What Are The ENTJ Personality Traits?

ENTJ stands for:

30 Traits of ENTJ Personality Are:

E for extraverted

N for intuitive

T for thinking

J for judging

1. Great Leaders

They are born leaders. They are energetic and accept any challenge that comes their way. As a result, they naturally can motivate others to reach the target in the best possible ways.

2. Sharp thinkers

ENTJs are always full of great ideas. They have outstanding problem-solving capabilities. Strong conceptual skills, forward-thinking, and supply long-term solutions.

3. Powerhouse      of energy

ENTJs are the most efficient type of people. They dislike others being lazy or anyone complaining of little or no success in things they do.

4. Ability to foresee things and plan accordingly

ENTJs possess excellent foreseeing ability. They can take up challenges instantly, make proper plans and find solutions at once.

5. Strong-minded and determined

Once ENTJs come to a decision, others cannot change them. ENTJs seldom give up to pressure and instead believe in their ideas, logic, and deduction that brought them there.

6. Poor capability to deal with emotions

ENTJs cannot deal with emotions in an effective way.  ENTJs consider anyone who shows emotion as a fault or shortcoming in their character.

7. Rigid and uncompromising

ENTJs expect others to be to their same high standard. ENTJs believe everyone should be hardworking, thinking & executing work as they do.