Pros and Cons of Being a Sigma Female

Pros 1. You’re aware of limits and threats

Being a sigma woman, you know that this world always awaits to take advantage of you, but you’re always alert about your surroundings.

Pros 2. Your faith in yourself never wavers

You state your mind confidently and show that you believe in yourself. You leave a remarkable impression on others with your straightforward words and opinions.

Pros 3. You depend on yourself

You’re extremely self-dependent in all areas of your life and dislike depending on others. You don’t expect others to come to help you.

Pros 4. Your social skills are top notch

When you’re forced into social situations, you stun people with your A-class socializing skills.

Cons 1. Your stubborn nature might bite you back

When you have something on your mind, you’re pretty stubborn about it. You feel motivated to work on it even if you fail.

You want to go the extra mile and you’re also ready to face any consequences because you can compromise pretty well.

Cons 2. You might make reckless decisions

While you seek an authoritative man and even get to date them, things won’t work out the best way.

Cons 3. Your romantic relationships might not be easy

You get emotionally attached to people real soon once you feel that they’re trustworthy. You don’t take a moment to feel you can trust them.

Cons 4. You become vulnerable too fast

Focus on the pros of your personality and make sure you don’t change the precious parts. Know that those unique traits define you. On the other hand, try to minimize your cons as much as possible.