Pros and Cons of Being a Beta Male

Pros of being a beta male

Everyone likes you for being helpful

Being a beta male, compassion is the most common characteristic in you. You always try to help others with all you got and never judge others.

You know when to avoid conflicts

Beta men are also known for avoiding conflicts when there isn’t any solution. So, whenever you face a conflicting situation, you don’t jump in without further thought.

You don’t show anger in lame ways

You never attack others with insulting language like cowards. You either work on your silently or completely give up on them.

Cons of being a beta male

You lack the skills to decide for yourself

You can’t take leadership skills because you can’t independently choose for yourself. You can’t stand the pressure of being perfect by your team or followers.

You can’t refuse others

Since you want to be a nice guy to everyone, you also can’t say “no” easily. If you ever refuse anyone, you feel guilty.

You’re always scared about risks

You always want to follow the safe route and aren’t up for any kind of risk. You don’t want to try anything different in your studies or career.

Whether you want to stay a beta male or want to change is completely up to you. However, make sure you think thoroughly before a decision. Remember, a transition in personalities isn’t easy. So, don’t chase new personalities for an easier time… because the quest itself will be hard. So, clear your mind and decide for the best!