So, you want to know about the pros and cons of being a delta male. It may be because you’ve just taken a quiz and found that you’re a delta male… and now you’re feeling anxious if your personality type is good news or not…

Don’t worry, because in this think-piece, you will find all the answers. So, without any further ado, let’s head right in!

Pros of Being a Delta Male

Most people look down on delta males for not being on top of the ladder. However, that doesn’t make you completely bad. So, don’t consider transitioning into another personality so fast. Instead, take a look here…

1. You protect yourself from potential danger

Due to your delta male personality, you always have your guard up. You don’t trust anyone easily and don’t share your secrets or vulnerabilities with anyone. It’s not that you only treat your coworkers or classmates this way. You’re also wary of your romantic interests.

If anyone tries to pry into your life, you don’t tolerate them. Due to your boundaries, you protect yourself and your personal life from any enemy even if they pretend to be well-wishers.

2. Your romanticism will steal any woman’s heart

You’re a hopeless romantic with nothing but endless ways to love your partner. Whether you have enough money or not, you always make your partner feel cherished.

You give them unconditional love, attention, respect, and remarkable sweet memories. You go out of your way to make them feel special and won’t even think about hurting them. Any non-materialistic woman will understand your value.

3. You enjoy nerdy things

You’re a geek through and through because you have an innate interest in complex subjects. Whether it’s science fiction, video games about technology, computer programming, or mathematics, the complicated things get you excited and riled up.

You’re intelligent but you hardly show it to others. Once you start studying something you keep digging deeper until you have nothing more to know. You feel an undying thirst for these complex subjects and most people can’t relate to you.

4. You’re compassionate towards loved ones

You don’t let it show but deep down you’re a total softy. You’re loyal, kind, honest, caring, warm, nurturing, and understanding to your close ones. You always try to avoid hurting them in any way.

You support them to reach their dreams even if their ideas and beliefs are completely different. So long a person doesn’t hurt you, you’re the best son, brother, husband, father, or friend. You’re ready to go out of your way for them.

5. You can change your hierarchical position as you desire

Your personality is super adaptable and if someday you desire to aim high, you can! You can become a lone wolf like sigma males. You can change into the dominating alpha personality type. Or, you can even transition into a submissive and sweet beta male.

If you’re feeling too low, you might also turn into a gamma or omega male. However, that doesn’t imply that you’re any less.

6. You take your responsibilities seriously

At work, school, or home, you always take your duties seriously.

Especially in your professional life, you may not work overtime or try to obey everything your supervisors ask of you beyond duty hours. However, while you’re at work, there’s nobody as diligent as you.

You might not try to get promoted, but you try your best to maintain work quality and job security. You’re the best at what you do.

7. You’re driven in your job

People assume that being driven in jobs implies they are motivated to climb up the ladders. But that’s definitely not true… because you’re driven and satisfied with your job.

Every day you feel enthusiastic to do your current job. You feel excited to flaunt your skills, quality, and consistent results… it’s never because you desire a higher position.

However, this motivation depends on how your employer treats you which is totally fair.

8. You won’t ever stand disrespect at work

Owing to the personality traits of a delta male, your confidence teaches you to respect yourself and your skills. You might be much lower in the social hierarchy, but you’re aware of your value.

If your employer doesn’t treat you fairly or doesn’t look out for your benefits, you feel disappointed in them. You don’t put as much effort into your task as usual. He knows he’s a valuable part of the organization despite his social status and demands basic respect.

9. You’re not an alpha male worshiper

Usually, the top positions like company heads, politicians, and leaders are alpha males. Almost everyone tries to suck up these influential alphas for their protection. But a delta male doesn’t follow the crowd in this.

He respects the alpha so long he can stay true to his duty. The moment he doesn’t act like the servant of people and tries to leech them off without anything in return, the delta man loses it. He demands he be stripped of his powers.

10. You know how to enjoy and feel good

While you’re at work, you work as diligently as you can. You provide quality skills and results to your employer. But you also try to have a healthy work-life balance.

You don’t try to overachieve to impress others. When you clock out, you don’t pay any heed to your boss. You enjoy your time off your way and don’t let anyone bother you.

11. Hurting the innocent isn’t ever on your mind

Due to your high emotional intelligence, you can understand not only your but others’ emotions as well. You are keen on observing others and can understand their needs. You never knowingly hurt others unless they hurt you first.

You keep your loved ones happy with your calculated steps. While others feel that you don’t understand them, you know pretty well about their emotions and feelings.

12. You can become confident and headstrong

Delta male personality types aren’t popular for being assertive in the least. However, that’s only because it’s a lesser-known fact. They were alpha males at one point that faced a certain tragedy and changed.

Even though you lost your confidence, you still have the power to dominate. Of course, not all delta males show this trait, but if you believe in yourself and put your mind to it, you can turn this into reality!

13. You’re sexually and emotionally content in relationships

Due to your social standing, you can only attract delta, gamma, and omega partners. Sigma and alpha men can get a partner from the same status right to omega status.

Since you’re in the middle of the socio-hierarchy, your differences with your partners in terms of sexual and emotional needs aren’t that big.

So, you can have a much more satisfying relationship in all terms.

14. You earn money without much stress

In your academic and professional life, you don’t try to progress too hard. You don’t invest in further studies or in learning skills. So, you hardly stress yourself and become happy with minimal stress.

People assume that you don’t get paid well for your jobs, but you’re not stupid to settle for poor wages. You neither socialize nor invest in leisurely experiences, so your money is good enough for your lifestyle.

15. You seek justice, no matter how!

When anyone hurts you, you don’t let them get away even if it’s your own parents. You don’t let your offenders know, but you silently create a trap for them. You get your justice by being as petty as them.

You believe in give and take policy, but you add a shock factor to your revenge. You delay the revenge so that they can be struck down at their lowest lows.

While you have some good traits, you must also be aware of the problems here…

Cons of Being a Delta Male

Being a delta male is definitely not always great. Issues like being unambitious at work and not getting your romantic interest’s attention are only a small part of it. So, let’s know everything here…

1. You don’t have what it takes to lead

As mentioned before, you can be a leader if you try. But, due to your past difficulties, you can’t be an alpha… not right away at least. Right now, you’re an average person unless you put in enough effort.

Currently, you’re content with the basic necessities in your life and can’t even imagine dreaming for more. Even if you want to tap into your inner alpha male, you must work hard.

2. There’s no end of self-doubt in your mind

After the bad incident that changed you from an alpha into a delta, insecurities, and self-doubt seeped into your personality. You give up even before you try out anything new.

You’re aware of your troubles but you don’t try to work on yourself. You think it’s useless to try and believe you don’t have what it takes to turn the tables. The trauma of that incident makes you focus only on the negative aspects of things.

3. Your submissiveness might turn off your partner

In romantic relationships, you initiate sweet romantic dates and make your partner feel special. But a relationship is much more beyond the honeymoon phase.

When that stage is over, real-life struggles begin. The greatest part of any relationship is the various responsibilities of the household, finances, kids, and so on. However, you leave it all to your partner and lead a laid-back life. Your partner might soon get tired of your man-child behavior.

4. Growth isn’t what you want

Your delta male personality traits also make you the least career-minded person of the bunch. You know that if you don’t give your best effort you’ll lose a lot of opportunities. Yet, you don’t care an ounce about the lost chances.

You might at most complain about poor wages but won’t work hard enough or change your job. You will neither get degrees nor pursue something with higher wages.

5. You secretly want to please others

Since you always do what your heart desires, people feel you follow your selfish desires. However, you’re a people pleaser deep within.

For instance, during conversations, you try to keep mum as much as possible. This is not only because you’re an introvert, but also because you don’t want to oppose others. You don’t want to face a conflict even if others’ choices might put you on the spot later on.

6. You MIGHT get addiction issues

You have a lot on your mind yet you never express those freely. Even when you feel uncomfortable, you try to accept it and cope with any situation. However, this puts you through drastic mental stress. To deal with that you might seek solace from substances.

Substances also help in clearer thoughts, imagination, and creativity. Since you’re a deep thinker, it can feel even more exciting to consume them.

7. Everyone treats you like an outcast

Since you’re a geek, you spend time studying random intellectual things on the internet. You don’t step out of your home and indulge in those YouTube spirals of anything you find intriguing.

Others feel that you’re not interested in them and they let you be. They treat you like a social outcast because you never respond to their invitations. They believe you’re happier on your own and hesitate to disturb you.

8. You think too much for your own good

Due to your overthinking nature, you hesitate before anything you do. You obsess over the negative possibilities whenever you plan to aim higher. Your intrusive thoughts remind you of past experiences and the massive change in your personality.

These self-sabotaging thoughts never let you grow or become someone better. Even if you start working on something, you give up halfway because of these loops of thoughts.

9. You hate that you’re not an alpha

After the poor life circumstances, you changed from an alpha to a delta. You feel depressed that you can’t reverse the changes easily. However, the delta male personalities don’t let you express your worries to anybody.

The bottled feelings make you furious and agitated all the time. People assume you’re grumpy due to your passive aggression. They maintain a distance due to your unpredictable nature.

10. Women won’t settle for you if monogamy wasn’t a thing

In old times, women didn’t get the opportunity to provide for themselves. They depended on their men for a livelihood. Even in this era when women can be responsible for themselves, the practice of getting a better man still exists.

If non-monogamy was still legal, all women would still seek an alpha or sigma man. If they can attract any of them, they won’t leave the opportunity. You can get a decent amount of women only due to monogamy and not because you’re that attractive by any means.

Note: This is the harsh reality, and not to put you down.

11. Insecurities about romantic relationships plague you

In romantic relationships, you don’t have a lot to offer. You know you’re an average guy and feel insecure about that. Even before you ask a woman out, you doubt if she’ll even respond to you.

You have a lot of love and attention for her. But that’s not enough to bind her to you for a lifetime.

12. Laziness is evident in your hobbies

You’re not that outgoing when it comes to your hobbies. You only stick to anything you can do at home with the least effort.

Playing video games probably tops the list because you’re also a geek deep within. Other options are watching TV and listening to music. You won’t do anything that’ll burn up your brain cells.

13. You’re always exhausted

You stick to lazy activities because you’re always tired. You don’t have a balanced lifestyle. So, the lack of sleep, exercise, and proper diet results in a shortage of energy.

Moreover, a delta male isn’t qualified for higher positions. Your jobs are always physically demanding. So, you’re always too tired to do anything. You also can’t aim high when you’re so weary.

14. Loneliness might haunt you later

Feeling lonely might sound out of the question right now because you’re an introvert. You have a hard time making friends fast, but you feel good with your tight inner circle.

However, don’t forget that they’ll also get busy with their family, kids, and grandkids someday. They might move out and never meet you. You might truly become lonely and seek friends at an older age.

15. High-value women will leave you devastated

Due to your flexible personality, you can become an alpha, sigma, or beta male. You can attract a high-value woman with your traits then.

However, you might also slip in your delta personality eventually. She’ll get disappointed with you and even rub your weaknesses in your face. She might blame you for deceiving her and leave you any moment. She’ll break your heart the moment you stop being an alpha.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Don’t freak out because of the cons, and think rationally. Focus on your pros and try to maintain or even boost them.

If you feel too tired to do anything, speak with a trustworthy person. Even if they don’t give you the best advice, you’ll feel better.

Try to work on the cons with your loved ones’ help. I’m sure everything will soon get sorted!

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