What Are The Stress Triggers of ENFJ & How To Cope With Them?

Conflicts and other issues

Very sensitive to the emotional climate around them.

Little credit for their work

Get irritable in an effort to do tasks quickly, and when they feel less valued.

Having to Go Against Their Beliefs

Continuously feel on edge because at times they have to go against what they believe in.

Having too much empathy

It might make their pulse race to offer and accept criticism and possibly damage someone else’s feelings. 

Ways to cope with stress in ENFJ personalities

Place Your Trust in a Friend

When under stress, ENFJs like to have the support and assurance of a close friend or relative.


Exercise helps the ENFJ connect with their tertiary Sensing function. 

Get a vacation

Sometimes ENFJs need to escape the stressful situation and re-immerse themselves in a different setting.

Watch a film

By focusing on someone else’s tale, ENFJs can occasionally decompress and feel less stressed.

Engaging in self-care

When ENFJs remember to take care of their own needs, they are more likely to feel driven.

ENFJ personality types have high expectations for  themselves & the people they care about. They are passionate while urging people to strive for greatness because they find potential for self-development everywhere.