Pros and Cons of Being a Gamma Female

Pros of being a gamma female

You’re confident at every step

Society always ever throws spiteful remarks at your insecurity. They try to make you doubt your capabilities and give up.

You are always ready with goals and plans

You already have set goals for your future. You also have great plans to achieve those goals.

Quitting is never an option for you

You’re confident but you’re not comparable to alpha women. It’s not that you never face setbacks.

You cooperate to flourish together

The sigma female and alpha female can achieve a lot without any help. You’re not that mighty to independently make wonders.

You’re friendly and helpful to everyone

You’re a great friend to everyone in the vicinity. Whether you know someone or not, you help everyone without prejudice.

Cons of being a gamma female

You miss time with loved ones

Since you love adventures, you hardly stay at home during the weekends. You either go out all alone or book a short and exciting trip with your loved ones.

After a setback, you push yourself excessively

She never does this in front of others. But in reality, after failing in your endeavors, you put yourself through hell.

People might misunderstand you sometimes

If they always need attention, never faced refusal, are emotionally overwhelmed, or anything similar.

Most people assume that gamma females are “not that great” due to their position in the hierarchy. But that’s far from reality, girl. Just remember that you’re no less than wonderful.