Want to know the differences between a sigma male vs alpha male? Or are you more interested in their similarities? Wanna date a strong man or hire a capable one?

Well, whichever your concern is, this think-piece will help you know everything. Here, in this comparison, all the important facts are compiled.

So, let’s begin!

Sigma Male vs Alpha Male

Many sigma male traits are similar to alpha males. So, people often get confused between the two. However, if you dig deeper, you’ll know that they’re quite different from each other.

If you want to differentiate between the two at a glance, keep this chart in mind.

 Sigma MaleAlpha Male
SimilaritiesThey’re both confident about their power.They’re great leaders.They’re protective of close ones.They’re both desirable to women.
DifferencesThey’re introverts.They’re extroverts.
 They don’t want to lead.They desire leadership positions.
 They make humble leaders.They’re dominant leaders.
 They’re outside the socio-hierarchy.They’re at the top of the socio-hierarchy.
 They don’t care about social expectations.They value social expectations.
 They follow their wishes.They don’t do as they wish.
 They’re good even without a tribe.They need followers to feel self-sufficient.
 They’re more emotionally intelligent.They’re not that aware.
 They socialize only when necessary.They’re social beings.
 They’re quiet about their wins.They boast about their achievements.
 They’re calm.They’re aggressive.
 They don’t want attention.They love the limelight.
 They never compete.They want to dominate others.
 They’re good listeners.They don’t listen well.
 They have a small circle.They extend their circle.
 They’re adaptable.They are not.

The chart says only enough to know a sigma and alpha man. However, concise information can often lead to wrong assumptions. So, know the differences in detail here…

1. Both are confident about their power

Both sigma males and alpha males don’t feel insecure about themselves. They are both aware of their strengths over the rest. They know they don’t need others’ help and can succeed in life without any support.

Despite what the world says, they know about their intelligence, creativity, and power. They aren’t oblivious to the fact that they are way better than anyone else. During any crisis, they don’t let the fear of failure take over. This is all because of their high self-confidence.

Their self-confidence exudes through their aura and intimidates others. So, their enemies think twice before attacking them.

2. Both have impeccable leadership qualities

A sigma male and an alpha male are also great leaders. Once a team is entrusted to them, they know exactly how to lead them to success.

They both understand others’ strengths and weaknesses and guide them to bring out the best results. This is because they both have their eyes set on the goals and can understand their team well.

They both can guess the possible setbacks on their way and can prepare their team to tackle all those efficiently. They are both pretty aware and motivated about goals. So, they can inspire others to follow their ways and succeed together.

3. Both are desirable to women

For women, both alpha and sigma males are extremely attractive and charming but there are more reasons.

A woman desires a sigma male because he’s not ready to settle down. Women find him mysterious since he won’t open up or show his vulnerable sides. They feel challenged and want to win.

Moreover, he’s an independent and self-reliant man, reassuring the woman that he won’t need a caretaker. Many women feel turned off when they act like a mother to their mates. They know they can have enough freedom in the relationship

On the other hand, women desire an alpha male when they want everything to be taken care of. They want someone to take charge while they sit back and enjoy the luxuries.

4. Both are protective of loved ones

A sigma male doesn’t let his guard down around a lot of people. He’s pretty picky when it comes to his inner circle.

But when he starts trusting someone, he becomes loyal like no other. He’s ready to put his life on the line to protect these trustworthy loved ones… because he knows that they’re precious.

An alpha male is protective of his clan or pack. He feels responsible for them because he’s the leader of the group. He tries to protect them from every possible harm or evil intention.

His position at the top implies that he’s everyone’s protector. If he can’t protect others, he won’t be accepted as the leader. So, he doesn’t have any choice but to protect others with his might.

5. Sigma males are introverts but alpha males are outgoing

Sigma males feel more comfortable in solitude. They feel more secure and relaxed when they spend time on their own.

They don’t need to be lonely if people can’t make time for them. They like to be in their own company as it helps them heal and recharge.

They also like silence so without people surrounding them, they can appreciate the silence. They are often referred to as the “introverted alpha males” because that’s their most striking difference from alphas.

On the other hand, the alpha male is loud and extroverted. He is outgoing and can’t bear a moment without people around them. He likes it when it’s bustling around him.

6. Sigma males don’t want to lead but alphas are born to lead

Sigma males want nothing with others’ responsibilities. They are often called commitment-phobic because they are not eager to commit themselves to big groups like family, team members, or even a lover.

They don’t go along just to please others. So, if a responsibility pulls them down from living life their way, they won’t entertain it. He wants to be independent and free to explore the world.

On the other hand, alpha males always desire to lead a pack. He has worked hard since childhood to be a leader everywhere. He tries to gain the upper hand in his circle.

7. Sigma males are friendly leaders, and alphas are authoritative leaders

Though sigma males dislike the responsibility of teams, they can’t always avoid it. Their family might have nobody but them to depend on. Or, they might have no other choice but to lead a team in their academic or professional life.

They never dictate their team members or act like a know-it-all. Instead, they’re friendly leaders and teach others by setting examples. They don’t demand absolute obedience and help others learn slowly with reason.

But alpha males are more of the dictators. They want their team members to obey and respect their words absolutely. They don’t entertain doubts or questions and want others to do as they say.

8. In the socio-hierarchy, alpha males are on the top, but sigmas don’t belong in that

Vox day’s socio-hierarchy ranks different male archetypes depending on their social position and personality traits. According to him alphas, betas, deltas, gammas, omegas, and sigmas are all members of the manosphere.

In this, an alpha male has the highest rank and he always tries to protect his place as the leader. He loves to be on the top and enjoy fame.

However, sigma males don’t care about the traditional social dominance hierarchy. The lone wolves prefer to be away from unnecessary ranks and social constructs.

9. Sigma males don’t conform to social expectations, alpha males do

As mentioned above, sigma males don’t like to bind themselves within social constructs. They find it vague and burdensome. If society has high expectations from a sigma male, they won’t meet those. They like to be in charge of their life. They don’t care about society’s expectations of them.

They believe that it’s unnecessary to blindly follow rules and traditions. Moreover, if they feel bothered by certain rules, they want to violate them more.

However, alpha males care a lot about society’s validation and appreciation. They are conscious of others’ perceptions of them. Because a negative reputation will deprive them of their position and authority.

10. Sigma males dance around the beat of their own drum. Alphas don’t do as they wish

The sigma male does what he likes. If he wishes, he takes risks, goes on an adventure, and even works on eccentric goals. In his workplace, he isn’t interested in being the best or achieving major leadership roles. He’s ambitious but for uncommon things only. It’s possible only because too many people don’t depend on him.

However, alpha males can’t let themselves or their desires go this way. They are responsible for many people around them… whether at home, in society, or work. If he follows his heart, he’ll disappoint many people and his throne will be threatened. He needs to stay disciplined to avoid that.

11. Sigma males are independent without any pack, and alphas are independent within their pack

Sigma males can thrive on their own so they’re often called the lone wolf. They don’t need social support in anything. They charge towards any goals all by themselves. Whether they have people depending on them or not, they act independently everywhere.

But alpha males need someone to depend on them to show independence. Without people depending on them, they don’t feel reassured about their power, confidence, or independence.

12. Sigma males are more emotionally intelligent than alpha males

Sigma males have high emotional intelligence (EQ) which helps them understand others’ emotions and read the room.

They notice their faults and improve themselves. Even when criticized, they take it with a sportsman’s spirit.

But alpha males are so obsessed with leading that they can’t self-introspect at all. They fail to notice their flaws or work on them and often repeat mistakes. They can’t take criticism positively. They don’t even notice others’ feelings.

13. Sigma males socialize occasionally, alpha males are social beings

Sigma males like to spend time alone and rejuvenate their souls and often avoid socializing. However, when they can’t help it, they join in. Due to their lack of emotional response, their first impression isn’t often the best one.

However, the position of the alpha males depends on society so they try their best to socialize. To protect their authority, they keep a good public image by socializing well.

14. Sigma males don’t show off achievements, alpha males do

Sigma males are humble about their success. They don’t like to boast about their wins and keep it to themselves and celebrate alone. They don’t want others to congratulate them and feel good about their progress by themselves.

But alpha males are pretty loud and proud even about their smallest wins. They show others that they are worthy and want to hear praise. They want to remind everyone of their position and treat them nicely.

15. Sigma males are calm while alpha males are aggressive

In the face of crises, a sigma male can stay calm and collected. Whether they fail in their endeavors or someone betrays them, they’re always level-headed. They won’t let the situation get the better of them. Instead, they carefully seek solutions.

On the other hand, during crises, alpha males lose their minds and act aggressively. They can’t tolerate that when their plans don’t work out. Even if someone tries to hurt them, they react fiercely towards that. 

16. Sigma males avoid attention but alpha males thrive on it

Sigma males don’t do anything that might draw attention toward them. They keep a low profile, hide their good traits and blend in the background. They don’t feel good when they get attention. Rather, they awkwardly try to get away from social situations.

On the other hand, alpha males crave attention. They try to succeed in life and do remarkable deeds to get others’ validation and appreciation. They feel bitter when someone else steals their spotlight.

17. Sigma males don’t compete with others, alpha males want to dominate

A sigma male has nothing to prove to others as they know that they’re the best. Unless they want to prove something to themselves, they don’t go out of their way to compete with others. Even without overpowering others, they know their worth.

In group activities, a sigma male tries to avoid getting into the limelight. Even if they did most of the work, they still passed the credit to others. Because they think others are their allies, not competitors.

But winning is everything to alpha males. In group activities, they try to dominate others and receive the most praise.

18. Sigma males are better listeners than alpha males

Sigma males like to stay silent, and this trait helps them learn the virtue of listening skills. They’re good listeners and know that giving undivided attention and listening without interruption helps a distressed person feel heard.

But alpha males always wanted to be heard. They were never interested in listening to others. Instead, they only care until everyone else listens to them. So, they don’t have good listening skills as life is only about them.

19. Sigma males have a tighter circle than alpha males

Sigma males keep a small circle where they can be transparent. They don’t form superficial bonds with anyone that approaches them. They interact with people they genuinely relate with.

On the other hand, alpha males desire to extend their social circles. Even if they have nothing in common with others, they stay connected and expand their relationships. This is only to know more people and dominate them.

20. Unlike alpha males, they’re flexible

Sigma males can adapt to any changes in their life easily. They are understanding towards mishaps, and if others are involved in the situation, they treat them compassionately.

If something doesn’t follow the plan, they change their ways, but it doesn’t include any kind of manipulation.

However, when a sudden change begins in an alpha male’s life, he can’t compromise at all. If a person is responsible for this change, he directs his anger toward them. They’re extremely rigid when it comes to changes that make everyone else uncomfortable.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you notice clearly, sigma and alpha males only have positive traits in common. The differences show that a sigma male is better than an alpha male in multiple ways.

However, don’t take all the differences as they are. Human beings are unique, and their personality can change.

So, when you judge between the two, in reality, don’t assume the worst or best about anyone. Allow them to prove themselves and then reach a judgment.

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