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What Are The Pros and Cons of Being A Sigma Male?

Pros of Being a Sigma Male

A sigma male is popular for his confidence and intelligence. But of course, that can’t be all, so let’s know why you must be proud here…

You’re independent

You never depend on others to show you the path of life. If they still insist, you don’t follow their lead. Instead, you depend on yourself throughout your life.

Anyone can vent to you and feel better

When someone vents to you, you pay attention and don’t interrupt them. You don’t listen just to give them a solution.  

You’re prepared to reach your goals

Since you don’t let any sort of responsibility hold you back, you have a clearer vision of your goals. 

You support equality

You don't care about hierarchy at all and respect everyone equally. Even though they’re on par with the alpha males, they aren’t proud of it.

Cons of Being a Sigma Male

Just like every other soul in the world, sigma male attracts some problems too. So, quickly know about them and start working on them!

Others treat you like a loner

You don’t like to be active in social circles due to introversion. So, people often assume you’re a loner and take pity on you. 

You have poor social skills

You don’t like to socialize, but you don’t feel intimidated when there’s no choice. However, even when you make small talk, it’s evident that you’re an introvert due to your lacking social skills.

Romance is a touchy subject for you

Women find sigma males attractive and often seek you romantically. However, due to your lack of expressions and emotional reactions, your partner feels frustrated. 

 You can’t focus on one thing

Due to your sigma male personality, you often seek adventure in your life. You can’t stick to only one plan for the long haul. 

Being a sigma male, you have quite the unique pros. So, don’t forget to cherish them and keep them the same way. Those traits add up to your charm, so preserve them well.