Things about a Beta Male that Turns Off Women

1. Doubtful nature

Women want men that can protect them. They believe that doubtful men are under confident and can't protect themselves from probable dangers.

2. Nervous body language

Beta male traits make a man reserved and shy. So, in social situations, they become nervous and exhibit poor body language.

3. Pessimism

If you spend time with a beta male, you’ll notice that he is pessimistic about everything. For instance, he won’t take the lead even if people push him to. He’s afraid he’ll disappoint others.

4. Avoiding risk and conflicts

Beta males are infamous for their risk and conflict-avoidant nature. They sidestep any possible dispute and this makes them look like they lack self-confidence.

5. Being a follower

Beta males feel more comfortable about being a follower rather than a leader. And women want a leader! They want someone else to take the lead in their life, so they can depend on him.

6. Permission-seeking nature

Beta men let society influence their choices. They mostly depend on what seems socially acceptable to make choices. In a way, they seek society’s permission before they do something.

If you're a beta male, plan ways to deal with these issues. It doesn't matter whether you're single or not. Your partner might eventually get tired of these and leave for good. Before something bad happens, work on yourself.