Are you curious about some sigma male careers? Wondering if a sigma male is a good fit for your organization? Or, are you a sigma male yourself and want to plan your future?

Or, are you in that crucial phase of your life… and you just can’t push career choices any longer?

Well, this think-piece has just the things you must know. It contains all the possible job profiles that will and won’t suit you with reasons.

Think it’s a good deal? Then keep reading!

Sigma Male Careers

Before you begin this quest, don’t forget to know about the sigma male’s strengths and weaknesses. All the jobs on this list don’t cater to all kinds of sigma male traits. So, figure out what they can deal with and then begin!

1. Computer Programming

The sigma male often feels enticed by career choices that require a computer system or need online or remote working. He can grasp this career choice well but most people feel confused by it.

Moreover, this job doesn’t require a lot of socializing. This allows him the solitude necessary to help them recharge faster. He can easily avoid the stress of dealing with people. So, he can focus better on complex programs and challenge himself at every moment of his life.

On the bright side, a computer-based job or a remote job doesn’t need him to be present in his office. He can often change his work environment as the location isn’t restricted. He can excite and stimulate his mind in different ways and feel motivated to work harder.

However, there’s one negative consequence of this job profile on his life. Owing to his sigma male personality traits, he often avoids socializing and spends time on his own.

This career choice pushes him even farther from the human touch. He dives deeper into his inner mind and has a reason to entirely cut off socializing.

A sigma male in this career must take breaks and spend time with his inner circle from time to time. He must ensure that he doesn’t get too absorbed in it. If he can balance his life well, he’ll have the best of all worlds.

2. Business Owner

Sigma males might not like to take on others’ responsibilities, unlike alpha males.  But they naturally have great leadership skills. They like to follow their own mind and feel frustrated when they’re controlled. So, being in charge of their own business can be pretty refreshing for them.

It allows him to follow their hearts and grow on their own terms. Since they aren’t answerable to others, they feel they’re in control.

3. Engineering or Architect

Compared to other personality types, sigma men can focus on the bigger picture. Due to the various problem-solving challenges they face in this career, they can feel more dedicated and grow. They must design structures intriguingly with good logic that poses a good challenge for them.

4. Web Developer

This is not only another computer-based and remote work but also a challenging career choice. Since creativity is important for web developers this keeps the monotony at bay and regularly infuses thrill into their life. They feel rewarded when they complete each project because this career needs out-of-the-box thinking.

They like it because it often keeps them busy and throws them new challenges. While they help their clients achieve their goals, they expand their horizons and grow.

Of course, the lack of constant communication with others also helps them focus. The job stimulates them perfectly because the problems and tasks are neverending which entertains them.

5. Artist, Musician, or Writer

Though a sigma male isn’t verbally expressive, he can express a lot through his art and creativity. Art, music, and writing help him connect with his emotions.

Though these careers need time to take off, a sigma male’s definition of success isn’t the same as the rest. So, as long as he can be independent and follow his dreams, he doesn’t want others to understand his job.

If he gains fulfillment from expressing these emotions, he’ll choose this any day over any conventional 9 to 5 job.

6. Marketing

Due to the sigma man’s creativity and out-of-the-box thoughts, he’s also a good fit in marketing. His sincere ways of relating with the customers make his marketing plans and campaigns a big success. He can create genuine and relevant advertising ideas that grab others’ interest to learn more about him. 

7. Medicinal and Science Fields

A sigma male might be more inclined towards these careers because of the challenges, endless opportunities to learn, and the scope of growth. Since new problems arise in these fields every day, these jobs can keep him on his toes almost always and thrill him.

He can also teach others his lessons and help them improve their life as a mentor, medic, or even a researcher. He can create a huge impact on others in this field, feel re

8. Food Critic

A sigma male’s verbal communication skills might not be that great. But they can express themselves in writing. They’re perceptive to various things and can read between the lines pretty well. Right from understanding the restaurant’s vibe to how the ingredients are used, he can notice it all.

He can share his experience and give a detailed review of everything. The job also requires him to try out new things and his life can become a new adventure every day.

9. Firefighters or Lifeguards

To be a firefighter, you need patience, sensitivity, understanding, and the ability to take criticism sportingly, stay calm during crises, and work with others. Everyone doesn’t have these qualities but it’s a piece of cake for a sigma male

But if he’s not good with fire but can deal with water. He can be the hunky rescuer as a lifeguard.

10. Tree Surgeon

Sigma males love adventures and nature has always been their best friend during solitude. So, they have a higher understanding of nature and trees. Moreover, climbing trees is already an added thrill to the job.

Due to their natural personality traits like their attention to detail, time management, being calm in stressful situations, and written communication skills, they can prosper in this career.

11. Homicide Detective

This career demands logic, reasoning, sharp intuition, and reception. These are the innate nature of a sigma male and he can even think in unique ways to understand the offenders’ motives or ways.

12. Spy

A spy must stay low and attract as little attention to him as possible. He must also blend in with the mass and become undetectable. Along with intelligence, spies must also be passionate about leading a life full of thrill and risks.

They must also learn new things continuously starting from new technology right to the map of the enemy territory. All of these are just a cakewalk for a sigma male.

13. Motorcycle Tour Leader

Since sigma males live for thrill, excitement, adventure, risks, and freedom, this is a great career for them. He can lead a group of motorcyclists without taking responsibility for their safety. They can inspire others to flirt with danger. His patience helps him deal with the tour participants efficiently.

On the other hand, his curiosity helps him find new ways to make the tours less monotonous. This way he’ll always have his customers return for more.

14. Stunt performer

Sigma males love to live on the edge. He wants to take risks and challenges. For him, a life without risk is not a life. So, this job can be a great match if they’re also into fitness and health. He can go for live performances or work as a TV stunt double. He can also open a stunt class and teach others. 

15. Martial Arts

If a sigma male is interested in taking his desire for a thrill to the next level, he can also learn martial arts and become a professional fighter. His job will include learning new skills, figuring out the opponent’s moves, and a way to beat them.

But to become a pro, he must also be extremely dedicated and open to learning. He must be open to traveling because competitions don’t take place everywhere.

All of these are just a cup of tea for a sigma. So, with the right coach, he can make things work out.

16. Brew Master

This job requires you to be creative and open to crafting unique beers. Passion, creativity, alertness, and sharp intuition are important for these tasks. So, if a sigma male loves beer, this can be his way to express his artistic skills to the world.

17. Pilot

Sigma males have great awareness of their space. They can make decisions under pressure calmly. These qualities are important for pilots.

18. Farmer

Since a sigma male is more interested in having a fulfilling career, he won’t care what others think of his profession.

So, if he loves to work outdoors, supply food to the world, and can work with animals, he might become a great farmer. He’s also good at negotiation and won’t make a deal without good profits. He can take care of his business pretty well.

19. Psychologist

A psychologist needs to regularly connect and communicate with his clients. So, you might assume that it’s not that great for a sigma male.

However, this profession needs patience, non-judgmental thoughts, compassion, thrive to learn, and good listening skills. A sigma male seems to have the most important parts under control. He can analyze and research human behavior which is a great pro.

20. Professional Athlete

Dedication, self-discipline, great decision-making skills, leadership, and resilience are some of the necessary skills to be an athlete. If a sigma male is into fitness, health, and sports, all he gotta do is choose his favorite sport!

21. Freelancer

Whether it’s writing, marketing, designing, web developing, or any other job that he can take clients at his leisure and take care of it from his comfort zone is a great choice. He can use his creativity, logical thoughts, and problem-solving skills.

He can be in charge of his life and time once he’s done with one project, He can choose his time and place of work and be more creative on some days and less on others.

22. Manager

Sigma males don’t like to deal with people or take accountability for others. So, you might say that this isn’t true by any chance. However, don’t forget that they have unique leadership skills.

They don’t try to dominate others, compete with others, or take away others’ credits like the alpha males. Rather, they’re compassionate, treat their subordinates as equals, and don’t behave aggressively when things don’t work out.

They don’t pay attention to socio-hierarchy and become the leader everyone dreams of having. Instead of expecting others to work perfectly, he does the work himself, sets an example, and teaches others. So, if he’s open to leading, this is a great opportunity for him.

Though you might still compromise to fit in, there are some that you must never get in. Let’s explore them here…

Sigma Males Careers to Avoid

Sigma males have some basic needs in their daily life like personal space, silence, and freedom. A job with these helps them thrive. But a job without any of these or with just the opposite of these is a total nightmare to them. So, here are the ones to beware of!

1. Receptionist and Secretarial

These are the worst careers for a sigma male as there’s no scope for progress. These jobs are monotonous and he can’t take any step on his own. He’ll always have to meet others’ needs and be controlled.

In secretarial positions, he must deal with different people throughout the day which exhausts the introverted lone wolf. He’ll either be left to appease his boss’ crazy whims or take calls throughout the day to schedule meetings.

The receptionist positions are also pretty similar. Other than spending the entire day taking calls from clients and scheduling their appointments, they also need to deal with their ungrateful and demanding attitude. They can’t even leave their desk for too long.

2. Customer Service

A sigma male is introverted and communications can tire him out. A job in customer service needs him to confront customers throughout the day.

This will only leave him frustrated because he’s used to staying low and avoiding any kind of verbal communication. He’s more silent and has good listening skills. He has good problem-solving skills and is understanding. He even has sharp intuition to understand others’ demands.

But even if he can act compassionately towards the customer, he can’t do it regularly for 8 hours at a stretch. Communication isn’t their forte, so they’ll bail out ASAP.

Moreover, repetitive jobs like making cold calls and filing client details throughout the day aren’t exciting to them.

3. Factory Worker

As mentioned, sigma men dislike repetitive and predefined ways of doing jobs. If he can’t add a bit of his own touch to the task, if he doesn’t have the freedom to make things work differently, he’s not up for it.

Moreover, silence works like therapy for them. But the factory is constantly noisy, so they can’t keep up with the environment.

Sigma men also can’t focus when they are continuously surrounded by people. They can’t continuously do mundane work as they soon lose their motivation when they can’t do anything interesting.

4. Cashier

With due respect, a cashier’s job requires them to bill all the products or services repeatedly, put a smile on their face even on their hardest days, ask the customer to enroll in some promotional schemes, and even comply with small talk while they stare dead at their face.

A sigma male isn’t a social being so the job can feel extremely uncomfortable. Moreover, he needs something more challenging to feel entertained.

Sometimes customers also make outrageous demands which can make them extremely uncomfortable even though they’re understanding and compassionate.

5. Retail positions

In the retail sector, employees deal with demanding customers that expect to be treated the best. They want the retail executives to help them find the best fit and color like their professional stylist.

Sometimes, retail employees also work overtime because their regulars can’t make time during the usual hours. Though they pay enough tips, it’s still a big hassle.

Most retail jobs are part-time and it’s a big hassle to figure out the schedule and make things work. Coworkers randomly take off and the remaining workers have to fill in suddenly. It’s a pretty stressful job.

Moreover, most retail jobs don’t provide growth opportunities. This makes a sigma male feel stuck and he stops caring about his performance altogether.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re a sigma male, remember that all the jobs on the first list won’t suit you. Since each job demands different qualities, figure out whether you have it in yourself.

But if you’ll soon hire a sigma male, then don’t judge them too fast. Test them out to know if they fit the position. Communicate about the responsibilities openly to understand if he’s a good match!

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