What Are the Hobbies of ENTJ Personality Type?

The hobbies of ENTJ personality types show their love for taking leadership roles and inspiring people’s life and living in finer ways. They’re fiercely logical and organized.

Some of their preferred hobbies are:


ENTJs have the ability to observe and analyze people, things, and situations closely.


ENTJs have sharp tastes but it is not enough for them. If they like a particular food preparation, they will surely try to make it on their own.

Going to parties and attending social functions

ENTJs are also social butterflies. They prefer attending parties and getting-together in a friend’s place on a weekend.

Brainstorming discussions

Another good hobby choice for these intellectuals would be to engage in thoughtful discussions and brainstorming sessions.

Mentoring others

ENTJs are also good at giving advice and offering suggestions to others. Thus, they can utilize their free time by guiding someone else who might need a small dose of inspiration to make their lives  better

Adventure sports and competitive solo games

ENTJs are active and energetic people. They would prefer to use their free time by doing some active sports that may give them both happiness and thrill

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