What are the Strengths and Weaknesses of ENTJ?

The list of ENTJs strengths is endless because they are bestowed with so many good qualities that make them exclusive. Yet, they have their share of blind spots as well. Let's learn about their strength first.

Energetic and lively

ENTJs are the true professionals. Their energy levels are always high, which drives them to attain more success in life.

Logical thinkers

People with ENTJ preferences are logical-minded and appreciate constant brainstorming and thinking. They are good at making strategic plans for problem solving.

Determined and headstrong

ENTJs are ruled by the head and not the heart. These individuals will fall, again rise up, and try again along the same path.

Personality weaknesses are described as blind spots or character flaws that need to be overcome. Some of the weaknesses of ENTJ are:

Insensitive and ruthless

ENTJs appears emotionally distant and insensitive. They tend to base their decisions on logic and rationality too much than what is needed.

Low tolerance level

ENTJs are impatient with people who they see as less intellectual than them. Moreover, any kind of delay, or impractical decision making by someone can irritate them a lot.


They are stubborn like a mule and no one can convince them to see the other side of the picture, even if it’s utterly needed.

ENTJs are not the ones to buckle under stress. They are quite resilient and know how to keep things in order, so that they don’t feel emotionally overwhelmed.