Despite being great lovers, there are some things about a beta male that turns off women. Even though they are so dedicated and selfless in love, they aren’t flawless.

If you are a beta male, it’s time to know about the things that obstruct your love life. And if you’re his well-wisher, help him with some good dating tips.

So, c’mon, let’s hop on!

Things about a Beta Male That Turns Off Women

Due to a few unattractive beta male behaviors, some women completely avoid beta guys. They assume these men can’t provide for or protect them because of their small traits.

So, if you’re a beta male, take this chance to improvise!

1. Doubtful nature

Many assume that beta men lack confidence. But in reality, they are just worried about what their partners want. They feel uncertain about others’ likes and are always anxious about their feelings.

They’d appreciate it if their partner clearly expressed their needs.

However, women want men that can protect them. They believe that doubtful men are under confident and can’t protect themselves from probable dangers.

Women think that “If he can’t be certain about my choices and preferences, how will he undertake necessary actions during trouble?”

Their uncertain attitude makes women insecure. So, forget about dating them as they straight-up friend-zone them. Since alpha males don’t show similar traits, they desire them.

2. Nervous body language

Beta male traits make a man reserved and shy. So, in social situations, they become nervous and exhibit poor body language.

For instance, they don’t make eye contact, don’t initiate conversations, aren’t assertive, and aren’t open to sharing about themselves.

All of these send mixed signals to women. They can’t understand whether the beta male is interested in them or not. The submissive body language and facial expression show her that he fears her.

Moreover, it just seems like he lacks confidence all the more. So, instead of flirting with him, a woman doesn’t care about him or pity him and seeks a more confident-looking man.

3. Pessimism

If you spend time with a beta male, you’ll notice that he is pessimistic about everything. For instance, he won’t take the lead even if people push him to. He’s afraid he’ll disappoint others. If he’s publicly appreciated, he’d run away from the attention.

He always has a lot of negativity on his mind. On the other hand, women desire optimistic men who know what they want and have backup plans. They don’t want someone that worries about the worst during every step of life.

This habit of the beta male often turns off women and spoils the chance of connecting with them!

4. Avoiding risk and conflicts

Beta males are infamous for their risk and conflict-avoidant nature. They sidestep any possible dispute and this makes them look like they lack self-confidence.

Some men believe that women hate violence and confrontations. So, this must work in the favor of beta men. However, if a man wants to provide for his family, he’ll often get into disputes with the world. He needs to fight for his right in this evil world.

Men are also supposed to be the protector. So, if anyone attacks his family, he must face the danger head-on. But when a man avoids any sort of risk and conflict, he can be neither the protector nor the provider.

This again turns off women because they want someone that can defend themselves, their family, and their beliefs.

5. Being a follower

Beta males feel more comfortable about being a follower rather than a leader. And women want a leader! They want someone else to take the lead in their life, so they can depend on him.

If a man can’t understand what his partner wants and asks her for directions at every step, women feel turned off. Women desire someone that will plan a date to surprise them instead of asking them for their likes and totally spoiling the surprise.

Unless the beta male learns to take the lead about these basic areas, most women aren’t ready for them!

6. Permission-seeking nature

Beta men let society influence their choices. They mostly depend on what seems socially acceptable to make choices. In a way, they seek society’s permission before they do something.

They hardly ever make even the minute choices without worrying about society or loved ones.

Initially, it feels great when he considers his girlfriend/wife’s thoughts before anything. However, she can’t always be free enough to think about his matters. She has her own life and duties to cater to. At some point, she’s bound to feel overwhelmed by his decisions and choices.

Of course, she’s glad to be a part of important decisions like savings and investments. But she can’t decide his outfits, business, or food forever. This naturally puts off any woman!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re a beta male, plan ways to deal with these issues. It doesn’t matter whether you’re single or not. Your partner might eventually get tired of these and leave for good. Before something bad happens, work on yourself.

If you know a beta male in your personal life, share this article with him. Discuss ways to improve himself and enjoy a satisfying romance.

But if you’re a beta male’s girlfriend or wife and these things bother you, talk it out. Be respectful and honest and try to reach a middle ground. Things will definitely work if you both love each other!

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