So, you wanna know about the pros and cons of being a sigma female? Wondering what parts to be proud of and what to fix a bit?

Well, good job because you’ll certainly find help here. The think-piece will walk you through all the concerning parts of your personality types.

So, let’s get down to it!

Pros of Being a Sigma Female

A sigma female personality is actually pretty cool… though women with all kinds of socio-hierarchy personalities are pretty great, sigma women are the second-most sought-after. So, let’s know about your amazing traits here…

1. You’re aware of limits and threats

Being a sigma woman, you know that this world always awaits to take advantage of you, but you’re always alert about your surroundings. You don’t let anyone other than your trustworthy loved ones know the real you.

This not only protects you from major trouble from opportunists but also makes you seem like a mysterious person. Everyone feels attracted to your aura.

2. Your faith in yourself never wavers

In any area of your life, you never let others walk over you. You state your mind confidently and show that you believe in yourself. You leave a remarkable impression on others with your straightforward words and opinions.

With this, you intimidate the ones that assume that you’re weak and ward off any negative people from around you.

3. People like your compassionate side

You try to be as rough and fierce as you can but deep within you’re just a kind human being with lots of love and affection for others.

When you feel someone is worth trusting, you emotionally invest in them. You might act all rough and tough but people know that you care… and those who figure that out become more in love with you.

4. You’re loved for your loyalty

To your most loved ones, nobody can be as loyal as you. You can go to any extent for your precious people. If anyone hurts them, you don’t let them off easily. If you feel anyone will take advantage of them, you try to get rid of pests from their life.

When someone aims at your fam, they gotta get through to you… you live by that motto and your close ones adore you for this.

5. You depend on yourself

You’re extremely self-dependent in all areas of your life and dislike depending on others. If you mess something up or fail in something, you take responsibility and fix everything. You don’t expect others to come to help you. You know that it’s not their job to support you.

Though it’s because you feel more comfortable doing things alone, others feel you’re a responsible and reliable person.

6. Teamwork isn’t a big deal to you

While you love working independently, teamwork doesn’t scare you. You can coordinate with others smoothly and even support and teach others whatever they lack.

Nobody knows this but during teamwork, they slowly find that you’re equally good as a leader but you just never show it. However, you never depend on others even in teams.

7. You’re strong from within

You’re extremely strong mentally and don’t let anything disrupt your mental peace. No matter what happens, you can work independently, never seek help, state yourself fair and square, and know your limits… all because you are strong from the inside.

You have great strength and spirit to fulfill your desires. If you weren’t in that calm headspace, all that is next to impossible.

8. You’re beyond social pressure

There’s no end to society’s expectations of a woman. It not only wants you to be a mom in your 20s but also wants you to have a stable and flexible job that allows you to nurse your entire family.

However, you don’t let these expectations get to your head and follow your heart. You know how to prioritize your happiness.

9. Your social skills are top notch

You’re introverted and people often believe that you can’t hold a conversation with new people. But when you’re forced into social situations, you stun people with your A-class socializing skills.

You’re aware of all the social norms and etiquettes which make you the elegant princess nobody knew of. Everyone wants to know more about you after knowing the hidden sides of you.

10. You never give excuses and preach the same

If you ever disappoint others, you won’t give excuses, defend yourself, or shift the blame in those situations. Instead, you apologize, ask for another chance to prove yourself, or ask them to punish you accordingly.

You work on yourself instead of excuses and telling others to do the same. If anyone fails to follow the same, you help them out or keep dropping hints for their improvement.

11. You don’t judge others unfairly

Unless you know about someone’s story, you never judge them. You know that it’s easy to assume someone’s circumstances from a distance… but if you put yourself in their shoes, you never know what you would’ve done in that situation.

So, you give everyone a fair chance and get to find rare gems around you. Many are grateful for not pushing your opinions on them.

12. You won’t ever backstab with gossip

If you ever have a poor opinion about someone, you just throw that in their face. You don’t let it simmer deep within while you act to be their BFF. You don’t speak ill of others behind their back while you promise to be that person’s comrade in front.

This trait again makes many wonder how cool you are and everyone wants to be your best bud.

13. You don’t mind adjusting

You know life won’t always go the way you want it to… and that there’s no point in whining “why is life never easy?” You know that sort of entitlement doesn’t exist and it’s wrong to expect that.

Instead, you work on adjusting after every trouble so you can make the best of any situation without losing too much from it.

14. You’re always in high spirits

You can adjust to any stressful situation because you’re extremely motivated. Even during the worst moments, you don’t give up. You’re so dedicated to your goals that nothing can make you feel low. When you have an aim in your mind, you just can’t let it go and keep chasing it.

15. You are your own protector

Being a sigma female, you were mostly alone in life. Even if you have lots of people around you, you still fight alone throughout your life. So, over time, you learned how to protect yourself.

If anyone tries to hurt you, you don’t let them off easily. You don’t go for revenge, but you definitely make them pay for their sins.

16. You keep your side of the deal

Many assume that your words have no value because you’re a woman and weak. But you always keep your promises and prove your under-estimators wrong. You don’t say things just to boast.

You’d never accept a task or responsibility that’s beyond your scope… just to get benefits. This makes people believe in you more and rely on you in their life.

17. You take criticism sportingly

If anyone criticizes you, you don’t feel offended at all. Instead, you feel glad that they approached you to let you know about your flaws. You constantly want to improve yourself and even if it’s through negative feedback, you gladly accept it.

You don’t get defensive over small things which motivates your mentors to teach you more.

18. Your loved ones enjoy your fun side

When your loved ones feel low, you’re always there to show your goofy side to cheer them up. You go to great lengths to make them feel positive even after the worst days.

You’re a great friend to your closest people. They feel comfortable sharing their worries and anxieties with you and trust you to keep their secrets.

19. Your boundaries always protect you

You have impeccable boundaries and you know that not everyone’s the same. So, when you meet someone with clashing opinions, you don’t second-guess your opposite opinions.

Even if they tell you that your beliefs are wrong, you don’t let them affect you. If it gets too much, you zone them out instead of becoming a people-pleaser.

20. You’re an inspiration to others

Your good beliefs, confidence, motivation, independence, and reliability make everyone jealous of how you carry yourself. Most people want to be you.

People around you learn to look at the brighter side and work on themselves. As you teach others to stop giving excuses and work on themselves, people feel motivated to work harder.

21. You only take favorable risks

You’re not scared of taking risks whereas most people feel scared because of the negative consequences. You confidently take important steps in your life to improve it every moment you can.

Your courage allows you to reach out for things that nobody imagines. And even if anything goes wrong, you can handle it just fine because you can adjust to almost everything.

But are there no issues with your personality? Let’s check that too here…

Cons of Being a Sigma Female

Though being a sigma female is a great deal, everyone is flawed. Not a soul in this world is completely perfect. So, your personality type also attracts some troubles in your life. C’mon, know yourself better here…

1. Some people dislike and misunderstand you for your personality

You often get misunderstood by others because of your introversion, stubbornness, and your straightforward nature. People dislike you for taking too long to open up and assume that you look down on them.

Only your closest friends know about your good qualities while people who don’t have enough opportunity to know you turn against you.

2. Your stubborn nature might bite you back

When you have something on your mind, you’re pretty stubborn about it. You feel motivated to work on it even if you fail. However, sometimes, it’s not right to pursue something repeatedly and just leave it be… you know, because some things aren’t meant to be.

Your stubbornness will only make you lose more time, energy, and money on it!

3. You feel depressed about your environment

Being a sigma female, you’re pretty alert about people’s intentions. After all, that’s how you protected yourself and your loved ones throughout the time.

You know that most of the time people don’t approach you for good reasons… while the most unexpected people are kind. Your intuition can make you sink into the deepest pit of depression.

4. You might make reckless decisions

You love to take risks, and chances, and go on adventures. You want to go the extra mile and you’re also ready to face any consequences because you can compromise pretty well.

However, this attitude might hurt you and your future later on if the decisions are too reckless. You might take calculated risks with a favorable risk-to-reward ratio, but that doesn’t imply that the chances of the risks are zero.

5. Your introversion will estrange you from loved ones

You love to take your space because you feel comfortable being alone. You recharge yourself when you stay away from people. This can become a major problem if you often ignore your friends and family to spend alone time.

Definitely take time for yourself, but if you don’t balance things, your close ones will eventually drift away from you.

6. Your romantic relationships might not be easy

You wanna date someone powerful like an alpha male, but those men desire submissive women which you’re simply not. While you seek an authoritative man and even get to date them, things won’t work out the best way.

So, you might go round and round and miss the actually compatible man. You might struggle to find a respectful and equal relationship.

7. Introversion causes her missed opportunities

Due to your introversion, you avoid social situations unless you can’t ignore them. You often lose your opportunities to connect with influential people in your life.

Suppose you’re a businesswoman, you won’t meet investors this way. If you want leads about job opportunities or clients, staying at home won’t help.

Even if you want to find a suitable partner for yourself, without socializing it’s next to impossible.

8. Your non-judgmental nature might put you on the spot

You don’t judge others and that’s cool but this trait can work for something worse too. You might have the reality about someone evil right in front of you.

But just because you haven’t been in their shoes, you refuse to take any sides. You might put yourself in danger this way as you might stay around the wrong people for too long.

You’re not into anything about social media… whether it’s about the latest fashion, the trending technology, or even memes. You prioritize your own likes in this case.

Of course, you don’t need to know absolutely everything about these… but at some point, you might run out of topics to talk about with your loved ones. Since you won’t know the trends, you won’t be able to relate anymore.

10. You become vulnerable too fast

You get emotionally attached to people real soon once you feel that they’re trustworthy. You feel that you can lower your guard and BAM! You don’t take a moment to feel you can trust them.

Though you act all tough and detached, you have expectations deep inside. If they hurt you, you show them the door like a boss, but again it hurts you so much and you need time to get over it.

11. You take too long to make friends

You always have your guard up around people. It’s great because you don’t know where danger might appear… but your actions make you miss out on genuine friendships a lot. You can’t mingle with people easily even if they only mean the best to you… which can hurt them.

12. You feel inferior

One of the worst sigma female personality traits is your desire to be an alpha female. You look up to the leading alpha women’s traits and don’t wish to get emotionally attached too fast and even if you do you wanna forget people and never look back.

But what’s the point in idealizing them and putting yourself down? Instead, cherish whatever you have now and be glad!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Focus on the pros of your personality and make sure you don’t change the precious parts. Know that those unique traits define you. On the other hand, try to minimize your cons as much as possible.

Of course, you might not have every single benefit or flaw of a sigma female… but that’s how unique you are from any other sigma women. Just make sure you don’t feel low and focus on yourself!

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