ENTJ personality traits refer to those subtle signs that make them distinct individuals and help us set them apart from all others. These individuals are goal-directed and bestowed with excellent communication skills.

They are bold, confident, and prefer to think straight. To some extent, they are too logical and tend to overlook their feelings. As a result, ENTJs appear cold and emotionless to many others. 

They are not easygoing extroverts who approach quite easily, rather people find them too arrogant and haughty to deal with.

In this post, we will discuss all the major signs of an ENTJ personality type, so that if you are the one, you know your personality better than others.

ENTJ personality traits

Personality describes the distinctive patterns of thoughts, emotions, and actions that differentiate a person from others and helps to figure out and interpret a person’s behavior. It does not change much throughout our lives.

There are several personality tests that explain personality types. One such personality test is Myers Briggs Type Inventory that has given us the detailed explanations of 16 personality types

ENTJ is just one of the sixteen personality types suggested by Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers.

ENTJ is an abbreviation. This four letter abbreviation means the following. E stands for extraverted, N stands for intuitive, T stands for thinking, and J stands for judging. 

ENTJs are said to be born leaders as they excel in leading or taking charge of situations. ENTJs often plan well, have a logical solution to any problem, love interacting with others, and usually tend to be well-organized and sorted. 

Simply ENTJs prefer ideas and concepts rather than facts. ENTJs are ambitious and career driven, stubborn and emotionless too. 

For all the above traits, ENTJs are also known as Commander personalities. Commander personalities are those individuals who are motivated and determined in whatever they do.  

Extraversion shows how a person gets energy by spending time with others. ENTJs are talkative, love deep conversations, and love debating too. 

They are highly sociable and usually have a wide circle of connections. They draw people towards themselves in a gathering due to their persona. Every talk, debate, and conversation should throw challenges toward them, and that energizes them fully. ENTJs prefer productive time spent with others.

ENTJs are intuitive as well. It implies ENTJs love to explore the latest ideas and concepts and think ahead of the big picture. They are forward thinkers, insightful, and innovative. 

ENTJs are also thoughtful. Their decisions are more logical than heart driven. ENTJs respect the truth. They are analytical, rational, wise, and reasonable. Emotions and social values hardly make any impact on their decision-making ability.

The ENTJ personality type prefers to remain planned and organized. Thus making up rules and following them thoroughly is their core habit. They do not like being spontaneous and flexible. 

Planning out the course of action gives them a sense of control. ENTJs are highly responsible people and respect work ethics. They love sticking to deadlines in any work they do. 

ENTJ is the rarest personality type found in less than 2% of the population. It is found primarily in men. A few prominent ENTJs are Bill Gates, David Letterman, Margaret Thatcher, Napoleon Bonaparte, Carl Sagan (astronomer), Steve Jobs, Adele (singer), and Garry Kasparov (chess grandmaster).

The 30 traits in detail

The word personality trait refers to the fine drawn qualities of an individual that are enduring and relatively remain stable throughout life. It comprises anything that sets you apart from others. The primary and vivid personality trait that shows up in ENTJ character is that of a ‘Planner’ and an inborn ‘Leader’.

Some of the typical traits and signs that make ENTJ unique and rare among the other extrovert types are as follows:

1. Great leaders

They are born leaders. They are energetic and accept any challenge that comes their way. As a result, they naturally can motivate others to reach the target in the best possible ways. ENTJs love to lead, keeping the situation under their control, and therefore can successfully achieve the target.

2. Sharp thinkers

ENTJs are always full of great ideas. They have outstanding problem-solving capabilities. Strong conceptual skills, forward-thinking, and supplying long-term solutions to problems help ENTJs to move swiftly in projects they are involved in.

3. Powerhouse of energy

ENTJs are the most efficient type of people. They dislike others being lazy or anyone complaining of little or no success in things they do.

They focus on their work with all their energy, and good time management skills give them favorable results. ENTJs have a firm belief in them and are never discouraged. Even in a stressful situation, they sail through smoothly.

4. Ability to foresee things and plan accordingly

ENTJs possess excellent foreseeing ability. They can take up challenges instantly, make proper plans and find solutions at once. These people properly organize everything to finish their work on time.

They arrange things well to know where everything is. They are master strategists for crisis-laden situations too.

5. Strong-minded and determined

Once ENTJs come to a decision, others cannot change them. ENTJs seldom give up to pressure and instead believe in their ideas, logic, and deduction that brought them there. ENTJs believe in themselves thoroughly and love to trust in their abilities. 

They are open to being criticized by others as they never take criticism personally. They are the persistent type of individuals and never give up. Strangely enough, they prefer people or colleagues who are equally diligent as them.

6. Poor capability to deal with emotions

ENTJs cannot deal with emotions in an effective way.  ENTJs consider anyone who shows emotion as a fault or shortcoming in their character. Any decision they make is not emotions based. 

They do not accept any decisions from others that have emotions and feelings involved. They do not acknowledge the emotional aspect of life and end up hurting and ignoring the feelings of their partners, friends, and colleagues.

7. Rigid and uncompromising

ENTJs expect others to be to their same high standard. ENTJs believe everyone should be hardworking, thinking & executing work as they do. These individuals have less patience and do not like slow workers.

ENTJs expect others to work according to their ways. They are pretty rigid in accepting ideas based on emotional factors.

8. Cold-hearted and harsh

ENTJs dislike people who disagree with them. They believe the other person is wrong. ENTJs do not accept their mistakes and can act stubborn at times. Anyone pointing out their mistakes always inevitably invites unforgiving and cold-hearted responses from them.

9. Headstrong and candid

Almost always thinking in their logical way, which they believe to be flawless, leads them to find fault with others.

ENTJs do not consider how others solve problems. They impose their way of moving forward in work. It makes them seem to be critical and uncompromising. No one loves their faults to be picked up and displayed often.

10. Risk taker and thrill seeker

As they are outgoing (extraverted), they get energized by adventure (such as trying new food and new sports) and meeting novel situations. ENTJs seem to enjoy beautiful things in life too.

They also like spending time and interacting with others. ENTJs love getting themselves into activities that involve some risk.

11. Craves for success

They show immense dedication in the work they do. They strive for success always. ENTJs love to achieve a prominent position in the work they do. The ENTJ type love to achieve results. 

ENTJs are constantly trying to be productive, proficient, and influential in all aspects of their personal and professional life. They always give their best to be successful in life. Success motivates them to march ahead in life. As a result, they aim higher and higher in life.

12. Poor control over their temper

ENTJs become super angry & fiery when things are not happening according to their plan. ENTJs do not like when people give silly excuses for underperformance. 

Frequent setbacks while trying to reach the goal make them lose their temper. ENTJs act impulsively and may get annoyed whenever others do not listen to them and the target seems difficult to achieve.

13. Impatient

ENTJs think that they deserve recognition. They feel that they are privileged to get praise, power, respect, etc., which can also make them impatient when things do not turn out the way they had expected.

ENTJs hardly know how to wait and are constantly thinking and looking for how to do or get things done. ENTJs like quick thought responses and execution and dislike items getting delayed.

14. Confidence level is awesome

They have faith in themselves and their abilities. ENTJs hardly ever suffer from hesitancy in the decision-making process.

ENTJs are experts in planning & plotting, and have many solutions to a problem, and can select the best one. They have trust in themselves. It makes them sort after solution providers.

15. Curious to know everything

Being curious is being an ENTJ. ENTJs soak up any latest information and ideas they stumble upon. They enjoy learning and updating themselves as much as they can. Hence curiosity adds to their problem-solving ability. They are quick learners and quick to understand things. They are, therefore, intellectually curious.

People with an ENTJ personality type are always seeking new knowledge about unknown things. They prefer engaging in deep conversations with others, so that they know the unknown. 

16. Dependable and can be trusted upon by others

ENTJs always finish the work they are doing. They are loyal to their work and complete it no matter what happens. These individuals will perform beyond expectation. They are thoroughly professional and hence dependable to the extreme. 

Even in relationships, they are faithful and can be trusted partners who will offer thick and thin support in times of adversities.

17. Efficiency at its best

ENTJs are very efficient and look for efficiency in others because efficiency is the only way to race toward the future and achieve newer goals. 

They achieve results with minimum wastage of time and effort. They are always trying to find ways to boost efficiency. ENTJs are so efficient that they love juggling multiple demanding tasks together.

They will never sit back with ideas rather prefer to put them in action. ENTJs are hardworking types. Their effort is always directed towards achieving the big goal that they have set for themselves.

18. The ENTJ type cannot accept failures easily 

All ENTJs are so serious about how to reach the set target that any setback or failure shatters them.

They cannot take failure in their stride as an opportunity to learn. ENTJs are perfectionists and find it extremely difficult to cope with failures. ENTJs seek consistency in life. Failure is a cause of stress for ENTJs.

19. Quick to spot artificiality and deceitfulness 

Introverted intuition helps ENTJs to figure out the authenticity level of other people. They are quick to spot fake, artificial, no genuine and manipulative people. 

They use their introverted intuition function in decision-making and laying down the plan of work at hand. As a result, they end up putting up the best team to work with and reach their target smoothly.

ENTJs are quick to spot inadequacies, and when people are not putting their 100% effort into their assigned task. They will also know the malicious intentions and cheating, if any directed towards them by friends and colleagues.

20. Good at making decisions 

ENTJs are born natural leaders, and leaders must make decisions to move ahead. ENTJs are noticeably clear in their thoughts.

Hence, they can quickly make decisions rather than wasting time hearing different sides. Sometimes this independent decision-making process may result in a loss of cooperation from others in a group.

21. Alluring personality 

ENTJs are the most charming, captivating, enchanting type of people. They are usually very approachable and amiable people. Being so, they can make others follow what they order and command. Also, they can attract attention to make themselves more prominent among a house full of people.

22. Perfectionists to the core

They are prim, proper, and perfect in whatever they do. ENTJs expect the same from others. They are also flawless in their thought and action and end up criticizing others if they do not stand up to be excellent.

ENTJs highlight what is wrong and, at the same time, suggest how to make it right or perfect.

23. Loves to take up new challenges every now and then

They take up everything they meet as a challenge and never as a problem. Any challenges make them super energetic and focused.

They push themselves full throttle to achieve the target. ENTJs view life as full of challenges as they have sky-high targets to reach. They approach any challenge with robustness and resolve.

24. ENTJs have the tendency to order others 

Most ENTJs have a natural tendency to be a leader. ENTJs mostly order others to do things instead of asking them to do them. The tendency to tell others is both in the office and at home. But they do not like to receive orders from others. ENTJs find it highly strenuous and offensive to follow orders from others.

25. Poor in expressing own emotions

For ENTJs, expressing their own emotion is a sign of weakness. ENTJs are uncomfortable sharing their feelings and emotions even with their spouses, family, or closest friends. 

They want to appear as mentally strong individuals capable of being practical and logical. 

Sometimes not expressing one’s own feelings results in a flared-up temperament. But ENTJs are much more sensitive than anyone realizes and often get troubled by the fact no one values their efforts.

26. ENTJs are career lovers

ENTJs love their career the most. Accomplishment, power, and position are what they want in their lifetime. But they also enjoy sports. It allows them to plan and strategize to reach the target goal. ENTJs play competitive sports to hone their competitiveness trait further.

27. ENTJs are brutally honest

ENTJs are one of the sincere breeds of people. Honesty and truthfulness are their first love. They are honest to the core and take up interactions straight. 

ENTJs are the most loved leaders as they are not manipulative. ENTJs attract audiences, admirers, and patrons as they are straightforward personalities. They prefer to pinpoint flaws clearly and can have nit-picky tendencies that sometimes annoy others.

28. Bold and fearless

ENTJs are fearless souls. Being an extrovert with thinking qualities, they have far-fetched goals that may make them take up new risks and challenges every now and then. Therefore, they show a lot of courage and assertiveness to pursue tough things in life. 

ENTJs are brave and courageous. They never give up and hate to settle down with lesser achievements in life. They dream big and attain big goals in life.

29. Rational thinkers

ENTJs are fiercely logical and never consider the role of emotions in their decision making process. They love to think rationally and to the point. 

ENTJs are the ones who will simply go through each and every aspect of the problem and build strategies to solve issues. They are level-headed and think clearly. Their analytical mind takes decisive actions on the spot.

30. Relentless workers who are unstoppable

ENTJs are unstoppable. They are workaholics who never sit until the goal is reached. Their vision is clear and distinct that makes them pursue everything in life with utmost clarity. Their superb organization skills, planned actions never fail. 

They also keep back up plans to work with if the original plan of action seems to fail in some way. These individuals are a bundle of positivity and energy. 

They have never tasted failures because they know there is always a second chance in life, if you know how to come back stronger and resilient.

To Sum Up

ENTJs are known for being leaders with par excellence, expert problem solvers, and successful entrepreneurs. Their intelligence and iron will make them superior to others. Their innate ability to think logically, wisely, and level-headedly is an asset to them. ENTJs do everything passionately, and as a result, they excel in it. 

ENTJs are indeed sought-after personalities. They need to work harder to nurture patience, be more pleasant in interpersonal relationships, be less argumentative, and cater to their emotional needs. Then the sky’s the limit for their achievements.

Concisely, ENTJs are some of the most ingenious leaders and mind-blowing people that you may come across in your daily life.