Let me guess, you can’t wait to know the pros and cons of being a beta male? After all, why else would you be here?

Probably, you identified as a beta male recently and everyone judges you for that. So, here you are worried and wondering if your personality is worth keeping!

Well, this think-piece will gladly share everything to help you decide for yourself.

C’mon, just dig in!

Pros of being a beta male

People only have the worst idea about your personality. They only ever talk about what beta males lack. But you are one of the high-ranking males of human society. So have some faith in yourself and know the perks of your personality!

1. Everyone likes you for being helpful

Being a beta male, compassion is the most common characteristic in you. You always try to help others with all you got and never judge others.

Whether the person is experienced or not, you don’t ponder on that. You understand that not knowing everything is common and helping others out.

2. You know when to avoid conflicts

Beta men are also known for avoiding conflicts when there isn’t any solution. So, whenever you face a conflicting situation, you don’t jump in without further thought.

Rather, you take time to think whether you can truly deal with the situation. If you can’t you don’t increase trouble by getting in fights.

3. You don’t show anger in lame ways

Gamma men are also conflict-avoidant like beta men but they express their discontent with passive aggression. However, the characteristics of being a beta male help you deal with such a situation like a pro.

You never attack others with insulting language like cowards. You either work on your silently or completely give up on them.

4. You’re pretty responsible in serious matters

If someone entrusted you with certain tasks, you take the responsibilities pretty seriously. You don’t like to lead but you don’t joke around with your duties.

Once you take things in your hand, you don’t seek excuses to push them to others. Instead, you take care of the situation till the end.

5. You embrace your shortcomings openly

You don’t feel comfortable leading an entire team of classmates, employees, or even loved ones. People often shame you for that but you don’t mind.

You understand that everyone has shortcomings and stay within your comfort zone.  You don’t want to push yourself to decide for others or be responsible for major things.

6. People can trust you easily

Everyone feels at ease around you because you are trustworthy. Once someone shares their secret with you, you keep it to yourself. You never think about gossiping about them.

You don’t even judge others for their past. Rather, you understand their perspective and never mention it again. You understand that people share their secrets only when they trust you and you can’t bear to break that trust!

Alpha and beta males are often compared and betas are looked down on. So, everyone assumes that beta men feel insecure about their social position. However, you are pretty confident about yourself.

You know you’re not perfect but you don’t stress yourself about that. Rather, you embrace yourself entirely!

8. Everyone feels respected by you

You don’t judge people based on social hierarchy, authority, physical strength, looks, age, race, gender, or anything else.

You willingly accept advice from an inexperienced person and gladly help a veteran with your new skills. Everyone feels respected despite their flaws and shortcomings.

9. You love to talk things out

As a beta man, you also have great communication skills. When people around you fight, you help them sort things out with clear and open communication.

You help them mediate their issues by understanding everyone’s concerns and perspectives. Fights make you anxious, so you help others resolve their issues.

10. You are content being by yourself

Due to your introversion, you don’t like to be surrounded by unknown people. It makes you uncomfortable, so you stay back at home. However, you never ask your loved ones to give up on socializing to give you time.

Rather, you urge them to enjoy as you feel content being on your own. You don’t always need people to feel good. This also allows you to maintain a healthy balance in life.

11. You prefer to learn new skills in solitude

While you stay back at home, you don’t foolishly waste your time. Rather, you know that this is the best time to take care of your business. So, you grow your skills and expand your horizons. You take new classes and make the best of every moment.

12. You’re the right definition of a loyal man

Whether it’s in your personal relationships or professional life, you are extremely loyal to everyone. 

For instance, if you commit to a relationship, you never seek another person again. If you commit to a job, you don’t back off from it. You never think about betraying others in any way.

13. It’s hard to influence you about everything

You follow others’ lead in most things because you don’t want to take charge. However, you don’t blindly do everything others suggest. You also use your intellect to judge the situation.

For instance, while socializing, you see many people going wild and acting crazy. You don’t follow their lead because you’re aware of right and wrong.

14. You never practice toxic masculinity

In relationships, you don’t obsess over being the more powerful one. You don’t feel emasculated if your partner earns more or fairs better than you. Rather, you are their best cheerleader.

You believe in empowering your partner and supporting them in their improvement. So, you are the perfect husband material for any woman.

15. You embrace your emotions

Due to society’s crass remarks, most men hide their emotions or completely lose touch with their emotional side. This shoots up stress hormone levels. Higher stress levels also lead to multiple physical and mental health concerns.

However, you didn’t let society rule over your emotional expressions. You let your emotions flow when you need to.

16. There’s no sense of entitlement

You always give to others without expecting anything in return. When you help others, you don’t want them to pay you back.

You prioritize influential people to gain benefits later on. But you never demand anything if they refuse you. Due to the lack of sense of entitlement, you feel more satisfied in any area of your life.

17. Your approachable looks comfort others

Unlike alpha men, you don’t look intimidating. Rather, you look approachable, fun, warm, and understanding. People that genuinely need help feel glad because they can express themselves without worries.

They can act themselves around you and not worry about offending you.

18. Despite your introversion, you can make beneficial connections

You often prioritize others over yourself. Your loved ones might feel frustrated about this habit. But this helps you out in the long run.

You know how to maintain valuable connections with influential people. Instead of acting selfish, you create a healthy relationship for possible benefits later.

19. Humility is your virtue

Society only applauds men when they boast about their achievements. They can’t even imagine that some men might not share their victories just because they are modest. You are humble because you don’t need others’ validation. It’s all because you are confident about yourself and your achievements. 

Your humility is one of the sweetest traits and keeps you motivated and satisfied with the basics of life.

20. You aren’t into silly dating games

Modern dating culture is full of immature games like playing hard to get or hot and cold. This confuses people about their position in the other person’s life.

But you don’t abide by these and give your heart away to your crush. You may not aggressively chase them but you always cherish them.

21. You have great listening skills

In this fast-paced era, people are busy chasing their dreams. But they don’t have a moment to listen to others. And you are a blessing to everyone around you. You value the people around you more than these goals. So, everyone feels heard around you.

But does a high social rank mean you’re flawless? Let’s know more here…

Cons of being a beta male

You’re a living human being and are bound to have flaws. Due to your personality type, you have some specific issues which might invite long-term problems later on. So, enlighten yourself and prepare to improve!

1. You lack the skills to decide for yourself

You can’t take leadership skills because you can’t independently choose for yourself. You can’t stand the pressure of being perfect by your team or followers.

So, even if you have great respect for leaders, you just can’t be one. Your personality type doesn’t allow you to take on huge responsibilities.

2. Opportunists often take advantage of your helpful side

You help everyone around you without any judgment or questions. However, not all people need the help around you. Some just want to take advantage of you.

And since you never suspect others, they often succeed. You give them benefits for way too long. You know about their true intentions when you can’t do anything.

3. You chase the proverbial nice guy personality

Your sole reason to avoid conflict is to be perceived as a nice person. You don’t want to be remembered as a hurtful or insensitive person by others. But your close ones feel frustrated because of your habits.

If you face and resolve conflicts, you can have a healthier relationship and grow closer. But your conflict-avoidant nature gets in the way of satisfying connections.

4. You can’t refuse others

Since you want to be a nice guy to everyone, you also can’t say “no” easily. If you ever refuse anyone, you feel guilty. You never notice that you become a people pleaser when you act this way. People walk all over you like a doormat because of this. However, you fail to notice that.

5. Opinions take charge of your life

Since you are prone to people-pleasing, you also care a lot about others’ opinions and thoughts. To avoid burdening others, you often put yourself in a sticky situation.

You give more credit to people’s thoughts than yourself. Since you never prioritize your thoughts, you never learn if your ideas are right or wrong.

6. You can’t date an independent partner

Since you can’t take the lead in your or others’ lives, you’ll even depend on your romantic partner. Codependency can turn any relationship unhealthy.

So, if your partner likes to be independent and dislikes taking care of others, they’ll feel suffocated by you. The days of your relationship are numbered.

7. In social situations, you become self-conscious

You are confident from within, but people assume you’re insecure for a reason. Whenever you socialize, you can’t make eye contact and don’t speak your mind out.

Your under confident body language makes you seem like an insincere and dishonest person. So, many assume the worst about you and your personality. You don’t even try to correct them, which is an added issue.

8. You’re always scared about risks

You always want to follow the safe route and aren’t up for any kind of risk. You don’t want to try anything different in your studies or career.

It’s all because you can’t confidently face crises on your own. You don’t know what you might face on the unique and adventurous path. This obstructs your personal and professional growth.

9. You perform average knowingly

You don’t have any desire to achieve great heights. So, you don’t put much effort into your tasks. Whether it’s in school, work, or at home, you only put in mediocre efforts.

Even if you have good skills, you don’t show them. So, you never get an opportunity to get promoted and are often looked down on.

10. The lack of ambitions affects your life

You are unambitious because you don’t want leadership positions in any area of your life. You lack the drive to do better and always take your time to finish your job.

You also don’t try a lot when you fail at a task. You want people to accept you this way… but this only worsens your image to others.

11. You get friend-zoned too often

You treat your crush and friends the same way. You are caring, gentle, kind, understanding, accommodating, and loyal to all of them.

You might treat your crush extra special, but you never give them any hint. Due to your passive nature, your crush can’t even imagine that you might have feelings for them. They friendzone you thinking that you’re just being “friendly”.

12. Your personality might be the death of you

You are happy with being the second-in-command, but society always puts you down. You might be fed up with being treated as an unworthy person while alpha males are treated like the best.

Eventually, you might have ego and jealousy issues and feel bitter. This can impact your own relationships.

13. Sometimes, you’re too relaxed and calm for the situation at hand

When something goes wrong, you don’t try to manage it instantly. Rather, you wait for others to share your burden or even take charge of the situation. This obviously worsens the situation while you wait for help.

14. You’re probably indisciplined

While some men become beta because they are laid back, it’s not the same throughout. Some can’t achieve the top dog position just because they aren’t disciplined. So, you might lack the necessary traits to be a leader or to prosper in life.

15. You might need some physical strength

This isn’t the same for all beta men, but some are known to be physically weak. You might seem frail and undesirable to prospective partners. With the lack of a muscular and fit body or weak immunity, people make fun of you. They body shame you and don’t even bat an eye.

16. Everyone mistakes your humility for weakness

You don’t seek attention and are confident about yourself. So, you never boast about your victories. However, most people assume that’s because you have nothing to share with them.

They treat you like a loser and never understand your pure intentions of not hurting the ones that are suffering in their careers.

17. You never demand respect

You don’t feel entitled to being respected or validated for anything. The lack of sense of entitlement makes you feel content with what you are.

You don’t correct others when they disrespect you or spread false rumors. You only attract worse treatment from people because of this approach.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Whether you want to stay a beta male or want to change is completely up to you. However, make sure you think thoroughly before a decision.

Remember, a transition in personalities isn’t easy. So, don’t chase new personalities for an easier time… because the quest itself will be hard.

So, clear your mind and decide for the best!

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