So, you can’t wait to know about the pros and cons of being an omega female? Want to know if there are any benefits or if you should change your personality?

By the way, your spirits are truly admirable… It’s obvious that you have a motivated soul. And this think-piece is here to help you know yourself even better.

C’mon, let’s get down to it! 

Pros of Being an Omega Female

People won’t be nice to you if they know you’re an “omega”. Because they judge way before they know. But let’s not care about them like usual, okay?

So, let’s find out your good qualities here!

1. You know how to enjoy your own company

Due to your omega female personality, you are an introvert. You like to maintain a distance from people you aren’t well-acquainted with. You aren’t comfortable hanging out, connecting with people, and having fun with new faces. You often turn down invitations from people.

You only feel comfortable around your loved ones only. But you have around 2-3 friends, so you might not always get to spend time with them. So, people assume that you’re left out and regret not joining the events with strangers.

However, you like spending time reading books, playing games, or doing any solo activities. You can enjoy life all by yourself without craving for your loved ones all the time.

2. You’re surrounded by quality people

While most people have a large group of friends, you only have 2 or 3 people in your gang. You don’t want to connect with everyone you meet at school or the office. This is because you prioritize quality over quantity in your circle.

You befriend people that can genuinely understand and relate to you. You don’t accept people unless they can support you through thick and thin.

You don’t want to have 300+ friends only to have nobody by your side during a storm. You’re happy even with one friend having your back during the worst.

These people can support and advise you for your welfare just as you do the same for them.

3. You’re intellect is always talked about

Due to your omega personality traits and status, most people judge you and assume that you’re some brainless chick or they can easily fool you.

The moment they underestimate you, they become overconfident and dig their grave!

They don’t know that an omega female personality type is a brainy bad b!t©#. Whether in your academics or profession, you stand out almost as much as an alpha female.  But people aren’t conscious enough because you don’t have the “alpha woman” tag on you.

You’re usually shy but when you put your mind to it, you have a solution for every problem. Your coworkers and classmates often seek you for advice and respect you for your overachievement. This also paves a clear way toward your success.

4. You don’t feel obliged to be “cool”

In this world, everyone wants to get some sort of validation. They try to fit in by being cool and trendy.

Some people also want to fit in the social hierarchy… they either want to be a leader like the alpha personality or be a follower. However, you’re just not that kind of a person.

You defy this social pressure to belong somewhere like a boss. Rather, you’re like a sigma personality and want to do nothing with the hierarchy. You stand by your decision to stay independent and lead your life on your own.

You feel great being the way you are… without feeling a need to be categorized.

5. Your inner child is still alive

Most people lose their inner child during the journey to adulthood. The cruel world doesn’t let them keep their innocent with them. They hurt them repeatedly with mean remarks to let go of childhood and embrace emotionless and boring adulthood.

However, you’re certainly one of a kind because you protected your inner child and are still connected with it. You don’t let society decide for you when it comes to this part of yourself. You’re reserved publicly, but whenever you’re on your own, you do many childish things.

Your loved ones feel so motivated by you and can connect with their lost innocence all over again. They love you because you help them have fun like kids.

6. You’re an empathetic human being

You can sense people’s emotions like they are your own. Even before they get into the detail of their tragic life, you feel that pain because you’re an empath. You can easily put yourself in their shoes and understand what’s up.

So, you also know how to make them less sad or what to tell them to calm them down. When people feel low, they can depend on you because you always have a way to cheer them up.

Even by mistake, you don’t act insensitively just because you haven’t faced similar circumstances. You don’t judge others despite what their reason to feel that way is. Whether their pet passes away or they watched a heartbreaking scene in a series, you console everyone well.

7. You can spend long hours debating

You are a sucker for knowledge about everything around the real world. You are witty and intelligent which helps you hold deep conversations.

You’re already knowledgeable about global current affairs and you wish to know even more. You like to participate in healthy political debates. Though you’re shy and reserved, once the subject piques your interest, you get over your introversion.

This is because your desire to know more is much stronger. You wish to expand your horizon and gain more knowledge about your interests. 

Whether it’s about something about the world, people’s rights, the universe, life, or love, she’s ready to know more.

8. Your self-awareness brings confidence

You are aware of your feelings, emotions, actions, beliefs, motivators, turnoffs, likes, and dislikes. There’s nothing you don’t know about yourself. So, you’re also confident about being in your own skin.

So, even if anyone told you something mean, they can’t kill your spirits. Your confidence is always high whether they intentionally try to make you self-conscious or are just concerned.

You definitely have insecurities but others’ comments don’t make you insecure easily. You know better than to let random people have that sort of power over you. Rather you respond to them assertively and make them feel ashamed of their actions.

9. You never play with others’ heart

You believe in romance and commitment and desire a loyal and loving partner more than a wealthy one. You don’t care about background or success. Rather, you want someone that will understand, love, care, and respect you.

You don’t consider yourself a high-value woman that seeks a wealthy and successful man. You also don’t care about being in love just because everyone else is doing the same.

You believe that true love happens once and that’s your cue to bind them in marriage. You don’t like the idea of experimenting with modern dating culture. You’re an old-school romantic and need nothing but a loving and responsible partner.

10. You know your worth

While you believe in romance, love, marriage, commitment, and exclusivity, many don’t. Most partners that can’t bed you insult your appearance and body. They label you as undesirable or say things that will make you want to prove yourself by sleeping with them.

But the joke’s on them… you’re self-aware and know your worth! You know better than to get agitated by their words and take a bad step. For you it’s either true love with all the basic qualities for a healthy relationship… or you’re ready to stay single for your life.

You respect yourself and your body and won’t give yourself up to a player out of peer pressure or shaming.

11. You don’t mind others’ popularity

Since you don’t like to be the center of attention, most people assume that you won’t be friends or lovers with popular or outgoing people. But you know you’re your own person and your loved ones have their life.

If your best friend or lover liked to be popular or attends social events regularly, you don’t mind. Instead, you feel great that they do something in their life.

So long they don’t forcibly violate your boundaries or make you uncomfortable, you don’t mind at all. 

People always assume the worst about you… because ugh they gotta have an opinion!

But while your close ones have fun, you also enjoy yourself and share about each other’s fun day.

12. You don’t let the negative reality affect you

Your beliefs and interests are way too different from others. You can’t relate with most people around you. You can’t have a moment sharing your mind with them. Life isn’t just boring but even cruel because people ask you to change and look down on you.

You usually keep yourself busy with your responsibilities, but you always have a plan for when you’re completely idle.

You have a Utopia of video games, nerdy books, comics, and interesting YouTube videos of jaw-dropping debates ready for those moments. These things help you lose touch with the world and relax for a moment.

So, if you can’t wait to know about your negative traits, let’s get down to it right here…

Cons of Being an Omega Female

You’re a self-aware woman… so, it’s expected that you have a good idea about your flaws already. But you might miss something out… or believe that you have much more issues because you overthink. So, let’s check the reality here!

1. Being an empath overwhelms you

You usually don’t care a thing about what people say in front or behind your back. Others’ opinions don’t impact you the least. But you’re an empath and you easily catch on to others’ feelings… even if they hide them.

People don’t agree with you in many instances, and you can sense their mean intentions toward you.

When you’re busy, you don’t have time to focus on your emotions. But if you don’t have a lot on your mind, these negative thoughts start buzzing. Moreover, since you’re a deep thinker, you tend to overthink this stuff.

So, if you’re in a group of people with negative feelings for you and are idle, you feel extremely overwhelmed.

2. You just can’t keep up with acquaintances

Unless you know a person well, you don’t know much about each other and hardly have common topics. In these situations, people usually break the ice with small talk. However, you are just not into shallow conversations.

You don’t judge people by their faces… but your responses say it all. You might leave the room, show a displeased expression, or just zone out completely. People have a poor impression of you and call you arrogant.

You know that not everyone can hold a deep convo. But you hate it when people act nosy or overreact over trendy things.

They feel hurt by your reactions and try to avoid you as much as possible.

3. You’re kinda disorganized and it doesn’t please everyone

You are a messy person and your space is always disorganized. You know where your things are… you don’t waste your time looking for your belongings. Moreover, there’s hardly a chance of changing this… because you feel comfortable in a messy space.

But it can trigger perfectionists or minimalists.

You might say it’s not their business… so, yeah… it’s okay only so long you don’t share a space with anyone. If you have roommates or a shared workstation, this can lead to major fights with others.

Your roommate won’t know where you put things… your coworker will feel annoyed and distracted by your mess. If your boss is a perfectionist, you can get on their bad sides real soon!

4. You might not always be as dedicated

In your professional life, your intelligence and overachieving attitude helps you progress and succeed. However, you’re quite a picky employee. So, if your task doesn’t tickle your challenging heart, that’s the end of it!

People expect you to consistently put effort into your job. They always look forward to you fulfilling more than your target… but if the task isn’t intellectually challenging, you feel extremely demotivated.

Of course, your fall in pace demotivates others… while they already expect a lot from you. Instead, you’ll feel lethargic and won’t even look forward to work.

Your professional success is completely at the mercy of your profession and the job.  

5. You need some guidance in life

You have some serious issues in your life… and you can get away from them easily if you seek professionals.

For instance, you’re messy and possibly don’t even take care of your appearance well. Okay, this isn’t an attempt to shame or attack you.

But with crusty skin, unkempt hair, and disorganized outfits, you won’t attract your “The One”. That person will judge you instantly because if you can’t care enough for your appearance, how will you care for them?

So, a makeover is a must-do!

On the other hand, you have a lot of suppressed negativity inside you. Since you can sense others’ emotions and often overthink, you might hurt your emotional and mental health soon. You must take professional help from a life coach or a therapist.

6. You might feel lonely sometimes

You have less than 5 friends in your life and feel content because they understand and support you.

You won’t change this for anything in this world. However, your friends will be eventually too busy with jobs, babies, settling down, and family. They might not even have enough time for themselves.

If you need them, they won’t be around you and you’ll be too lonely around your midlife. You’ll lose your only source of motivation in life. Before that happens, you must make more connections.

7. You face trouble dealing with real life

Life isn’t easy at all for you so long you have an omega personality. You have a lot of differences from others.

For instance, you don’t want to belong to a social group. You don’t like small talk. You believe in serious relationships and won’t compromise about that. You are confident and won’t let others push you around.

That’s a lot to take for most people… and they definitely have poor intentions toward you. You ignore these while you’re busy. But when you have an idle mind you are forced to escape to a fantasy world of books, movies, and video games.

However, that’s not enough to make you feel better. You’re so bored and tired of the world… that you might negatively impact your mental health.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Like all human beings, your personality is a mixture of pros and cons. However, don’t assume you have all of them… because personalities can change based on life experiences which make us unique.

Try to figure out if you have anything more relevant. Once you jot it all down, be proud of the pros and try to maintain them. Work on your flaws patiently and you’ll be the best!

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