue.

She prioritizes quality in her friendship over quantity. And since she’s introverted and needs solitude things to work out perfectly in her life.

3. She’s the beauty with brains

Though omega women are listed at the bottom of the hierarchy, they are no less intelligent than an alpha woman. She might be shy but her professional performance is top-notch.

Her coworkers and boss love her smart moves in the workplace. She always achieves more than the set target which helps her progress toward success faster.

However, she can give that level of dedication only if her work is interesting and intellectually stimulating. For that, she always chooses hobbies that stimulate her brain. She enjoys anything that challenges her wits and sharp mind.

She’s so intelligent that people often seek her advice about life situations. She puts herself in their shoes and suggests things that can work out well for them.

The effort and care she puts into her advice make her loved ones depend on her a lot. She also considers others’ emotions before suggesting anything.

4. Sometimes her sensitivity crosses the limit

The omega female spends most of her time thinking about deep topics. However, sometimes, she might overthink something and feel hurt… even if there’s no cause behind it.

She might often struggle to keep her emotions in check which leads to anxiety, breakdowns, and abrupt emotional outbursts.

She’s usually smart and practical, but sometimes her emotions take over her. She doesn’t usually care about others’ opinions but she’s also a human being… and the mean comments really hurt her.

Her acquaintances judge her a lot for being different than other women. She doesn’t understand why people are so interested in her life, interests, or choices… and she can’t help but be angry about it.

As she’s sensitive to others’ thoughts, it’s a big deal when she needs to coordinate in big groups at school or work. She’s often on the verge of losing her calm and making a scene.

5. She disapproves of anything-shallow

Celebrity dating history, trendy fashion, the latest beauty products, and hacks… all of these shallow and trendy things don’t excite her at all.

People assume she’s arrogant because she won’t participate in juicy gossip about these. They fail to understand that she’s her own person and has the right not to like things.

She usually doesn’t make friends with people that are crazy about shallow things. However, she often meets such people in school or at work.

Whenever they start discussing these, she zones out of the convo… and people accuse her of being arrogant. The audacity, right?

She’s open to intellectually stimulating conversations but small talk and shallow conversations are not her things.

She doesn’t even say anything rude… at most, she might keep quiet or politely take her leave during this discussion. But, of course, her boredom is evident in her expressions.

However, she’s often misunderstood for having distinct tastes.

6. She doesn’t desire to “fit in”

From childhood to adulthood, the omega female grew up learning that she doesn’t belong to any “social group”. No matter where she goes, she’s an outsider… an outcast.

Before she matured, it often hurt her that why can’t anyone have something in common with her? Why do people only want shallow things in their life? Is being cool and popular that much more important?

Well, no matter how others feel about belonging somewhere… she doesn’t care. Don’t get me wrong… she cared at some point about it but learned to overcome the issue.

Now, she doesn’t want to fit into a certain definition of being a woman or even a human being.

Much similar to sigma men and women, she neither wants to lead nor follow. She wants to exit the social hierarchy completely. Honestly, she doesn’t even care about the “omega” label because she knows she’s a unique person and that’s all that matters!

7. She’s sometimes messy

The omega woman is busy making her life worthwhile. She loves pursuing her interests, overachieving in her work, having deep conversations, and so on.

While she’s busy with those, a part of her personal life becomes truly messy. She might often forget to keep things back in their rightful space. Things are all over the place at her house. She forgets to get rid of the cartons of packages. But don’t assume that she keeps the garbage overnight… that’s a tad bit too far!

Her workstation is a perfectionist’s nightmare with all the files open and the papers everywhere.

She’s far from being organized and might even give mini panic attacks to those who are obsessed with organizing. However, she knows exactly where her things are even amidst that mess. Moreover, she also feels comfortable in her messy space… so, she won’t change anytime soon!

8. She’s still a kid from the heart

As you grew up, you lost a part of your childishness little by little. Especially, if you’re a woman, you can relate to it much better.

While you were a young teen, teachers dress coded you for wearing uniforms above your knee or sleeveless outfits. You were called unladylike for talking loudly and for sitting with your legs apart.

Your parents told you to stop jumping and running because your body becomes the center of attention. Yeah… not all women grew up this way. But some definitely did and forgot how to enjoy innocent fun.

So, if you’re close to an omega female, she’ll show you exactly how to enjoy your life to the fullest. She’ll invite you for pillow fights, jogging in the neighborhood park, stargazing late at night, and talk loudly.

With her, you can relive the old sweet times together as she never lets the inner child fade away.

9. She has abundant empathy

She is known to be empathetic as she understands others’ emotions without judging them. She puts herself in others’ shoes to understand their feelings deeply.

She might not have experienced the same in her life… but when she says “I feel you”, she genuinely does. She doesn’t say it just for the heck of it.

Suppose she never lost her pet, but she knows what you went through when you did. Others’ emotional energy impacts her pretty hard.

She can support others exactly how they need because of this. People feel better easily when she takes care of them.

However, this is a big issue for her because others’ emotions impact her on a deeper level. She might ignore her original emotions or thoughts because she feels overwhelmed by someone else’s thoughts.

10. Deep conversations are her thing

This witty and clever woman loves debates about real-world issues. She never shies away from stating the obvious and important questions. After a conversation with her, you will have a clearer mind about the world and its issues.

Though she’s introverted, her passion for knowledge overflows during deep conversations. However, this is only possible when she’s ready to make the first move and start a debate.

For her, small talk has no space in her life. Every time others discuss those, she thinks “Why does a celeb’s love life/trending bags matter so much?”

It’s fair because the celebrity won’t date according to his fans… and any bag or outfit can serve the same purpose as the trending high-end ones.

She’d rather talk about the universe, the meaning of life, the beginning of life, and anything else that gives her a sense of enlightenment for hours.

11. She understands herself the best

Omega women are highly self-aware and can understand themselves, their emotions, interest, and disinterests pretty well. They are confident about themselves because they know their boundaries and how much they can compromise.

If someone tells them otherwise or suggests doing or being any different, they look them in the eye and turn down the advice. Since they know themselves pretty well, nobody can make them feel insecure. 

She’s different from the rest, so some people might tell her “You’re not feminine enough” or “You won’t make a good mom/wife/friend”. But her self-awareness saves her from unnecessary self-doubt and makes her confident about herself.

Her enemies might even try to put her down and attack her emotionally. But she knows better than to believe them. She doesn’t compromise her beliefs for others and stands out in her own way.

12. She often takes refuge in her own world

The omega female lives in a utopia in her mind. Reality is too cruel and boring for her, so she built her own fairytale world within herself. She can relate to this world the most when she’s alone and can focus on fantasizing or actually living it.

This world is full of adventurous, exciting, and nerdy things. She feels safe and prefers to spend time with herself in this half-real and half-fantasy life way more than in real life.

You might say “It’s all in her head and reality is harsh”… of course! That’s exactly why she’ll often silently gaze, play games or read science fiction and fantasize about this Utopia.

She’s bored and frustrated with the real world which questions her beliefs and makes her answer every moment.

But if she’s lost in silence, don’t assume she’s fantasizing… she’s probably thinking about solving some problems bit by bit.

13. She’s extremely romantic

For an omega woman, classic literature and fantasy romances have elevated the definition of romance to a different level. Though she is the silent and shy type, her desires for romance are hotter than fire.

She’s not delusional… she never expects her partner to be some gigachad out of Hollywood or a CEO from a K-drama. However, she wants to have a romantic encounter with her lover. She’s extremely serious when it comes to romance and has no place for sexual or casual bonds.

Her partner may or may not be her knight in shining armor, but he/she must at least support her during her worst times. She doesn’t demand a lot other than loyalty, love, care, and respect.

She wants to kiss under the mistletoe and dance in the rain. She hopes they’ll listen to her ramble about intellectual stuff even if they don’t understand and say “I love how passionate you are about this”.

14. She never “settles”

Women with omega female personality traits don’t often share their deep romantic desires. But when they do, many might tell her, “That’s just impossible” even though she has pretty basic demands.

Most people around her demoralize her and ask her to settle for what she gets and not have high hopes. But fortunately, the omega queen doesn’t accept that.

Due to her self-awareness, she knows her value and won’t accept a relationship devoid of romance, understanding, love, care, loyalty, or tolerance.

She knows what she needs and wants in her relationship. This saves her from getting into toxic relationships. Instead, she only settles for someone that can form a meaningful connection with her instead of shallow sexual ones.

She doesn’t mind being single for a long time because she has standards. She doesn’t waste herself on undeserving people… even if she grows old!

15. Physical makeovers can do wonders for her!

Wondering if women with omega female personality types are ugly?

Clearly not duh! Remember that she’s the messy type… this can even branch out to her physical appearance and make her seem a bit dirty and unattractive. She might not care for her skin, hair, or appearance as much as she’s more of a deep thinker and hardly cares about superficial stuff.

However, it might be a big red flag for her romantic life. Her potential partners might think that if she can’t invest time in herself, how will she care for them?

So, a physical makeover can support her romantic life for sure!

On the other hand, she’s empathetic and feels hurt by others’ emotions. She also sometimes feels hurt and frustrated by people’s different opinions. She can definitely do better with some life coaching.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Once you know all the traits well, it’s time to treat your fellow omega woman better. These women are tired of being judged and told what to do. They just want everyone to have a bit more faith in them.

And if you still want to pick on their flaws…learn about their strengths and weaknesses. Remind them of their genuine issues while you praise their positive traits.

You’ll not only get close to her but also help her out!

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