The hobbies of ENTJ personality types show their love for taking leadership roles and inspiring people’s life and living in finer ways. They’re fiercely logical and organized. Thus, their side-hustles reflect their love for abstract ideas and creative endeavors.

People with ENTJ preferences will spend a lot of time brainstorming on ideas and innovative thinking. They choose hobbies that are relaxing and enable them to unwind fully. 

They prefer hobbies that are less demanding and challenging and allows them to experience some real joy and moments of fresh happiness amidst all the problems they face in their routine life.

Let’s see what these intellectual and ambitious people choose to do in their free time.

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Hobbies of ENTJ personality type

People with ENTJ personalities love stimulating work even if it is meant for pure fun and happiness. They hate mundane and uninteresting stuff. Their hobby list is long and exciting. ENTJs will always choose hobbies that allow deep thinking and brainstorming about various ideas and schemes. 

They enjoy hobbies that are relaxing and provide them opportunities for personal growth. ENTJs will always push themselves in attaining something more and thus they choose hobbies that allow new learning. 

You may also find them seeking a creative pursuit in their free time. ENTJs enjoy various sorts of outdoor activities such as playing outdoor games, or going shopping in the nearby store, and even a brisk nature walk. 

Being an extrovert, they prefer exciting pastime activities that can keep them busy and stay connected to the larger crowd. They love to socialize and you will find them doing many activities with friends and family that refreshes their day in newer ways. 

ENTJs are serious folks. You may find them enjoying a leadership role in community welfare programs where they were given a chance to offer advice and suggestions to others. Their day will be fulfilled if their suggestions are taken and they receive the praise for their valuable advice.

ENTJs enjoy adventure sports, outdoor play, and anything that can energize them mentally. They avoid doing routine stuff that is monotonous and non-interesting.

 They prefer to participate in group activities such as athletic meets, or joining a hiking group, and even a meditation group session. These activities give them joy and allow them to stay connected to other people.

Some of their solitary pastimes include photography, cooking, reading books and journals, etc. These individuals want excitement and constant stimulation intellectually; otherwise they will feel bored too often. 

Moreover, they also like attending various sporting events and playing group games that are competitive and thrilling. ENTJs enjoy playing football, basketball, and any other active outdoor sports that are energetic and adventurous. These individuals have many hobbies that they engage on a regular basis.

Some of their preferred hobbies are as follows:

1. Photography

ENTJs have the ability to observe and analyze people, things, and situations closely. They prefer to click pictures in events, festivals, and social gatherings. Being an extrovert, they prefer the public spotlight and you may also find them posing for a photograph in some public function. 

Photography is one of their favorite hobbies as they are keen to click those moments that can add more value to their life.

ENTJs can become well-known photographers because they are creative and know how to click the best pictures ever. They would love to capture some beautiful moments that can be cherished later on.

2. Cooking

ENTJs have sharp tastes but it is not enough for them. If they like a particular food preparation, they will surely try to make it on their own.

These individuals will try to make the dish even more tasty and palatable. Their passion for good food can eventually turn into a favorite pastime in no time. 

 3. Joining a community welfare group

Being an extrovert, ENTJs have good communication skills. They can relate with society issues that need a rectification. In their free time, they would like to make some social contributions by trying to understand the problems of others and taking a positive initiative. ENTJs are masters of rational problem solving. 

By joining a community group, they will inspire others to live better lives. ENTJs are not good at understanding emotional issues but they are bestowed with logical thoughts. 

As such they can make action plans that can be used by many people in the community to resolve their daily life struggles.

4. Going to parties and attending social functions

ENTJs are also social butterflies. They prefer attending parties and getting-together in a friend’s place on a weekend. This is one of their favorite pastimes because it gives them a chance to connect with many people at a time. 

Moreover, they will get the opportunity to share their endless ideas with others and will be able to enjoy thoughtful discussions on the way. Partying also allows them to stay connected to the crowd which they love thoroughly.

5. Brainstorming discussions

Another good hobby choice for these intellectuals would be to engage in thoughtful discussions and brainstorming sessions. They would love to join social clubs, reading groups where many people will come and share their ideas on diverse topics. 

ENTJs will feel great when they will get the chance to share their thoughts on relevant current affairs. Their dominant cognitive function is extroverted thinking and this function helps them to talk about interesting topics that others would also find engaging and insightful.

6. Mentoring others

ENTJs are also good at giving advice and offering suggestions to others. Thus, they can utilize their free time by guiding someone else who might need a small dose of inspiration to make their lives a better one.

ENTJs are deep thinkers; they are also great with making strategies that work well in most circumstances. 

Thus, as mentors they will help people develop their key skills and live their dream life. Moreover, when others are stuck in various life issues, ENTJs can help them decide things logically, so that their emotionally overwhelming responses can be curbed to some extent.

These individuals can help others in practical ways that are relevant in today’s world. 

 7. Adventure sports and competitive solo games

ENTJs are active and energetic people. They would prefer to use their free time by doing some active sports that may give them both happiness and thrill. These individuals thrive on doing something creative every now and then. 

Any type of adventure sports such as river rafting, paragliding can interest them a lot. Apart from this, they will prefer to participate in competitions and win prizes as well. Such sports may include names such as boxing, badminton, lawn tennis etc. 

These sports are a healthy way to stay fit and at the same time give an ENTJ the opportunity to win over others and get recognized socially after winning the game.

8. Cycling

ENTJs are well connected with Mother Nature. You may find them going for long distance cycling over the weekend on a regular basis. This hobby gives them an opportunity to stay active and enjoy the beauty of nature. Moreover, cycling is an enjoyable pastime that gives them joy and pleasure to the fullest.

9. Playing strategy games in the house

ENTJs also love to spend time at home with their family and friends. Thus, they would prefer to join them in playing strategy games such as chess, monopoly, or any other interesting mind games that feel engaging. 

ENTJs are intelligent and self-driven to learn strategy games that enhance their intellect and stimulate them mentally. These individuals are ambitious and prefer to win over the battle of brains. So, indoor strategy games are a right hobby choice for them.

10. Reading

This is one of their most pleasurable pastimes. ENTJs would love to read any book that can stimulate their brains to come up with new mind boggling ideas. 

They aspire to learn about various diverse things, and reading new stuff gives them an opportunity to learn the unknown. 

Moreover, they will also love to read books that can help them with career enhancement and develop some skills that are relevant in today’s work culture.

To Sum Up

ENTJs are great at creating ideas that can have a purpose in their life. Even their hobbies are well chosen to meet their need for constant psychological stimulation. 

People with ENTJ preferences would love to enjoy their leisure hours by doing something that is both creative and productive. 

As they are quite serious about everything, they will follow a hobby that can be long term and can give them joy and peace. It should unwind them mentally and take away the stressors of everyday life easily.