So, you want to know about omega female strengths and weaknesses…? Is it because you met an omega female and want to know if you guys can hit it off? Want to help her sort her weaknesses while you get help from her strengths?

Great thought… and you’ve reached the perfect spot to find your answers. This think-piece will share all the deets and you’ll know if you guys can support each other.

C’mon, let’s get on with it!

Omega Female Strengths

Omega females are often perceived as weak for being at the bottom of the social hierarchy. But people don’t know that this queen has many powers. If you’re also curious, let’s know them here…

1. She doesn’t need friends to enjoy herself

Being introverted, an omega female prefers to stay away from people she isn’t familiar with. Forget about connecting with people, she doesn’t even feel comfortable around them.

Suppose she joins a group and hardly relates with others. She won’t say much but deep inside she feels lost. So, she often spends time with herself or her tight inner circle.

Even if her loved ones don’t have time for her, she doesn’t mind that at all. Rather, she knows her interests pretty well and pursues them in her solitude.

She might spend time reading books, watching movies, or playing video games. She’ll do any solo activity and won’t feel hurt because others can’t make time for her. 

2. She only needs her inner circle for emotional support

Women with omega female personalities have only 2 or 3 friends at most. She doesn’t obsess over huge friends in real life or online. It’s because she prioritizes quality over quantity.

She chooses friends that share similar thoughts and perceptions about life. An omega woman is pretty unique and doesn’t find similar people around her. So, she can hardly bond with them. But once she finds people with some common thoughts, she never lets them go.

She not only discusses the intellectual matter with them, but they also support her during her worst phase. They comfort and advise her just as she needs. She shares a unique bond with them and also supports them back.

3. She’s intelligent

Most people assume that since omega females are way down in the hierarchy, they are probably brainless bimbo. Well, people just love to underestimate women and it shows!

In her professional and academic life, an omega woman stands out a lot more than others. Her ideas are on par with that of an alpha woman. Though she’s shy and usually silent, she can find solutions to the worst situation at work.

Her coworkers praise her for thinking out of the box. Her boss likes that she’s eager to grow and shows it by overachieving. She’s on a streak of progress and is heading toward success in her work life.

She also gives great advice and mediates fights with her expanded horizon.

4. She never forces herself to fit in

From ancient times till now, women have always faced some sort of expectations that made no sense. They must either fit in a social hierarchy or group! Otherwise, they are treated like outcasts.

It’s okay if one woman wants to belong to a social group… but why must it be a must-do for everyone?

Similar to sigma females, an omega female doesn’t try hard to lead or follow the socio-hierarchy. She tries to have no connection to it at all and independent moves in her life.

She never gives in to these demands and rules unless she feels they are acceptable.

5. She cherishes her inner child

While growing up, both men and women bury their inner child… otherwise, society judges them too hard. If people express their childish sides openly, they are judged, called immature, and people don’t take them seriously. Even if nobody wants, people are forced to change eventually.

However, an omega woman knows how to protect her inner innocence. She is usually shy and reserved… but if you’re close to her, she’ll show you how to enjoy your life.

She’ll help you relive your childhood… whether by making forts out of blankets on a rainy day or by competing to build the perfect sand castle. You can revive your inner child with her support.

6. She’s an empathetic person

An omega female has a lot of empathy in her. Even if she never lost a loved one, she can feel the emotions of someone that did. When she says “I understand your feelings”, it’s far from a joke.

She can put herself in others’ shoes, so she never acts insensitively. She can support others perfectly even without dealing with similar situations before. She knows exactly what the other person needs to hear to feel better at that moment.

Her loved ones feel cherished, understood, and supported around her. They don’t feel judged around her and that itself makes them feel heard and acknowledged. Everyone craves her company during the testing period of life.

7. She can strike a deep conversation

She is clever and intelligent and can discuss world issues for long hours. An omega woman knows a lot about current affairs and she loves to have deep and intellectual conversations.

She might be shy and reserved, but if she gets a chance to state her mind on important issues, she never backs off!

Even if it takes hours or it’s boring, she doesn’t mind. Instead, she feels great about knowing more about public opinion and enlightening herself.

You didn’t think she believes she’s always right, did you?

She’s more than ready to gain knowledge about the planet, people, universe, source and beginning of life, love, and so on. She’ll be hooked on such discussions for hours.

8. She’s self-aware and confident

An omega woman understands her own emotions, thoughts, beliefs, interests, dislikes, turn-offs, motivators, boundaries, and compromising limits. She knows herself better than even her own birth mother.

So, suppose someone tells them that they did something wrong or they must change. She can proudly say that she knows her actions and the consequences better than anyone else.

She doesn’t let others make her feel insecure for no reason. With self-awareness, her confidence is a god-sent trait.

She won’t feel bad just because of someone’s petty comments… at least not immediately. Rather, she replies immediately with her assertive tone. Her foes know that they can’t play with her emotions easily.

9. She takes relationships seriously

An omega woman is a diehard romantic. She wants to commit to her relationship and believes in “The One”. If she falls in love, she plans to get married to the same person.

She grew up reading the romance of classical literature and believes in “happily ever after”s and “love even beyond life”.

She doesn’t fall in love just because it’s trendy or to quench her sexual desires. She also doesn’t expect her partner to be some big-shot businessman.

Though this mustn’t be a big deal, in this era of casual relationships, it is!

It’s not just women that are heartbroken by casual players… men face the same because some women have too high standards and want billionaire partners.

10. She doesn’t settle for less

As mentioned before, the omega woman is self-aware… she knows her worth and she’ll never compromise in her demands for a romantic partner. She wants them to be dedicated, loyal, loving, caring, and respect her… that isn’t a lot to ask, right?

So, she either settles with someone that gives her this basic happiness or stays single for good. Even if the playboys say “You’re not even that beautiful” or “you’ll be a spinster for life!”… She doesn’t take them seriously.

She won’t compromise with a shallow relationship based on carnal desires. She prioritizes her self-respect much more than the rush to get a partner or get married because everyone else is doing the same!

11. She doesn’t get jealous or turned off by others’ popularity

An omega woman doesn’t like to socialize or get any kind of attention. She also likes to be close to people with similar perceptions and views of life.

So, most people assume that she’d never be friends with popular people. Or if her partner became famous or liked getting attention, she won’t stand for it.

These are not only weird but groundless assumptions. Similarities in beliefs and interests have nothing to do with thoughts about socializing.

If her loved one wants to attend a party but she doesn’t, she WON’T bawl her eyes off! She’ll rather feel proud of them for leading life on their terms. Meanwhile, she’ll be busy focusing on her solo activities.

12. She knows how to deal with reality

An omega woman knows that she’s way more different than her peers. She hardly relates with people around her. She has trouble coping with the boring and sometimes cruel reality.

But she can deal with it perfectly with the Utopia she created in her mind. Whenever she feels fed up with her surroundings, she zones out and immerses in a fantasy world that seems extremely fancy.

She surrounds herself with video games and nerdy books and loses touch with reality. She can relax on her own at this moment

However, she hardly gets the chance to escape reality as she’s always busy processing, analyzing, and solving problems.

But is the omega female absolutely flawless? Of course, not. C’mon, let’s know more here…

Omega Female Weaknesses

Like every other personality type, these women also face some hardship due to their personalities. But it’s nothing like the hypersexualized animated series where she gets in a rut. Stop overthinking and find the truth here!

1. She might become too sensitive due to her empathy

Usually, a woman with omega personality traits isn’t fazed by others’ opinions. She’s confident about her choices… but, she’s a deep thinker. Her train of thought sometimes crosses the limit and turns into overthinking.

She might lose her calm and struggle to control her emotions. She feels anxious, breaks down, gets panic attacks, and suddenly becomes angry or sad. Her mental health takes a big toll.

At times it might be due to the mean comments that make space in the back of her mind. Sometimes, it’s because her acquaintances can’t accept her completely. They repeatedly ask her to change or question her beliefs.

When she works in groups, she can sense others’ thoughts and feelings due to her empathetic side. She can’t help but feel overwhelmed.

2. She can’t deal with a shallow convo

Women with an omega personality type can’t keep up with shallow and superficial conversations. For instance, the gossip about “which manager is involved in extramarital affairs with which executive” or “which fashion brand produced their fall collection”… none of these interest her.

She knows that not everyone can hold deep and intellectual conversations and accept them as they are. However, if they start talking about things that have no value for either of them, that’s when she gets turned off.

She doesn’t say anything, but her expressions say a lot. Sometimes, she even zones out or leaves the conversation. So, her acquaintances often call her snobby for not understanding them or for looking down on them.

3. She’s too messy

Whether this is a weakness or not, depends on people around an omega woman.

She is so immersed in her thoughts that she hardly notices her space in real life.  Often, an omega woman’s personal or professional space is chaotic.

In her workplace, all of her files and papers are all around her workstation. At home, none of her belongings are in the right place. She often forgets to return things to their rightful place after using them.

However, she remembers where she kept her things and can easily find them later.

The real trouble begins if she must share her space with others. They often feel disgusted and disappointed by her disorganized space.

4. She might not be as overachieving as always

An omega woman is a hard worker in her professional life. Despite her position in the social hierarchy, she has immense creativity and always gives more effort into her work. She’s the star of her department because of her effort.

However, it all depends on how much her job challenges her!

Her regular effort makes others expect more from her. But, if her job turns boring, she can’t continue the high effort on a streak and WILL disappoint many.

Unless her job makes her mind run a mile, she won’t be up for it. She’ll feel lethargic and might not even achieve her basic targets. So, her professional success depends on whether she chooses a good career or not.

5. She struggles without life coaching and a makeover

Being an empath, she feels most of the emotions of people around her. So, when she’s in a group, she can sense others’ negative emotions whether it’s towards her or just their general feeling.

This wears her out from within and affects her physical and mental well-being. So, a life coach or a mental health therapist can help her sort out her emotions and release the accumulated negativity.

Moreover, she’s also a messy person, so she hardly notices how she carries herself physically. Most of the time, her skin, hair, and attire are unkempt.

This gives away the wrong impression of her romantic, social, and even professional life. So, a makeover is a must-have to get more opportunities!

6. She might eventually become lonely

An omega female is happy with just her few friends. She loves how much support they give whether they can spend time with her or not. However, who knows what will happen later?

With time, her friends will settle down, raise their own families, move somewhere far, or even leave for good. Many things can happen and she’ll lose her only source of motivation.

Eventually, omega females might become lonely in their later years. Her friends might not even have the least bit of time to call her. She must make more friends slowly.

7. Real life exhausts her

She finds real life boring and rude because almost nobody relates with her. Most people demand her to change… not that she pays attention to them. However, it’s hard for her to be excited about life when people aren’t ready to expand their horizons.

Unless she’s busy solving some problem or analyzing a complicated situation… She’s just tired and bored of reality. This can take a serious toll on her mental health.

She often takes refuge in her fantasy world in video games and books. But this isn’t enough to help her calm down from within… It only works if she has time for herself.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you know an omega woman, put her strengths to good use and help her deal with her weaknesses. She might not be open to getting help if you’re not friends yet. But support her subtly from a distance and she’ll know you’re no threat. Try hard enough and you’ll gain her trust!

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