Omega Female Strengths And Weaknesses

Omega Female Strengths

She doesn’t need friends to enjoy herself

Being introverted, an omega female prefers to stay away from people she isn’t familiar with. Forget about connecting with people, she doesn’t even feel comfortable around them.

She’s intelligent

Most people assume that since omega females are way down in the hierarchy, they are probably brainless bimbo. Well, people just love to underestimate women and it shows!

She’s an empathetic person

An omega female has a lot of empathy in her. Even if she never lost a loved one, she can feel the emotions of someone that did. When she says “I understand your feelings”, it’s far from a joke.

She’s self-aware and confident

An omega woman understands her own emotions, thoughts, beliefs, interests, dislikes, turn-offs, motivators, boundaries, and compromising limits.

Omega Female Weaknesses

She might eventually become lonely

An omega female is happy with just her few friends. She loves how much support they give whether they can spend time with her or not. However, who knows what will happen later?

Real life exhausts her

She finds real life boring and rude because almost nobody relates with her. Most people demand her to change… not that she pays attention to them.

She might not be as overachieving as always

An omega woman is a hard worker in her professional life. Despite her position in the social hierarchy, she has immense creativity and always gives more effort into her work.

She can’t deal with a shallow convo

Women with an omega personality type can’t keep up with shallow and superficial conversations.

If you know an omega woman, put her strengths to good use and help her deal with her weaknesses. She might not be open to getting help if you’re not friends yet. But support her subtly from a distance and she’ll know you’re no threat. Try hard enough and you’ll gain her trust!