Sigma Male vs Alpha Male

Sigma males are introverts but alpha males are outgoing

Sigma males feel more comfortable in solitude. On the other hand, the alpha male is loud and extroverted.

Sigma males don’t want to lead but alphas are born to lead

Sigma males want nothing with others’ responsibilities. Besides, alpha males always desire to lead a pack.

Sigma males are friendly leaders, and alphas are authoritative leaders

Sigma males are friendly leaders and teach others by setting examples but alpha males are more of the dictators.

Sigma males don’t conform to social expectations, alpha males do

If society has high expectations from a sigma male, they won’t meet those. However, alpha males care a lot about society’s validation and appreciation.

Sigma males are more emotionally intelligent than alpha males

Sigma males have high EQ which helps them understand others’ emotions and read the room. But alpha males are obsessed with leading that they can’t self-introspect.

Sigma males have a tighter circle than alpha males

Sigma males keep a small circle where they can be transparent. On the other hand, alpha males desire to extend their social circles.

Sigma males are better listeners than alpha males

Sigma males like to stay silent, and this trait helps them learn the virtue of listening skills.But alpha males always wanted to be heard.

Sigma males are independent without any pack & alphas are independent within their pack

Sigma males can thrive on their own. But alpha males need someone to depend on them to show independence.

Sigma males socialize occasionally, alpha males are social beings

Sigma males like to spend time alone and rejuvenate their souls. However, the position of the alpha males depends on society so they try their best to socialize.

Sigma and alpha males only have positive traits in common. The differences show that a sigma male is better than an alpha male in multiple ways. However, don’t take all the differences as they are. Human beings are unique, and their personality can change.