Pros and Cons of Being a Delta Female

Pros of being a delta female

You’ll be happy on your own

You’re not so good with socializing and often avoid events. you feel great on your own. You can do whatever you want during your free time and that satisfies you enough.

You’re self-aware and work on yourself

Since you're aware of yourself and your life, you know exactly how to improve yourself. 

You take your time before bonding

You take a long time to understand emotions. You don’t want to jump to conclusions due to raging hormones.

Cons of being a delta female

You’re not a social butterfly

Probably, you have some great friends right now and don't believe you'll find good friends in activities you dislike. But many people just socialize to feel accepted. You might find someone likable there.

You might feel insecure at times

Since you’re self-aware, you know that issues can arise due to your personality traits. You know they might even try to treat you indifferently for not being active in social circles.

You flee from conflicts

You run away from any form of conflict. You don’t feel comfortable about any sort of confrontation. 

Your personality has a balance between good and not-so-good facts. Before you try to change yourself, figure out if you can work on those issues. If you do, will you be happier? If not, you can try to figure out how to be an alpha female… Go ahead and chase your dreams!