Knowing the ENFP strengths and weaknesses allows for deeper understanding of this personality type. At their best, ENFPs are charismatic leaders. They are also future visionaries. These people have the ability to thrive in challenges and embrace life with all its changes.

ENFPs are flexible and adaptable, cheerful and friendly, and are the real go getters of long term goals. They are not without their share of weaknesses. The primary one is they are impractical at times that may lead to faulty decision making.

At times, they will think too much on certain issues that are not in their control, thereby becoming too overwhelmed emotionally.

To reach their utmost potential, ENFPs should go along the path of personality development by highlighting their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses. 

Let us learn more on this topic…

ENFP strengths and weaknesses

The strengths of a personality type refer to those skill sets that enable a person to act in desirable ways in the social space. However, weaknesses refer to the downsides that need to be overcome or minimized in order to attain optimal personality growth.

ENFPs have much strength that makes them act in certain ways that are liked by others. They are admired because of their unwavering spirit to face adversities, and unlimited ideas and creative imaginations to work with.

At the same time, ENFPs are compassionate and understand the finer emotions of others. They are expressive, friendly and have an infectious optimism that can light up the lives of many feeble-hearted people.

ENFPs have an inviting nature and others find them accommodating and considerate. They are warm and have the ability to communicate with others clearly. These individuals possess the quality of head and heart. 

They are intuitive, can think about future possibilities, and can create ideas and imaginations flawlessly.

People with an ENFP personality type are open to new challenges and experiences. They have the creativity to solve complex issues without feeling overwhelmed. They will try out new things and can inspire others to follow the same.

Given their leadership abilities, they can lead others in desirable ways. ENFPs can bring out the best talents in workplaces and help organizations grow and develop immensely.

These individuals are not without their share of weaknesses. ENFPs are too easygoing and fickle-minded. So, they struggle to focus on specific tasks and cannot follow routine easily. They start feeling overwhelmed by strict rules and cannot thrive in situations that are close and rigid.

They are forgetful and overthink a lot. These individuals suffer from procrastination and their sense of responsibility is also not great. ENFPs may kick start many projects but will not finish them on time. They may suffer from setbacks in career because of this downside present in their personality.

Moreover, they are not organized and their tasks and projects appear messy and haphazard. ENFPs should learn to take up small steps to overcome their blind spots and reach to their fullest potentials.

Now, let’s get into the details of their strengths and weaknesses separately so as to know them better.

10 ENFP strengths

Some of the key positives of their personality are as follows:

1. Excellent communication ability

ENFPs are expressive both verbally and through non-verbal gestures. They can express their creative ideas clearly to others. Being an extrovert, ENFPs love to talk and interact with others. ENFPs can get into interesting conversations. They will engage others in communicating with a good flow and flair. 

These individuals are assertive and make their opinions clear and distinct. They have the ability to spice up conversations and avoid it from getting into a boring end quickly. 

ENFPs keep discussions flowing through their vibrant and fun-loving spirit. They can engage anyone into productive conversations just by dropping a hat. It’s easy for them after all.

2. Rich imaginations

Given the chance to think creatively, ENFPs will come up with thousands of ideas and imaginations. They are thoughtful and will always have something new to offer to the world. 

People with ENFP personalities tend to reject traditional ideas and believe that there are better ways of doing things. 

For them, challenges and roadblocks are opportunities for new learning. As they are ambitious, they never settle for less and can go to any length to pursue their big dreams.

3. They’re the born leaders

ENFPs have good leadership abilities. They can motivate and inspire others to do their best. ENFPs are confident and bold. They know how to tackle diverse work problems in easy ways. ENFP leaders are considerate and caring mentors. 

They give space to their teammates to share their ideas and opinions freely. These leaders are patient and caring as well. Thus, they can win over the trust of the team members much more easily than others.

ENFP leaders are not nitpicky; rather they help teammates to grow and rise up the professional ladder tactfully. Being a leader, ENFPs act as a guiding force behind the team. They are assertive and have a ‘can-do’ attitude that inspires others to give their best.

4. Social conscience is strong

ENFPs are value-oriented people. They will always stand up for their own and others’ rights. These individuals cannot tolerate injustice and will do anything to keep things free flowing and peaceful. They are loud when it comes to conveying the right message to the world. ENFPs always fight injustice and never allow others to take them over mentally.

5. Curious minds

ENFPs are curious and want to know just every small thing that crosses their path. Armed with rich imaginations, they are always eager to take risks and learn about new things. They are inquisitive and want to know what lies beneath the surface. 

ENFPs can venture out of their preferred spaces and explore new paths. They are not afraid to face the unknown. They are curious about things that others ignore or don’t pay much attention.

6. ENFPs are perceptive

ENFPs can quickly understand the emotional undertones of others. They are quick to notice changes and their gut feeling will intimate them if anyone is feeling low or not in a good mood. ENFPs can readily understand the subtle emotions of others because of their strong perceptive abilities.

7. Full of liveliness and enthusiasm

If something interesting sparks their curiosity, ENFPs will not remain quiet. They will show their excitement and enthusiasm to share it with the world.  These individuals are full of life. 

They are versatile and vibrant, possess great energy that even inspires others to join them in their search for a happy life. They are open to share their opinions with those who are eager to listen. Campaigners live life to the fullest and embrace every small joyful moment that comes their way.

8. Sensitive and warm

ENFPs are good natured and kind. They are affectionate and approachable as well. Others find them extremely caring in adverse times. People with ENFP personalities are friendly and helpful. They just cannot see others in pain, and so take steps to overcome others’ issues happily. These individuals are sensitive to the needs of others and will move out openly to assist them without anything in return.

9. Can readily adjust and adapt

ENFPs are open-minded and can accept change readily. They never make a fuss about anything and try to adjust to all sorts of circumstances. These individuals always keep their options open, so that if they are at a crossroad, they can adapt to the situation and come out victorious.

10. Spontaneous

ENFPs are lively and spontaneous. They love to go with the flow of life and never complain about their discomforts and life issues. They are easygoing, happy and joyful ever after. You will not be able to see pain in their eyes as they know that life is a mixed bag, and nothing will remain the same forever. Change is constant and they just need to move with the flow of life.

10 ENFP weaknesses

Some of their subtle weaknesses that hinder personality growth are enumerated below:

1. They are hyper sensitive in nature

As their imaginations often run wild and are limitless in nature, they may behave in odd ways at times. They will become hyper vigilant and alert of their surroundings. This leads to overthinking and assuming things that really do not exist. 

ENFPs will read between lines and may come up with weird things that might disrupt good relationships with others. So, they just need to put an end to this odd behavior and behave in balanced ways.

2. Lacks focus and misses out things too often

ENFPs have thousands of fleeting ideas to work with but they lose out on some important things in life. They lack focus and concentration to continue with one particular idea at a time. Thus, after a certain point of time, they lose interest and leave things halfway. 

They will act in impatient ways and suffer from procrastination. Thus, their goals and tasks remain unfinished. These individuals lack discipline to put their ideas into action. They are inconsistent and may start many things together and not finish anyone in the right way.

3. Insecurities stem from overthinking

ENFPs may not like critical judgments turned towards them. They may feel overwhelmed if others try to find faults in their behavior. This makes them overthink and feelings of insecurity start developing in them. 

ENFPs may feel resentful if they are not praised in appropriate ways as expected. Sometimes, this can lead to conflicts and squabbling with friends and families as well.

4. Too emotional

ENFPs are too emotional. They feel sad over minor things. Sometimes, they may overwhelm themselves if others around them are suffering or not in their right way of living. 

These individuals are too sensitive and cannot handle setbacks well. In times of stress and failure, they feel too anxious and irritable, as if negative thoughts have taken over them fully.

5. Seeks approval from others to feel worthy

ENFPs are praise-seekers. In their desire to feel worthy of themselves, they will want appreciation from others. Their need to get external validation shows their weak and fragile mindset. 

ENFPs will lose their confidence if others criticize them in subtle ways. They always want others to tell them that they are good enough.

They have pleasing tendencies because they want appreciation for who they are. Sometimes, they may compromise on values so that they can get the desired approval from others. ENFPs cannot take in if others dislike them, thus they please others and maintain serenity deep inside them.

6. Disorganized and messy

ENFPs are flexible and open-minded. Their too caring and considerate nature can make them disorganized in daily life. They will do things haphazardly, without any order or methods in place. People with ENFP personalities avoid practical things. 

They dislike routine and structure and thrive in flexible work settings where they are allowed to follow their passion freely. 

7. Too accommodating

ENFPs are too accommodating most of the time. They act selfless and others might take advantage of their too considerate nature. These individuals struggle to turn down others’ requests. 

They will feel deep pain if they are unable to support others who have asked for their help in some ways.  

Since they do not set emotional boundaries, they tend to feel overcommitted and overwhelmed too often on a regular basis.

8. ENFPs are overly optimistic

ENFPs have a rosy outlook towards life. They see only the good side of everything and may fail to see the unexpected. 

Thus, it leads to faulty decisions that feel stressful later on. They fail to accept harsh truths and prefer to see life through tinted glass only.

9. ENFPs have a restless mindset

ENFPs are fickle-minded and restless. They hold a positive attitude and never seem to feel dissatisfied from the outset. 

But deep within, they are insecure and think that certain issues remain unresolved, or some goals remain unfulfilled. There is a constant nagging feeling that things are not the way it seems to be at the present moment.

They may feel that certain areas of their life are not good enough and need to be improved. This leads to overthinking and constant feelings of anxiety and regrets, leading to mental restlessness.

10. Lacks practical skills

ENFPs are idealists. They lack the ability to see situations in a logical, realistic way. These people are imaginative and come up with varied ideas that seem to be quite impractical at times. 

They lack the ability to use hands-on experiences in solving daily life issues. Sometimes, due to lack of practical skills, they may struggle to put their ideas into action.

ENFP personality growth and development

Just like any other 16 personality types, ENFPs may get stuck in situations where their weaknesses become more apparent than their strengths. 

In such a situation, they will have to overcome their weaknesses to reach optimum potential and live their best lives. They will have to embark upon the path of personality growth and development in order to fulfill their big dreams in life.

1. Learn to live life just by giving others a benefit of doubt

ENFPs should realize that overthinking about the intentions of others may create emotional mayhem in their lives. 

Instead of hunting for covert intentions and hidden motivations in others, it is important that they give benefit of doubt to those who do not meet their expectations. 

It is important that they take words and actions at face value and not overemphasize too much on anything. 

In this way, their restless mind will find peace and they will feel in control of the situation. Assuming the worst case scenario will only give an ENFP pain and suffering, nothing more.

2. Learn to turn down others’ requests

ENFPs often feel overwhelmed when they cannot turn down the requests of others. They should learn the key skills to say ‘no’ to others quite often. They should give time to self-care as well. Thus, they should learn to avoid requests that can overwhelm them easily.

3. Stop hopping from one task to another

ENFPs should learn to stick to one project unless it’s done completely. They should avoid hopping from one task to another, and maintain discipline and tight control till the end. In this way, they will be able to overcome their inconsistent work style.

4. Stop people pleasing tendencies

ENFPs should stop seeking approval from others. This will help them gather more courage and feel good about themselves. They should start self-validating their thoughts and feelings, so as to feel worthy of themselves. 

These individuals should try not to give too much attention to the opinions of others. They should realize their worth and not think too much about what they think about them.

5. Seek help from others to become organized with your daily work

ENFPs should take help from friends, family members, and co-workers to learn organization skills. They should enjoy working together with others and learn how to streamline work and make routine stuff to stay methodical in life. 

To Sum Up

ENFPs have much strength that makes them an outgoing and adaptable personality type. They are able leaders who can inspire others with their infectious optimism and positivity. These individuals are great friends, helpful colleagues who everyone admires and adores in reality.

Their intuition is strong that helps them sense the hidden intentions of others. With regard to the blind spots, we can say that if they are to reach their fullest potential, they will have to overcome the weaknesses and lessen its impact on their personality makeup. 

Then only, their personality will bloom and become an all-round one.