So, you want to know the pros and cons of being a sigma male? Did you come rushing here right after taking the sigma male personality quiz?

Good job! It’s obvious how dedicated you are to improve your life… you definitely stand true to your personality type.

Pros of Being a Sigma Male

A sigma male is popular for his confidence and intelligence. You might be pretty popular among the ladies… or men… because your mysterious nature gets them hooked. But of course, that can’t be all, so let’s know why you must be proud here…

1. You’re independent

You never depend on others to show you the path of life. If they still insist, you don’t follow their lead. Instead, you depend on yourself throughout your life. You believe in your judgment to choose the right path.

While walking alone like a lone wolf in your life, you learn many things. For instance, even when anything goes wrong, you still rely on your capabilities and make everything work.

2. Responsibilities won’t hold you back

A popular sigma male lifestyle trait is not being tied down by any kind of responsibility for others. You know you can’t act on your whims or take risks if you’re responsible for others.

So, you avoid being team leaders and work solo. Or, you avoid being responsible for your loved ones or a community.

You don’t let any sort of attachment meddle in your life. So, you can truly chase your dreams without second thoughts and take decisions just for yourself.

3. You’re prepared to reach your goals

Since you don’t let any sort of responsibility hold you back, you have a clearer vision of your goals. You understand the required efforts to reach your goals, the best route, or even the setbacks you might face later on.

You’re ready to fight alone and fulfill your dreams. Since your ways and dreams are different, you can’t depend on anyone even if you need them. Because nobody agrees with your plans and usually demoralizes you to give up.

4. You don’t let dramatic people affect you

Drama is the result of having too many people around you and them knowing each other. Since they all have different perceptions, they eventually misunderstand each other which leads to dramatic situations.

So, to avoid these situations, you keep your social circle small. You avoid people’s unnecessary emotional baggage by having lesser people around you.

5. You can easily compromise

Another impressive characteristic of being a sigma male is your ability to adjust to any situation. While alpha males and beta males react rigidly to environmental change, sigma males are extremely flexible.

No sudden change can put you off and you can easily deal with any troubles and crises in your life. You don’t feel demotivated by setbacks and fight them bravely.

6. You feel comfortable in solitude

You’re always alone because you’re introverted. Your ill-wishers think that you’re a loner and feel great by isolating you. They don’t let others befriend them.

However, you actually feel great about it as you can take your alone time to recharge yourself. Having your space helps you heal better than having more people around you. You even feel safe because you don’t need to worry about being cheated on by someone you trust.

7. You don’t let any situation control you

In all areas of your life, you show your true nature to others. You don’t hesitate to express your thoughts and ideas, especially when you have differing opinions.

You state your mind directly and show them that you’re confident. You don’t care about others’ opinions about you, look straight into their eyes, and express your opinions. This way you control most situations in your life and don’t let others doubt you. 

8. You’re a friendly leader

When it comes to leadership skills, most people imagine an authoritative figure guiding others about what’s right and wrong. Nobody can question or defy this person because they’re always right.

However, being a sigma male, your leadership style is way different. You don’t act as someone high and beyond your teammates.

Rather, you act as one of the team members and guide them practically through your actions. Instead of labeling something as wrong, you explain why it can’t work out or the other way is more suitable.

9. You don’t mind correcting mistakes

Human beings are bound to make mistakes… and even the greatest people weren’t always right. You don’t believe that you’re always right or that you can’t make mistakes. Instead, you don’t get defensive and are open to criticism.

When others point out your mistakes, you genuinely work on them and improve yourself. Unlike most others, you don’t feel ashamed when others say that you’re wrong.

10. Anyone can vent to you and feel better

Since you’re introverted, you spend a lot of time alone silently. So, you realized that while you’re silent, you can focus on lots of important things. For instance, you learned to be a good listener from it.

When someone vents to you, you pay attention and don’t interrupt them. You don’t listen just to give them a solution. You know that sometimes people don’t need a solution but only wish to vent.

11. Nobody feels judged around you

When someone is in a tight situation, everyone starts talking about them. This happens, even more, when the other person is of a different race or ethnicity. Most people find faults with the other person, but you know that it’s unfair to judge them without knowing anything.

So, you take your time to understand them and their situation. You put yourself in their shoes to relate to the matter and analyze the issue logically. Until you find a proper reason, you don’t judge them.

12. You don’t burden others

Your space is precious and you like to work solo too. However, sometimes you can’t avoid being in a group… like in your workplace or school. Most people assume that you can’t fit in groups, but you’re just fine… because you’re that flexible!

You try to coordinate as much as you can with others. But you try to find smaller solo tasks within the group so you don’t depend on others to finish their responsibility. And even if your tasks get stuck, you take care of them by yourself.

13. You control your fate

Often society feels entitled to tell others what they can or can’t do. Your nosy neighbors, rude relatives, and even strangers share unwanted advice about life, career, romance, and everything else.

However, you never always lead your life your way and never let others impact your decisions. You take your future into your own hands and leave no room for regret. Of course, you offend these concerned people, but at least you’re happy with your choices.

14. You bravely take chances

People don’t like unfavorable changes and challenges, so they always avoid taking risks when they reach a stable point in their life. They fear that they’ll play their cards wrong and ruin their and their loved ones’ lives

However, you never hesitate to take risks once in a while, especially if the risk-to-reward ratio is favorable. You like thrill and excitement and risks help you quench your thirst. Moreover, you’re not held back by responsibilities that help you shoot your shot in life.

15. You’re emotionally intelligent

People usually assume you’re insensitive when it’s about emotions because you don’t respond to drama. But in reality, you’re much more emotionally intelligent than others.

When you enter a room, you can read others’ emotions even before others explain things. Your sharp intuitions help you understand others’ needs better.

So, you’re a great mediator and can help others resolve conflicts easily. This is because you can say exactly what they need to hear to calm down and get along with each other.

16. You’re always driven to success

Despite the setbacks you face in life, you never give up on your dreams. You’re pretty strong and don’t let anything pull down your spirits. Even if others say your ideas are vague and ask you to give up, you don’t let them affect you.

You stubbornly chase your dreams even if it seems impossible. Eventually, the hard work pays off, and taste success.

17. Nobody can resist your mysterious charm

You always maintain a distance from others like a lone wolf because you’re wary of your enemies. You don’t let your guard down easily… and since others can’t attain you, they feel more attracted to you.

People pay more attention to you to find out the most minute facts and impress you. While doing this, they find your different sides and get charmed. They wish to know more about these hidden sides and desire you.

18. You support equality

In the socio-hierarchy, alpha males are the most powerful and omega are the least. However, you don’t care about this hierarchy at all and respect everyone equally. Even though you’re on par with the alpha males, you aren’t proud of it.

Instead, you treat people of all classes kindly and ignore their differences. So, most people love you for showing them the bare minimum of respect and love.

19. You’re calm in the worst situations

When someone attacks you, you don’t react aggressively like most others. You don’t get defensive about yourself and try to keep your calm. You think through the situation steadily, find evidence for yourself, and silently work to prove yourself innocent.

And once you’re ready, you tear apart your offender whether it’s by paying for the damages, verbal attacks, or exposing their dirty tricks. But you neither react aggressively nor use the same dirty means.

20. You’re no less than an alpha

You are so much like an alpha male that people often assume you’re one. However, when they find out you’re not one, people act differently toward you. They might not respect you and take you lightly. But you hardly care for these superficial things.

Instead, you show them your power where it’s necessary and put your enemies back in their place. You never feel low just because you’re not an alpha male.

21. You’re a trendsetter

You’re an introverted person, so how can you influence others, right? Well, even though you’re detached and aren’t good at socializing, you’re still as powerful as an alpha.

You’re mysterious, charming, nonjudgmental, self-reliant, and motivated. You have many more positive traits as you skim through the list. So, even if you don’t try to, people still get impressed by your powerful presence.

However, everything isn’t that flowery either. So, let’s check the negatives here…

Cons of Being a Sigma Male

Just because you’re close to perfect, doesn’t mean you are… and nobody is! Just like every other soul in the world, your personality attracts some problems too. So, quickly know about them and start working on them!

1. Others treat you like a loner

Sigma males don’t like to be active in their social circles due to their introversion. An alpha male chooses to be the center of attention, but it’s the exact opposite for you.

So, people often assume you’re a loner and take pity on you. They try to befriend you to help you get along. But their superficial small talks make you even more uncomfortable. You often face social situations where people forcibly try to befriend you.

2. You’re commitment-phobic

You don’t like to commit to others or take responsibility for them emotionally, financially, or in any other way. You come off as a commitment-phobe and emotionally unavailable person to others. So, you actively avoid getting close to too many people.  Due to this, you miss out on a lot in your life.

3. You have poor social skills

You don’t like to socialize, but you don’t feel intimidated when there’s no choice. However, even when you make small talk, it’s evident that you’re an introvert due to your lacking social skills.

People feel you’re disinterested and get offended because you don’t react emotionally. Your stiff responses, lack of tact, and lesser talking and more listening make others feel that you don’t want to be with them… even though you give your best.

4. External factors can’t motivate you

Humankind feels motivated when others validate them. Whether at home, school, or work, people work harder for validation and rewards. However, you don’t feel attracted to validation at all because you’re confident about your strengths.

So, it’s not easy for others to motivate you to do something.  They have difficulties in making you strive harder for anything… but you don’t care about that.

5. You might get lonely later

One of the well-known personality traits of a sigma male is his desire to stay alone, so socializing tires you out. You can’t make friends or fall in love easily because your space is more important to you.

Though many people want to be close to you, you don’t feel safe letting your guard down. You choose to be alone, but in the long run, you might not have anyone to depend on.

6. Your risk-taking nature worry others

You love to take risks and any form of thrill and adventure excites you. You dream big and are ready to grab onto any opportunity in life to reach your goals. You’re also flexible and can compromise with any situation you face.

So, due to your risk-taking habits, others often feel that you might take too bad of a risk.  Your loved ones fear financial instability, your coworkers fear great losses, and everyone feels anxious about your risks.

7. Romance is a touchy subject for you

Women find sigma males attractive and often seek you romantically. However, due to your lack of expressions and emotional reactions, your partner feels frustrated. You don’t share your thoughts and feelings with them which leads to misunderstandings.

Even though you’re one of the most considerate romantic partners, your partner resents you for the lack of expressions. Lovers feel that you hardly care about them and feel disappointed.

8. You can’t focus on one thing

Due to your sigma male personality, you often seek adventure in your life. You can’t stick to only one plan for the long haul. You get so bored that you multitask to feel more challenged and refreshed.

You might have good multitasking skills, but you never know what troubles await you for a little thrill. If the situation goes out of hand, all the plans might fail together.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Being a sigma male, you have quite the unique pros. So, don’t forget to cherish them and keep them the same way. Those traits add up to your charm, so preserve them well.

Moreover, don’t dwell on the cons of your personality type for too long. Instead, find out ways to work on it. Yes, these cons are nothing major, and you can improve yourself. Challenge yourself to be someone even more flawless, and you’ll be amazed by yourself!

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