Pros and Cons of being a Delta Male

Pros of Being A Delta Male

1. You protect yourself from potential danger

Due to your delta male personality, you always have your guard up. You don't trust anyone easily and don't share your secrets or vulnerabilities with anyone.

2. Your romanticism will steal any woman’s heart

You’re a hopeless romantic with nothing but endless ways to love your partner. Whether you have enough money or not, you always make your partner feel cherished.

3. You enjoy nerdy things

You’re a geek through and through because you have an innate interest in complex subjects. You’re intelligent but you hardly show it to others.

Cons of Being a Delta Male

1. There’s no end of self-doubt in your mind

After the bad incident that changed you from an alpha into a delta, insecurities, and self-doubt seeped into your personality. You give up even before you try out anything new.

2. Your submissiveness might turn off your partner

In romantic relationships, you initiate sweet romantic dates and make your partner feel special. But a relationship is much more beyond the honeymoon phase. When that stage is over, real-life struggles begin.

3. Growth isn’t what you want

Your delta male personality traits also make you the least career-minded person of the bunch. You know that if you don't give your best effort you'll lose a lot of opportunities. Yet, you don't care an ounce about the lost chances.

Don’t freak out because of the cons, and think rationally. Focus on your pros and try to maintain or even boost them.