What Are The Pros and Cons Of Being A Gamma Male?

Being a gamma male, you probably received a lot of criticism. This often impacts your confidence and performance in your personal and professional life. But hey, you also have things to boast about. So, let’s know those here…

You’re an expert in your field

You're perfect in whatever you’re passionate about. It might be a subject or a skill.

You’re an empathetic & kind man

You know when something is wrong with someone even before they tell you.

You’re adventurous & fun-loving

You’re always up for adventures without risk. Your adventures are also about choosing your life path on your own.

Self-awareness is one of your greatest traits

You know what you feel & the reasons behind your emotions. You never act on your impulses and don’t hurt anyone. 

Honestly, there are certain issues you gotta urgently fix. Due to your personality, you often avoid risks and conflicts, feel entitled, hate others unnecessarily, and so on. So, let’s understand the troubles a bit closer here…

You’re not conventionally handsome yet you do nothing about it

You’re not concerned enough about your looks and fitness.

Being a hopeless romantic doesn’t help you

You believe in fairytale romance but fail to understand that your crush might want something more.

Confrontation isn’t your cup of tea

You have a fear of conflicts because you don’t like to face confrontations directly.

You never take advice

You’re prone to become overconfident and eventually arrogant and egotistic.

Your personality is a mixture of both good and bad traits. So, make sure you don’t focus on either of them only. Try to boost the existing pros of your personality. If you give consistent efforts, you’ll definitely turn out to be the best version of yourself!