Pros and Cons of Being an Omega Female


You know how to enjoy your own company

Due to your omega female personality, you are an introvert. You like to maintain a distance from people you aren’t well-acquainted with.

You’re surrounded by quality people

While most people have a large group of friends, you only have 2 or 3 people in your gang. You don’t want to connect with everyone you meet at school or the office.

You’re intellect is always talked about

Due to your omega personality traits and status, most people judge you and assume that you’re some brainless chick or they can easily fool you.

Your inner child is still alive

Most people lose their inner child during the journey to adulthood. They hurt them repeatedly with mean remarks to let go of childhood and embrace emotionless and boring adulthood.

Being an empath overwhelms you

You usually don’t care a thing about what people say in front or behind your back. Others’ opinions don’t impact you the least.


You just can’t keep up with acquaintances

Unless you know a person well, you don’t know much about each other and hardly have common topics. In these situations, people usually break the ice with small talk.

You’re kinda disorganized and it doesn’t please everyone

You are a messy person and your space is always disorganized. You feel comfortable in a messy space.

You might not always be as dedicated

In your professional life, your intelligence and overachieving attitude helps you progress and succeed. However, you’re quite a picky employee.

Like all human beings, your personality is a mixture of pros and cons. However, don’t assume you have all of them… because personalities can change based on life experiences which make us unique. Work on your flaws patiently and you’ll be the best!