So, you’re curious about how sigma female relationships and compatibility work? Wondering how she treats all of her loved ones… or, specifically which personality can date her?

You’re at the perfect place because this think-piece has got it all for you. Whether you want to set your sigma girl up with a date or want to know what will happen if you become BFFs, you’ll find everything here.

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Sigma Female Relationship

A sigma female stays alone and fights alone… so, is she lonely? Does she have any friends? Even if you befriended her, will she be glad or will she intimidate you?

Lots of questions are on your mind and you’ll find all the answers in this list, so just head right in!

1. She tries to be as detached as possible

She takes too long to make friends or fall in love. This type of woman has always been the lone wolf and worries that she’ll be pretty detached to protect herself from getting hurt from believing someone way too fast.

If you’re her new friend, she’ll seem pretty mysterious… it might leave you doubting her feelings for you… or you might be head over heels for this.

2. But she gets attached pretty fast

A sigma woman tries her best to put her guard up for as long as possible. She seems like she’s out of your reach. But if you show that you’re worth trusting, she’ll get emotionally attached to you within a blink.

Of course, she won’t let you know about it because she’s constantly afraid of being taken advantage of. If the other person hurts her after being attached, she has a hard time forgetting them.

3. Her straightforward nature might interfere with her interpersonal relationships

Sigma female personality types are pretty straightforward and outspoken. They feel confident about their thoughts and ideas and never hesitate to express their mind.

Unless you’re one of the long-term close friends of a sigma female, this attitude might intimidate you. You might feel that she’s too intense and even feel a strange distance between you two.

Of course, this attitude affects all her interpersonal relationships and hurts her well-being. But if you know her for long enough, you’re pretty used to this.

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4. She’s extremely loyal

A sigma female is insanely loyal to her close friends, family, lover, or anyone she trusts or is attached to. She always has your back despite the situation.

If people talk trash behind your back, she’ll not just believe in you, but also fight them on your behalf. If you’re sad, she’ll talk to you for hours late at night. If you want to share a secret and get it off your mind, she’ll listen to you without judging.

5. She won’t burden her loved ones

A sigma female is also popular for being independent. She feels more comfortable being by herself and handling her tasks on her own due to her introversion. She feels less stressed when she’s responsible for something independently.

So, she won’t burden her close people with any task. If you have a sigma female among your loved ones, you know you can’t touch any task at all. Even if you truly want to help, you don’t have a choice… you might even feel a bit uncomfortable about it.

6. In group tasks, everyone can rely on her

Suppose it’s festival time and all the loved ones are working together to decorate the home or yard. A sigma female won’t mind this situation at all. However, she’ll only do the tasks which she can do completely on her own.

She won’t make others do a part of their tasks. Moreover, if you face any difficulty in your tasks, she’ll help you and you can relax while they sort everything out on their own.

7. Others’ expectations don’t get to her

A sigma female lives her life based on her own rules. She doesn’t care about what society expects from a woman. She has her own pace in life… so, if her parents ask her to get married quickly or her husband asks her to think about having a baby but she doesn’t want it, she won’t do it!

This might offend people in the vicinity; she can’t care any less.

8. She might not always accept invitations and get detached from others

Suppose your BFF is a sigma female and you’re a party animal. You planned a New Years’ party and want her to enjoy the day together with your other friends.

Well, she might let you down because she truly loves her space. She’s not that big on socializing and sadly she wants to stay back and relax. She might repeat this behavior and you’ll eventually stop inviting her.

9. But she can also socialize like a diva and grab the limelight

A sigma female usually doesn’t like the company of strangers around her. But if the party includes only her closest people, she’s ready to not just attend it but also become a social butterfly. 

She’ll become the soul of the party if it only includes the people she feels comfortable with.

10. She won’t ever lie or make excuses for anything

If she’s ever responsible for anything, she won’t ever make any excuses to avoid it. If she does anything wrong, she won’t make excuses to defend her faults. She’ll own her mistakes and work on them by herself.

She won’t ever let you down… but on the off chance, if that ever happens, she won’t get defensive even if you charge her for it. You’ll want to trust her more for this.

11. She’ll teach you to follow her lead and inspire you

Just as she never gives excuses, she’ll teach others the same. For instance, if you made a mistake and are making excuses to get rid of your responsibility, she’ll not let you off easily.

You might feel a bit intimidated initially, but she’ll show you how to own your actions and correct your mistakes. You’ll eventually learn a lot from her and start liking her even more.  

12. Even if the world judges you, she won’t

Say something happened in your personal life and everyone around is talking about those matters. People don’t want to be in the same room with you and everyone judges you as the bad guy in the situation.

However, a sigma female won’t ever treat you unfairly without knowing the full story. Only she won’t leave the room and talk to you as normally as ever and make you feel comfortable.

13. She isn’t your backstabbing b!tch

In this world, you probably met a lot of people that act like the sweetest person in front of you and spew nonsense behind your back. But your bond with a sigma female will be far from that.

If she feels you’re at fault, she’ll say it to your face. She doesn’t believe in spreading unnecessary negativity among others. In a place full of backstabbing people, you’ll bond with her honest and upfront nature faster.

14. She’s ready to reach a middle ground and be happy together

Suppose you both have opposite opinions about something and can’t decide something. Your sigma female companion won’t stick to their point and seek a middle ground. She isn’t selfish and understands that both of you will lose something yet still win and agree in the end.

She wants to be happy with you and not just focus on her own happiness. She cares about her loved and trusted ones a lot.

15. She pulls your spirits on the worst days

If you had a bad day or something terrible happened to you, your sigma female friend won’t sit around to watch. She’ll do her best to cheer you up with every possible strategy.

If she’s close enough, she’ll use her hidden sense of humor to bring back a smile on your face. If required, she won’t even mind spending time and lending you a shoulder to lean on.

16. She’s your worst nightmare if you hurt her

If someone hurts a sigma female, that might be the last peaceful day for that person. She’s always wary of lurking danger around her. And since someone or the other always awaits to take advantage of her, she’s fierce towards her offenders. She doesn’t take revenge but makes the other person pay the damages.

If someone close hurts her, she might become extra ferocious because she trusted them a lot and they couldn’t respect that.

17. She might give undeserving people too many chances and get hurt

A sigma woman is also known for her non-judgmental attitude. Even if she hears rumors about someone, she won’t think badly of the other person at all… unless she has proof or knows about the other person by themselves.

If that person is actually dangerous, she might surround herself with opportunists. Of course, she always has her guard on and her instincts about others’ intentions are sharp. But things can go wrong.

She doesn’t like being updated about ongoing trends whether about fashion, entertainment, or anything else. This reduces her chances to make small talk with others… but she hardly cares about those.

However, if she runs out of things to talk about with her loved ones, she won’t be able to cope with trendy topics and feel estranged from their conversation.

19. She might befriend you ASAP if you’re an alpha woman

She always desires to be an alpha woman, so she’ll befriend one if she finds one around her. She might even believe that person to be her best friend or make them her role model. She always thinks less of herself, so being near an alpha woman and learning from her in person is her dream.

However, she’ll disrespect her unique nature and forget her individuality which might hurt her other loved ones.

20. She might take too long to find a partner

A sigma female is extremely picky about her partner. She only wants someone strong enough and won’t stay with anyone that depends mentally or financially on her. She wants someone both physically and intellectually strong. Her partner must also be financially stable and have a good lifestyle.

Other than that, she might even lose the chance to find her partner because she doesn’t socialize much.

So, you’re curious if only an alpha male can satisfy a sigma female? Let’s find out more here…

Sigma Female Compatibility

When it comes to romantic relationships, a sigma female doesn’t care about anything but the best. She wants a healthy relationship and will leave anyone that doesn’t meet her expectations or tries to dominate her.

She won’t become a slave to someone else’s needs just to make a relationship work. She wants her partner to be both physically and intellectually attractive.

She’s only compatible with the top 3 personality types.  So, let’s discuss them all here…

1. Sigma Female + Alpha Male or Alpha Female

On one hand, a sigma female is extremely fierce and independent… On the other hand, alpha males and alpha females are pretty similar. In fact, the personality traits of a sigma female align a lot with alphas… other than one point. Sigma female is introverted while an alpha male or female is extroverted.

So, while both sigma and alpha partners have similar thoughts and beliefs, an alpha can complement a sigma female’s introverted nature.

Suppose a sigma-alpha couple hosts a party, a sigma female can take her time being comfortable in her solitude while the alpha partner can do most of the socializing. Of course, a relationship is all about equality, so the sigma can take over the spotlight from time to time when she’s comfortable.

However, alphas are pretty dominating and they like to be in control of most areas of their life. They don’t like it when someone else threatens their position… so, a sigma female’s constant effort to improve herself or her will to be independent might threaten the alpha’s position. So, this relationship might not work out because of that.

2. Sigma Female + Sigma Male or Sigma Female

The pairing between a sigma female and an alpha partner is pretty volatile due to the desire to be the superior one. So, according to many, sigma female personality types are more compatible with other sigma personalities. A sigma female and sigma male or another sigma female can understand each other’s needs.

Since sigma females want someone powerful and with a strong personality… yet not be oppressed in the relationship which makes them completely compatible.

On the other hand, sigma males or females won’t feel threatened if a sigma female tries to grow and dominate the relationship. They understand each other’s desires and a sigma male being versatile will adjust to anything the sigma female desires.

The couple will have mutual respect, loyalty, unconditional love, confidence, and security… All these values in a relationship make it healthy and long-lasting.

But their relationship might soon lose the spark as they are too similar to one another. When both like solitary, they’d hardly want to spend time together and this can obstruct them from having a deeper connection.

3. Sigma Female + Beta Male or Beta Female

Since a sigma female wants nothing but the best for herself, an alpha or sigma partner is usually their best bet. At least, that’s the norm when a sigma female has more feminine energy.

However, all sigma females don’t have the same desire… human beings are unique and you can’t classify everyone using the same intensity of every trait.

So, some sigma females desire a powerful partner… but their wish to have the upper hand in the relationship might be way more intense. In this case, the sigma female has a powerful masculine energy. And relationships are all about balancing feminine and masculine energies.

For a sigma female with such a desire, a beta male or female is more suitable due to their submissive nature.

But if the sigma female has more feminine energy, it’s impossible for them to date anyone other than alpha and sigma partners. This is because betas or any other types are way too passive for their taste.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re close to a sigma female, keep her behaviors and actions in mind. Know that she doesn’t have any bad intentions when she behaves a certain way. Try to be understanding and if you feel hurt for any reason, talk it out.

But if you just wanna date her, know that respecting her and being assertive matters more than your personality type!

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