Sigma Female Relationship and Compatibility

She tries to be as detached as possible

She takes too long to make friends or fall in love. This type of woman has always been the lone wolf and worries that she’ll be pretty detached to protect herself from getting hurt from believing someone way too fast.

But she gets attached pretty fast

A sigma woman tries her best to put her guard up for as long as possible. She seems like she’s out of your reach. But if you show that you’re worth trusting, she’ll get emotionally attached to you within a blink.

She’s extremely loyal

A sigma female is insanely loyal to her close friends, family, lover, or anyone she trusts or is attached to. She always has your back despite the situation.

In group tasks, everyone can rely on her

Suppose it’s festival time and all the loved ones are working together to decorate the home or yard. A sigma female won’t mind this situation at all. However, she’ll only do the tasks which she can do completely on her own.

Even if the world judges you, she won’t

Say something happened in your personal life and everyone around is talking about those matters. People don’t want to be in the same room with you and everyone judges you as the bad guy in the situation.

Sigma Female Compatibility

Sigma Female + Alpha Male or Alpha Female

A sigma female is extremely fierce and independent & alpha males and alpha females are pretty similar. Sigma female is introverted while an alpha male or female is extroverted.

Sigma Female + Sigma Male or Sigma Female

The pairing between a sigma female and an alpha partner is pretty volatile due to the desire to be the superior one. So, according to many, sigma female personality types are more compatible with other sigma personalities.

Sigma Female + Beta Male or Beta Female

Since a sigma female wants nothing but the best for herself, an alpha or sigma partner is usually their best bet. At least, that’s the norm when a sigma female has more feminine energy.

If you’re close to a sigma female, keep her behaviors and actions in mind. Know that she doesn’t have any bad intentions when she behaves a certain way. Try to be understanding and if you feel hurt for any reason, talk it out.