What Are The Best & Worst Sigma Male Careers?

Before you begin this quest, don’t forget to know about the sigma male’s strengths and weaknesses. All the jobs on this list don’t cater to all kinds of sigma male traits. So, figure out what they can deal with and then begin!

Best Sigma Male Careers

Artist, Musician, or Writer

A sigma male isn’t verbally expressive, but he can express a lot through his art and creativity. Art, music, and writing help him connect with his emotions.

Business Owner

Sigma males naturally have great leadership skills. They like to follow their own mind and feel frustrated when they’re controlled.

Engineering or Architect

Sigma men can focus on the bigger picture. Due to the various problem-solving challenges they face in this career, they can feel more dedicated and grow.

Firefighters or Lifeguards

To be a firefighter, you need patience, understanding, ability to take criticism sportingly, stay calm during crises & it’s a piece of cake for a sigma male.

Sigma males have some basic needs in their daily life like personal space, silence, and freedom. But a job without any of these or with just the opposite of these is a total nightmare to them. So, here are the ones to beware of!

Sigma Males Careers to Avoid

Receptionist & Secretarial

These are the worst careers for a sigma male as there’s no scope for progress. These jobs are monotonous and he can’t take any step on his own.

Customer Service

A sigma male is introverted and communications can tire him out. A job in customer service needs him to confront customers throughout the day.

Factory Worker

Sigma men dislike repetitive & predefined ways of doing jobs. If he can’t add a bit of his own touch to the task, doesn’t have the freedom to make things work differently, he’s not up for it.


A sigma male isn’t a social being so the job can feel extremely uncomfortable. Moreover, he needs something more challenging to feel entertained.

If you’re a sigma male, remember that all the jobs on the first list won’t suit you. Since each job demands different qualities, figure out whether you have it in yourself.