So, you want to know about the pros and cons of being a gamma male? Certainly, that’s the most natural reaction after knowing one has the gamma personality type. After all, why are so many people dissatisfied with you?

Don’t worry anymore, because this think-piece will show you the truth. Even if it’s bitter, it’ll reveal everything there’s to know…

Pros of Being a Gamma Male

Being a gamma male, you probably received a lot of criticism. This often impacts your confidence and performance in your personal and professional life. But hey, you also have things to boast about. So, let’s know those here…

1. You’re an expert in your field

You might not be as fantastic as alpha or sigma males. However, you’re perfect in whatever you’re passionate about. It might be a subject or a skill. If you haven’t found your passions yet, try harder because you definitely have a few things you’re good at.

Once you chase your passions, you’ll know that you’re a genius. You have great scope to flourish in your passions.  Even if you don’t become something huge, you’ll be the best in your subject or profession. You can be as confident as any other person once you find that.

2. You’re an empathetic and kind man

You’re compassionate, friendly, and empathetic. So, you know when something is wrong with someone even before they tell you. You try to help others to the best of your abilities.

Even if people can’t express themselves out of shame, you can sense it by yourself. Especially, if that person is a loved one or your romantic interest, you go out of your way to help them.

You can’t stand it when someone struggles around you. You support them in your own way so long you don’t put yourself in a tough position.

3. You own your feminine side

You have some feminine traits and don’t feel ashamed about it. You don’t believe that being a man needs you to ignore the needs of your skin and hair or disapprove of self-care activities. You’re perfectly comfortable with your gender and sexuality.

People around you laugh at you for being “girly”. But you know your needs exactly and don’t compromise with them. You don’t change your lifestyle or habits just because people make fun of you. Even if people are over at your place, you don’t try to hide your self-care actions.

4. You’re adventurous and fun-loving

You’re always up for adventures without risk. But it’s not just about camping or trekking on unknown terrains. Your adventures are also about choosing your life path on your own.

You often don’t follow others’ choices and decisions and make your own unique path. It might be about choosing a different career or a subject to major in. It might also be not following the usual recipe to cook something and doing everything your way.

You explore life in different ways to avoid boredom and feel proud of yourself.

5. There’s no shame in falling for you

In your personal, professional, academic, or social life, you don’t like to be a leader. This is specifically because you don’t like to take risks and be responsible for others. You know your comfort zone and don’t try to step out of it because you can’t handle it.

You feel comfortable being a follower and doing whatever you’re told. You know you have good skills and can put them to good use. Even if your loved ones criticize you for not taking a leadership role, you know you made a good choice.

6. Self-awareness is one of your greatest traits

You know what you feel and the reasons behind your emotions. You never act on your impulses and don’t hurt anyone knowingly. Due to your empathy, you understand others’ feelings too.

So, when you combine both, you can choose better words and actions even when you’re upset. You don’t aggravate any situation and can communicate to figure things out easily. You can avoid pushing others’ buttons this way.

Often, alpha males are suggested to be like gamma males to become more likable. This actually means to be as self-aware as a gamma man.

7. You don’t need a lot to feel better

To cheer your mood, you don’t need a lot of effort. Due to your emotional hypersensitivity, you can feel better from little compliments, positive feedback, appreciation, validation, and pep talks.

On bad days, you can’t help but feel low and unconfident. But, you can boost your confidence level in no time if anyone. So, if a supportive loved one is around, you won’t be distracted by your hardships for too long. Instead, you’ll be back in high spirits in no time with their support.

But yeah, there are certain issues with your personality. And it’s time to focus on those…

Cons of Being a Gamma Male

Honestly, there are certain issues you gotta urgently fix. Due to your personality, you often avoid risks and conflicts, feel entitled, hate others unnecessarily, and so on. So, let’s understand the troubles a bit closer here…

1. Your expertise is in minimal subjects

Due to your gamma male personality traits, you’re intelligent but only in a few specific nerdy things. People around you don’t understand that and often expect more from you. If you’re good in one subject, your parents and mentors expect you to fare equally well in all subjects. But everyone can’t be an all-rounder.

Their higher expectations followed by disappointment from the truth hurts you. You start hating yourself and lose confidence drastically. You are tired of explaining that you’re fine the way you are. Everyone around you pulls down your spirits and they don’t even care.

2. The nice guy syndrome is a serious problem

You’re empathetic and compassionate to almost everyone. But you do it more when your crush is around you. You want to appear as a great man to them which eventually leads to the nice guy syndrome.

You expect your crush to notice your good deeds. You want them to pay more attention to you or even consider a romantic or sexual relationship with you. You feel that being a Good Samaritan will get you more women.  

However, this isn’t how reality works and you feel disappointed when women don’t reach as you judge.

3. You’re not conventionally handsome yet you do nothing about it

You’re definitely not “ugly”, but you’re not as attractive as sigma, alpha, and beta men either. You’re not concerned enough about your looks and fitness. You probably put on any dress you have, don’t style your mane properly, or are totally out of shape.

Women don’t pay much attention to you because you give the wrong vibes. Since you don’t groom yourself well, they feel you won’t focus much on them either.

And good looks help you attract a suitable partner. So, even if they like you as a friend, it never escalates to romantic feelings.

4. Being a hopeless romantic doesn’t help you

You believe in fairytale romance where the prince goes above and beyond for the princess. The princess eventually understands his worth and falls for him too.

So, you ignore your looks and go heavy on affectionate actions. You assume that life will be similar to romance novels and movies. You shower too many gifts and gentlemanly actions. But you fail to understand that your crush might want something more.

Your thinking style never helps your dating scenes. Instead, it brings more difficulties your way.

5. Your concept about love pushes away women

In love, women don’t need a rich or handsome man. Rather, they only want a properly groomed man as it signifies good hygiene and care. Otherwise, women don’t feel attracted to a man enough to date him.

So, due to your unappealing looks, women often reject you. However, you don’t understand the hint and try to compensate differently. You show more romantic gestures to cover for your looks.

You believe that a woman must appreciate your actions and feel loved. She’ll get your feelings and accept you. But this sense of entitlement only pushes her away.

6. Your jealousy of other men makes you a loser

In the dominance hierarchy, you dislike the male personality types on the top. You hate how these men don’t show as much of romantic gestures as you yet many still want them.

You feel jealous of them and this eventually changes into hatred. Even though you have no personal enmity with these men, you can’t help but feel this way.

Your behavior with these men makes you look petty to them and other women. People look down on you even more because of your unnecessary jealousy.

7. You ruin your dating experiences because you’re an open book

You lack mystery and that’s probably the greatest obstacle to your dating life. Your hatred towards sigmas, alphas, and betas, your sense of entitlement, your take on romantic gestures… everything is obvious to others.

They know that you lack status, and authority, and aren’t too well off financially. Your thinking style isn’t hidden from anyone around you.

Since there’s no mystery and your thoughts and beliefs aren’t pleasant, romantic interests often ignore you. Your dating partners don’t feel interested in you after knowing you.

8. You’re too deluded for your own good

Not to hurt you, but your personality type isn’t that desirable. That thought hurts but instead of working on yourself, you delude your mind. You believe that you’re better than any type of men in the social hierarchy.

You think that you’re the true alpha male of the group because you’re better than them. You forget that it’s because they are too mediocre compared to you. You laugh at people because they don’t understand your value.

You feel being rejected and facing hardships in love makes you better. But that’s nothing more than a useless delusion. You just delay your improvement as much as you can.

9. Confrontation isn’t your cup of tea

You have a fear of conflicts because you don’t like to face confrontations, troubles, and aggressive reactions directly. So, you only ever show passive aggression to whoever disappoints or angers you. Instead of charging head-on, you make small inconveniences in their life.

If anyone hurts your family, you won’t confront them and try to create small inconveniences in their life. You won’t ever raise your voice because of your fear. This won’t be too reassuring to your dating partners or your friends and family. They won’t feel secure around you.

10. The same goes for failure

You also have an irrational fear of failure and risks, so you never take risks. However, every step of life is a new risk because risks are actually growth opportunities.

So, when you avoid risks, you also lose the chance to improve your life. You also don’t want to take on new responsibilities for the same reason.

You’ll not improve yourself in your social or romantic life. It’s the same in your career and business. If you play safe, you won’t ever capture the rare gifts of life. 

11. You only ever lie to yourself and you know it

You know that you’re not the best man in the vicinity. However, you won’t even try to become someone better to make things work. You’re not lazy but you just want to win easily without much effort. You spin lies after lies to ignore the truth.

When women refuse romantic connections with you, you tell yourself that they only want money. Or, that you’re glad to avoid a golddigger.

You call a man with a happier dating life a playboy. Or assume that he’s surrounded by gold diggers. To avoid putting work on yourself, you go to great lengths.

12. You just don’t understand women’s needs

A romantic gesture, gift, or chivalry alone can’t win a maiden’s heart. You can’t expect a woman to fall in love with that alone. In reality, love needs lots of effort and many impressive traits.

You must flirt, engage with her over common interests, and connect online and with your interests. Unless you tick off these boxes, it’s impossible to grow a romantic or sexual bond with women.

But you don’t understand women’s needs despite having feminine traits and minds. Women love being pursued slowly, but they have no patience which impacts your love life.

13. You often become clingy in love

Due to your gamma male personality type, you’re a hopeless romantic. Now, if you find a partner, you might still push them away with your actions. The hopeless romanticism makes you yearn for your partner more.

You can’t stand it if they spend time alone or with friends. You want your partner to spend more time with you. Obviously, they’ll get angry about your privacy invasion and often push you away. Especially if they cherish their alone time, this is a huge red flag for them.

This isn’t a certain situation but has high possibilities.

14. Anyone can manipulate your emotions

Any man in the gamma male archetype is emotionally hypersensitive. They become happy from the smallest things like validation, appreciation, or compliments. Similarly, it’s as easy to crush your heart with criticism and bitter words.

So, once someone figures this out, they’ll often take advantage of this. They’ll make you do whatever they like either with small compliments or by attacking your sore points. They can even make you violate your boundaries by playing with your emotions.

15. You never take advice

You’re extremely brainy in your field of expertise. You have every right to feel confident about it. However, you’re prone to become overconfident and eventually arrogant and egotistic.

After a few wins in life, you might believe that you can never do anything wrong. You assume you’re perfect in everything and often ignore others’ advice.

You can’t stand whoever opposes you and believe they don’t understand or they hope for your downfall. Obviously, you become more prone to trouble because of your stubborn nature.

16. Owning your mistakes is out of the question

Due to your stubbornness, you’re prone to making some wrong decisions. You face poor consequences due to your desire to experience some adventure. Whenever your overconfidence puts you in the spot, you wail over how life isn’t fair to you.

Moreover, you also believe that nice guys are supposed to finish first with the best… especially in dating. However, that doesn’t happen due to your obvious flaws. Due to your sense of entitlement and prejudice against other men, you blame others. You can never see that you might be the wrong one.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Your personality is a mixture of both good and bad traits. So, make sure you don’t focus on either of them only. Try to boost the existing pros of your personality. Work on the bad parts simultaneously.

Of course, it’ll be a long and tiresome journey. So, don’t give up and try hard to be a better gamma man. If you give consistent efforts, you’ll definitely turn out to be the best version of yourself!

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