What Are The Strengths & Weaknesses of ENFP?

Strengths of ENFPs

ENFPs have much strength that makes them act in certain ways that are liked by others. Let's see what they are.

Excellent communication

ENFPs are expressive both verbally and via non-verbal gestures. They can express their creative ideas clearly to others.

Rich imagination

Given the chance to think creatively, ENFPs will come up with thousands of ideas and imaginations. 

born leaders

ENFPs have good leadership abilities. They can motivate and inspire others to do their best. ENFPs are confident and bold. 

Curious minds

ENFPs are curious & want to know every small thing that crosses their path. Armed with rich imaginations, they are always eager to take risks & learn new things.

Weakness of ENFPs

These individuals are not without their share of weaknesses. Let’s get into the details of their strengths and weaknesses

hyper sensitive 

As their imaginations often run wild & are limitless in nature, they may behave in odd ways at times. They  become hyper vigilant & alert of their surroundings. 

Lacks focus and misses out things too often

ENFPs have thousands of fleeting ideas to work with but they lose out on some important things in life.

Too emotional

ENFPs are emotional & feel sad over minor things. Sometimes, they may overwhelm themselves if others around them are suffering.

Disorganized and messy

Their over caring nature can make them disorganized in daily life. They will do things haphazardly, without any order or methods in place.

ENFPs intuition is strong that helps them sense the hidden intentions of others. With regard to the blind spots, we can say that if they are to reach their fullest potential, they will have to overcome the weaknesses and lessen its impact on their personality makeup.