ENTJ strengths and weaknesses depict those character traits and behavior patterns that are either positive or negative and influence the person’s overall behavior. These traits are in-built in a person’s nature and more or less remain the same throughout unless changed consciously.

ENTJs are bestowed with good leadership abilities. They have a straightforward communication style that is assertive and catchy. 

Armed with good organization abilities, ENTJs love structured setups where rules are followed and everything is in its proper order. These individuals are self-motivated and strong-willed. They love to remain efficient in all walks of life.

Procrastination irks them and as such they cannot deal with people who are laid-back and lack ambition in life. ENTJs are hard to bow down to because of their unmatched efficiency and high confidence level. Their self-worth is intact and never appears insecure.

ENTJs are not without emotions but it’s true that they struggle to maintain their emotional intelligence and go on working in trying times. 

They appear cold and distant when it comes to dealing with matters involving feelings and finer emotions. As such, they are misunderstood by others as dull and distant.

In this article, we will talk about both the good and the bad traits that make them the way they are in reality.

ENTJ Strengths and weaknesses

The ENTJ personality type is outgoing and outspoken. They are gifted with intelligence and wit. People with ENTJ preference are keen to make organized plans about their future. They love to dream about possibilities that others may not even dare to think.

These individuals are logical, and prefer to discard the role of emotions in decision making. They are always ready to take up challenges that others won’t even dare to pursue. They keep their to-do list ready with them, so that they know what is expected of them next in line.

ENTJs are passionate about the goals that they have set for themselves. Given the ability to work hard immensely, ENTJs will do anything and everything required to attain their goals. They can build strategies that help them realize their vision effortlessly.

People with ENTJ preferences are bold and brave. They are risk-takers and can constantly motivate themselves to do their best. Actually, they seek some form of personal inspiration from deep inside themselves, so as to reach their goals effectively.

Most ENTJs would hate to find themselves in a state of career stagnation. They want to dream big, and achieve success in all aspects of life. ENTJs are also highly efficient with great energy levels. The laid-back attitude is completely missing in their personality profile. 

The list of their strengths is endless because they are bestowed with so many good qualities that make them exclusive. Yet, they have their share of blind spots as well. 

Their most prominent weakness lies in their inability to change minds as per the situation. They’re stubborn as a mule and cannot adjust themselves with new changes. Moreover, they hate surprises and prefer to stay informed all the time.

ENTJs are arrogant and haughty. Sometimes, they lack patience with those who they think are not as smart as them. In such a situation, they will also show a low tolerance level and become irritated and annoyed with them. 

For their overall personality development, ENTJs should walk along a definite personality development regime where they will be taught the skills to enhance their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

10 ENTJ strengths

Personality strengths of an ENTJ type refers to those qualities, skills, and prowess that are good and shiny and gives this type a positive side to look at. These positive traits give them a sense of control over themselves. The key strengths are as follows:

1. Beyond compare efficiency

ENTJs are efficient and goal-oriented. They constantly strive to attain perfection and excellence in their work and will never settle for less. These individuals are time-friendly, focused, and never waste time to do their best. 

They are focused on their work and never shy away from doing even better every day. ENTJs are consistently hard working and this helps them to maintain their level of efficiency in the same place every time. They will do the right things at the perfect time and this makes them successful in all walks of life.

2. Energetic and lively

ENTJs are the true professionals. Their energy levels are always high, which drives them to attain more success in life. These individuals believe in taking necessary actions to get things done. 

They will enjoy leading others and do all the needful to accomplish the task timely. Implementing the goals is their first choice and they will put all their energy in doing the desired action.

3. Self-assured

People with ENTJ preferences are self-assured and confident. They have full faith in their abilities and key skills. They prefer to give opinions that are relevant and often trusted by others. 

When others rely on their abilities, their confidence levels soar high. Being an extrovert, they prefer inspiring others by giving advice and suggestions that can make their lives even better. ENTJs are confident that they can accomplish even the toughest goals in life.

4. Strong willpower

ENTJs are strong willed and believe in overcoming all sorts of obstacles while realizing their life goals. Neither do they get upset when things won’t work nor will they leave the task half-hearted. They will just put their head and heart into the project till it’s done successfully. They will rise above any challenges that may come in their way. 

5. Logical thinkers

People with ENTJ preferences are logical-minded and appreciate constant brainstorming and thinking. They are good at making strategic plans for problem solving. 

While doing so, they will navigate each and every detail of the project and find out the loopholes that need to be rectified and mended.  

Then, they will create cost-friendly and effective plans to resolve monetary and long=term issues, so that the goal can be reached as effortlessly as possible.

6. Inspiring and charming leaders

ENTJs are inspiring leaders. They have a lively charm that attracts others towards them. Their personality is attractive and people are drawn towards their confident demeanor, and assertive communication style. 

Moreover, they’re so hard working that they can set good examples for others. People will feel inspired to put their best efforts into a project because of them.

7. They’re decisive

ENTJs are decisive and can make decisions on the spot. Their logical mind will think about all the available options quickly and help them decide what is necessary at the moment. People with ENTJ preferences will never waste time due to inaction. 

They are prompt decision makers who will never keep others waiting, instead expressing their decisions clearly. Once they have decided on something, they will stick to it throughout and will not change whatsoever may happen next.

8. Excellent organization ability

ENTJs can plan perfectly. They have the ability to organize and plan things as per the need of the situation. These individuals are methodical and meticulous. They also make several backup plans in case the original one fails. 

ENTJs will never shy away from making the best plan and get things done. Being an action-oriented person, they will never allow their goals to stay just like that. Maybe, they will carve their best strategies and plans to realize their cherished dream.

9. They can persuade others

Even in the toughest of circumstances, ENTJs will persuade others to give their best. They are not the ones to succumb to stress and pressure. These people are fierce and bold. 

Their strong nature can be a source of inspiration to others. Thus, others will easily listen to them. ENTJs have the knowledge and skill-set to persuade others to perform at their optimum levels.

10. Determined and headstrong

ENTJs are ruled by the head and not the heart. So, setbacks and failures cannot take back their confidence levels. They are determined to rise above all adversities and stand tall amidst all chaos. These individuals will fall, again rise up, and try again along the same path. 

They have not learned to give up. Instead, they will always search for methods that can enable them to reach their goals sooner. People with ENTJ preference have not learned to fail or sit back with failures as their plight.

7 ENTJ weaknesses

Personality weaknesses are described as blind spots or character flaws that need to be overcome so that the person’s overall personality growth is made possible. ENTJs also have their share of weaknesses that are described below:

1. Insensitive and ruthless

The commander appears emotionally distant and insensitive. Sometimes, they think highly of themselves and appear ruthless at times. 

This makes them socially unpopular. They tend to base their decisions on logic and rationality too much than what is needed. This makes them emotionally insensitive and they emerge as ruthless and merciless.

2. Low tolerance level

Another drawback of this personality type is their lack of patience and low tolerance level. ENTJs are impatient with people who they see as less intellectual than them. 

They prefer to interact only with like-minded intellectuals and tend to become too impatient with people who are immature, cool dudes. 

Moreover, any kind of delay, or impractical decision making by someone can irritate them a lot. These people are impatient and lack the ability to tolerate changes that they aren’t expecting.

3. Perfectionist to the core

ENTJs will always set very high standards for themselves as well as others. If they fall short of their expectations, they will feel frustrated. They are non-compromising in nature and may feel irritated if things do not work in their own comfortable ways. 

They’re the perfectionists who cannot tolerate anything less than what they think they deserve. With others also, they are too strict and will not give space to work independently. ENTJs will strive to attain the highest level of excellence in their professional life even if it takes a lot of their physical and mental health.

4. Stubborn

ENTJs are stubborn and adamant. Sometimes they may think too highly of themselves and prefer to stick to what they think to be right. They will try to dominate the social space thoroughly without considering the needs and wishes of others. People with ENTJ preferences are less persuasive. 

They never change their mind even if it’s required. They are stubborn like a mule and no one can convince them to see the other side of the picture, even if it’s utterly needed.

5. Aggressive

Being a confident and determined type, they are aggressive and dominating. ENTJs will decide only on logical facts and empirical data. Thus, they will try to put forth their opinion as the best one quite aggressively. 

In some cases, they will implement a plan by dismissing others’ opinions. They are so aggressive that they will not allow others to contribute anything into a project without their permission. Actually, nothing can stand in between them and their long term goals.

6. Cannot handle emotional situations

ENTJs cannot handle emotional situations because their introverted feeling is not well developed. Thus, they are less compassionate and cannot support others emotionally during trying times. 

They may begin to question every small thing in the situation that needs to be taken care of sensitively. This lack of ability to feel the finer emotions of others is a big setback for an ENTJ.

7. They cannot tolerate differing opinions and changing circumstances

ENTJs will have immense problems if they are asked to listen to others’ viewpoints and opinions. They cannot take the opinions of others and instead prefer to stick to their own. These individuals will demand compliance from others. 

They will never adjust or alter their opinions even if it’s not the ideal one to be chosen in a given situation. They will not support the ideas of others, and may try to be more critical than what is indeed needed.

Even, any sort of change in the plan of action can irritate an ENTJ. They are least tolerant with change and prefer to follow the same routine consistently throughout. They are hard to bear by those who seek change and innovation in their daily life.

ENTJ personality growth and development

As individuals, ENTJs need to grow and develop their weak areas so that their overall personality development looks balanced and well-maintained. They should put some conscious effort in developing themselves so that their inner self goes through radical transformation. 

In doing so, they will be able to develop their emotional side as well. A touch of compassion can make them understand the feelings of others. 

They will become more flexible and easygoing than what they are now. Relationships will be managed well alongside their strong urge to become successful people in the professional arena.

1. Try to touch the softer side of oneself and others

ENTJs appear too cold and stubborn to others, even to those closer to them. This is a behavioral weakness that needs to be overcome for a healthy personality growth. 

They should intentionally try to raise their emotional quotient, by trying to understand others compassionately. Sometimes, they need to express their own feelings openly, so that they do not feel the burden deep inside.

2. Value the opinions of others and try to be more flexible everyday

It’s worthy to value one’s opinions but not always. ENTJs tend to overdo things and stick to their opinions strictly. They should learn to be more open-minded and take others’ opinions for granted. This will make them more flexible and others will find them considerate and accommodating as well.

3. Work on your listening skills and develop patience

We all know that patience is a virtue that can make our lives even better by reducing anxiety and stress to a great extent. ENTJs lack in their ability to listen patiently to others. 

They have a tendency to become impatient if others try to share their personal life stories or any sorts of issues with them. Their listening skill is poorly developed. Thus, they tend to react more often than responding patiently to a situation. ENTJs will not allow others to finish their saying, or will dismiss their opinions without even hearing it. This attitude makes them socially unpopular.

They should learn to slow down, and pay attention to what others have to offer on the table. This will develop their personality to a large extent.

4. Relax and chill at times. It is important

ENTJs see themselves as inspiring leaders. So, they get busy doing things excessively in life. They never take leave or sit back idly doing nothing. ENTJs are fast-paced and they might ignore their health a lot in realizing aims that are not more important than their physical wellbeing. 

They should learn to slow down and start taking things easily; otherwise their mental health and physical fitness will be at stake in the long run. 

ENTJs should learn to spend time in leisure and do absolutely nothing. Spending time with families and friends will help them unwind and take care of themselves in a better way.

To Sum Up

ENTJs are not the ones to buckle under stress. They are quite resilient and know how to keep things in order, so that they don’t feel emotionally overwhelmed. As they are very efficient and focused, they are good at multitasking. 

They will never drop tasks halfway; instead will work day and night to accomplish it on time. They’re fiercely punctual and never sit back idle without a definite reason.

ENTJs are charismatic and communicative, though they are often seen as ruthless and overambitious. For their overall personality growth, they need to overcome their weaknesses and become an easygoing soul whom everyone adores and follows in the social space.